“Vorsprung 2030”: CEO Markus Duesmann on Audi’s sustainable premium mobility transformation (key statements)

Here are his key statements

… on carbon-neutral mobility:

  • “Enabling carbon-neutral mobility is one of the defining issues of our time and one that every OEM must answer for themselves. We act on what we believe to be true: that a sustainable business model is key in preparing for a successful future.”
  • “In just twelve years’ time, Audi will be completely electric – an ambitious goal that makes us the industry pioneer. By pursuing such a decisive and robust roadmap, Audi’s transformation is rapidly overtaking the planned legal regulations. We are more than ready.”
  • “Sustainability in no way precludes individual mobility.”
  • “At the end of the day, we need a more rapid expansion of renewable energies and an even more rapid expansion of charging infrastructure.”

… on Audi’s Vorsprung 2030 strategy:

  • “Our strategic ambition is to deliver 3 million cars per year by 2030. This goal is very ambitious, but in light of the market forecasts and our attractive product portfolio it’s possible.”
  • “At the same time, profitability is key. Recent quarters have proven that Audi can generate high returns within our strategic target range of 9 to 11 percent. And with growing Group synergies, a sustainable return of 11 percent is definitely realistic for us in the long term.”
  • “We are converting our product range to electric cars in all core segments more consistently than any other established OEM. This is a huge change for the entire company. But even more so, I see it as a huge opportunity.”
  • “Setting a clear course early on with a specific ICE phase-out date means the transformation is ready to take off.”
  • “The combustion engine business will remain an important earnings driver this decade. And I can promise that the last generation of ICE models will be the very best yet, offering the most dynamic and efficient engines on the market.”

… on the people at Audi:

  • “Many people who have worked for years in certain areas at Audi are starting to wonder what their employment will look like going forward. First, I can confirm that they are guaranteed a job until 2029. Second, we have set aside half a billion euros for training across new roles. We are offering our employees in-depth transformation training to make sure they are prepared for changes to their roles, or even to take on a totally new position. This is particularly relevant for digitalization and electromobility. Third, by charting the course for a full transition to e-mobility now, we know where we’re headed and are well-prepared for the transformation at an early stage.”

… on Audi’s role in the Volkswagen Group:

  • “Together with the Group, Audi will play a leading role in the new world of mobility.”
  • “Right now, the transformation process leaves no doubt that this requires massive investment on a scale no single brand can manage. For some of our competitors, this is becoming a question of survival, so we’re grateful to be part of such a strong Group.”
  • “Software is the lever for future synergies and innovations, which means the success of CARIAD is absolutely key to our future as a Group. CARIAD is paving the way for a whole new digital ecosystem and therefore also for new data-based business models.”
  • With the SSP, we, the Volkswagen Group, are creating a standardized architecture for our entire product portfolio – all-electric, digital and highly scalable. From 2025, selected SSP modules like the standardized cell will feature for the very first time in our Artemis model. Production of all-electric vehicles is then set to start using this architecture from 2026.”