Innovative record for a new legend: a new BMW M8 GTE.


  • Technology meets tradition: BMW Motorsport presents a BMW
    M8 GTE during a IAA in Frankfurt.
  • Innovative, cutting-edge record creates a BMW M8 GTE the
    tip BMW indication in general GT racing.
  • The BMW M8 GTE to revitalise a successful story of BMW at
    a 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Frankfurt. BMW Motorsport presented a new top-of-the-range
indication for a general GT racing stage during a International
Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main: a BMW M8 GTE. Before the
BMW 8 Series Coupé goes on sale, a competition automobile will contest on the
lane subsequent season, including in a FIA World Endurance Championship
(FIA WEC). It is with this array that BMW Motorsport will also make
a lapse to a iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans (FRA). As such, a BMW
M8 GTE will be compared with both innovative, cutting-edge
record and decades of motorsport tradition. At a IAA, a new
automobile was on arrangement in a BMW M Motorsport livery, designed especially
for this occasion, providing a visible ambience of things to come in
2018. It reflects a tighten attribute between a growth of
prolongation vehicles and motorsport, and once again underlines the
degree, to that BMW Motorsport and BMW M go together.

The BMW M8 GTE enjoyed a successful roll-out on
1st Jul 2017 during BMW Group Plant Dingolfing (GER) – the
really place where a prolongation indication of a new BMW 8 Series will be
manufactured. The tighten couple between prolongation and engine racing is
one of a cornerstones of a growth of a BMW M8 GTE. The
believe gained from competition outings with a new automobile in a FIA WEC and
a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship (IWSC) in North America
will be directly incorporated in a growth of a production
model, that is using together to a motorsport project.

“The BMW M8 GTE is a new GT flagship and will go conduct to head
with a clever antithesis in this sector,” pronounced BMW Motorsport
Director Jens Marquardt. “For us, a display of the
uncamouflaged automobile during a IAA is a subsequent critical step on a highway to
a initial competition outing, that we devise to be a 24 Hours of Daytona in
2018. The FIA WEC and a IMSA array in North America are a top
rival sourroundings for a new challenger. With a BMW M8 GTE,
we are bringing cutting-edge record to a tip general class
of GT racing, while during a same time restraining in with a tradition at
Le Mans. The growth of a BMW M8 GTE is on schedule, and we can
frequency wait to see a automobile severe for victories in 2018.”
A new grade of efficiency.

The V8 engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology, that is
limited by regulations to a ability of 4.0 litres, has a nominal
bottom outlay of some-more than 500 hp, depending on a classification. The
cylinder retard and cylinder conduct are taken from a prolongation engine
and are constructed in a light amalgamate foundry during a BMW Group
plant in Landshut (GER). The concentration of a growth work is on
achieving a biggest probable potency and limit durability. The
absolute prolongation engine provides a ideal basis. The power
smoothness in a BMW M8 GTE takes place around a sequential, six-speed
racing gearbox.
Artificial comprehension gives engineers larger freedom.

“Virtual development” plays a executive purpose in a growth of
a BMW M8 GTE. For example, a traction control is being developed
with a assistance of an synthetic comprehension system. Topology
optimisation with 3D copy gives a engineers distant larger freedom
in their hunt for innovative and artistic solutions for a design
of a car. Rapid prototyping also allows them to take smoothness of a
new part, as a serviceable prototype, only 24 hours after a practical development.
Motor racing and prolongation go palm in palm – pattern similarities.

Racing and prolongation engineers closely worked together within
a horizon of a BMW M8 GTE project. For instance, consistent
lightweight pattern also plays a essential purpose in a growth of the
new GT sports car. A poignant weight rebate is achieved through
a endless use of ultra-light CFRP components. At a length of 4,980
mm and a breadth of 2,046 mm, a automobile weighs only 1,220 kilograms. The
pattern of a BMW M8 GTE also reflects a tighten attribute to the
BMW 8 Series and a BMW M8. This is quite apparent in a same
roof line and a pattern of a front and behind lights. 

Peak opening in aerodynamics development.

Work on a aerodynamics of a new competition automobile is as time-consuming
as it is indispensable. As such, it is all a some-more critical for the
BMW engineers to be means to work on a framework of a BMW M8 GTE with
limit potency from a outset. A new algorithm allows a
poignant boost in CFD calculations, so creation it probable to
use larger computing energy to clearly boost a series of possible
simulations, before surpassing to a breeze tunnel. Here, BMW
Motorsport uses synergies with prolongation growth and benefits
from a ideal exam conditions in a BMW Group Aero Lab. One of the
formula of a aero growth is innovative aero rims, that will be
presented as a judgment during a IAA.
Latest 3D measure record in use.

The tighten independence between prolongation and motorsport
growth continues in another dual critical areas: a same 3D
measure record that was used on a BMW M4 DTM, that done its
initial competition tour in 2017, is also used on a BMW M8 GTE. The
ultra-modern measure complement from a BMW prolongation development
dialect provides a ideal peculiarity control once a competition automobile has
been assembled. With such a formidable automobile as a BMW M8 GTE, that is
built totally by hand, it is essential that all a measure are
rightly adhered to and implemented.
Long story of BMW Motorsport in Le Mans.

BMW Motorsport earnings to Le Mans with a FIA WEC in 2018. The
final time a BMW competition automobile featured on a grid was behind in 2011, with
a BMW M3 GT2. One year before to that, a Jeff Koons’ (USA) BMW M3
GT2 Art Car had held a eye, as it wrote a latest section in the
story of a BMW Art Car Collection during Le Mans. Among a BMW Art Cars
that had started formerly during Le Mans were Alexander Calder’s (USA,
1975) BMW 3.0 CSL, a BMW 320i designed by Roy Lichtenstein (USA,
1977) and Andy Warhol’s (USA, 1979) BMW M1.
Motorsport’s biggest sporting hour in Le Mans came in 1999, when
Yannick Dalmas (FRA), Joachim Winkelhock (GER) and Pierluigi Martini
(ITA) took altogether feat in a BMW V12 LMR. The McLaren F1 GTR,
powered by a BMW engine, had formerly triumphed during a “Circuit de
la Sarthe” in 1995.
The initial time a BMW automobile started at
a 24 Hours of Le Mans was behind in 1939, when a BMW 328 claimed a
category feat after 236 laps of racing. After 1972, BMW cars regularly
lined adult during a continuation classic.
BMW M8 GTE: Technical Details.


Length but behind wing:       4,980 mm
but mirrors:             2,046 mm
Width with
mirrors:                  2,224
Height:                                    1,212 mm
Wheelbase:                             2,880 mm

Model:                                    V8 engine with
BMW TwinPower Turbo
Capacity:                                3,981
Number of cylinders:              8
angle:                                  90°
Stroke:                                    80 mm
spacing:                    98 mm
speed:                         approx. 7,000 rpm

•        Composite physique with CO core and
DMSB-approved reserve hurl cage
•        CFRP outdoor bombard with
quick-change concept


•        Double wishbones on front and rear
•        Four-way tractable startle absorbers during front and
•        Anti-roll bars with discerning adjustment
Power Transmission

•        Six-speed consecutive motorsport
•        Electric paddle change system
Limited trip differential
•        CFRP expostulate shaft
Sachs carbon-fibre clutch

•        BMW Motorsport in-house grown software
functions for engine, gearbox and
•        Steering circle with 16 buttons and seven
•        Rear-view camera complement with object
•        High-performance headlights with OSRAM LED
•        Live telemetry complement for car monitoring

•        BMW Aero rims: 12.5×18 in. on a front axle,
13×18 in. on a behind axle
•        Michelin tyres: 30/68 R18 on
a front axle, 31/71 R18 on a behind axle