“Vorsprung 2030”: CEO Markus Duesmann on Audi’s tolerable reward mobility mutation (key statements)

Here are his pivotal statements

… on carbon-neutral mobility:

  • “Enabling carbon-neutral mobility is one of a defining issues of a time and one that each OEM contingency answer for themselves. We act on what we trust to be true: that a tolerable business indication is pivotal in scheming for a successful future.”
  • “In only twelve years’ time, Audi will be totally electric – an desirous idea that creates us a attention pioneer. By posterior such a wilful and clever roadmap, Audi’s mutation is fast overtaking a designed authorised regulations. We are some-more than ready.”
  • “Sustainability in no approach precludes particular mobility.”
  • “At a finish of a day, we need a some-more fast enlargement of renewable energies and an even some-more fast enlargement of charging infrastructure.”

… on Audi’s Vorsprung 2030 strategy:

  • “Our vital aspiration is to broach 3 million cars per year by 2030. This idea is really ambitious, though in light of a marketplace forecasts and a appealing product portfolio it’s possible.”
  • “At a same time, profitability is key. Recent buliding have proven that Audi can beget high gain within a vital aim operation of 9 to 11 percent. And with flourishing Group synergies, a tolerable lapse of 11 percent is really picturesque for us in a prolonged term.”
  • “We are converting a product operation to electric cars in all core segments some-more consistently than any other determined OEM. This is a outrageous change for a whole company. But even some-more so, we see it as a outrageous opportunity.”
  • “Setting a transparent march early on with a specific ICE phase-out date means a mutation is prepared to take off.”
  • “The combustion engine business will sojourn an critical gain motorist this decade. And we can guarantee that a final era of ICE models will be a really best yet, charity a many energetic and fit engines on a market.”

… on a people during Audi:

  • “Many people who have worked for years in certain areas during Audi are starting to consternation what their practice will demeanour like going forward. First, we can endorse that they are guaranteed a pursuit until 2029. Second, we have set aside half a billion euros for training opposite new roles. We are charity a employees in-depth mutation training to make certain they are prepared for changes to their roles, or even to take on a totally new position. This is quite applicable for digitalization and electromobility. Third, by charting a march for a full transition to e-mobility now, we know where we’re headed and are well-prepared for a mutation during an early stage.”

… on Audi’s purpose in a Volkswagen Group:

  • “Together with a Group, Audi will play a heading purpose in a new universe of mobility.”
  • “Right now, a mutation routine leaves no doubt that this requires large investment on a scale no singular code can manage. For some of a competitors, this is apropos a doubt of survival, so we’re beholden to be partial of such a clever Group.”
  • “Software is a push for destiny synergies and innovations, that means a success of CARIAD is positively pivotal to a destiny as a Group. CARIAD is paving a approach for a whole new digital ecosystem and therefore also for new data-based business models.”
  • With a SSP, we, a Volkswagen Group, are formulating a standardised design for a whole product portfolio – all-electric, digital and rarely scalable. From 2025, comparison SSP modules like a standardised dungeon will underline for a really initial time in a Artemis model. Production of all-electric vehicles is afterwards set to start regulating this design from 2026.”