World RX: Audi and EKS wish to stone Riga

Last year, Riga distinguished a shining premiere in a World RX. In annoy of torrential sleet descending some of a time, a eager fans stranded it out and supposing a World Championship with a estimable setting. Subsequently, a eventuality was famous as a best in a 2016 World RX. “The lane is illusory and was good to expostulate even in rain,” says Ekström who came second behind Sébastien Loeb in a final. “This year, we already tested in Riga and will give a all to revoke a opening to a foe a small more. France was a step in a right direction. In qualifying, I’m sharpened for a tip mark and wish to start from stick position in a semi-finals.”

The lane is partial of a tradition-steeped Biķernieki Sports Complex and was built from blemish final year. The aspect in a sand sections is about as tough as that in Lohéac, France, ensuing in a brew of quick tarmac sections and fraudulent corners on both surfaces. Uniquely, a normal circuit and a buffoon territory are totally parallel, both featuring a jump.

For internal favourite Reinis Nitišs, this is a really special race: “Riga is my home round, so that’s limit motivation,” says a Latvian. His teammate Toomas Heikkinen, after finishing ninth altogether final year, is aiming for a subsequent final. “The lane suits me and we know that I’ve got what it takes to finish in a tip six,” says a Finn. Nico Müller is going to do another army in a Audi S1 EKS RX quattro. The Audi DTM motorist delivered a much-noticed premiere in a many new turn in France and would like to accumulate additional rallycross experience. His aim: a semi-finals as a minimum.