Volkswagen reaffirms investments in Chattanooga


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• US$900 million for prolongation of new midsize SUV
• Michael Horn, CEO Volkswagen Group of America: “Clear joining to
  Chattanooga location”
• USA still one of Volkswagen’s many critical markets

The Volkswagen Group has validated a designed investments during a Chattanooga plcae and in a prolongation of an all-new SUV for a U.S. market. To that end, a association wants to deposit US$600 million in a State of Tennessee alone and formulating an additional 2,000 jobs in a USA. Production of a new midsize SUV in Chattanooga is scheduled to embark during a finish of 2016.

“This transparent joining to a Chattanooga plcae confirms a rendezvous in North America and a certainty in a internal team. More than ever, we contingency and will concentration on a specific wishes of a U.S. business so that we can offer them vehicles that are not usually convincing, though also inspirational. Step by step, that is how we wish to win behind trust in a Volkswagen brand”, Michael Horn, President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, said. “The United States of America is still one of Volkswagen’s many critical markets”, Horn continued.

Apart from investment in a prolongation of a new car that is formed on a CrossBlue study, a National Research Development and Planning Center is now being built during a Chattanooga site. The core will be obliged for steering projects for a North American market. The design is to emanate vehicles to accommodate consumers’ changing wishes and expectations even faster and some-more well by removing closer to a customer.

A serve 50,000 block meters is now being combined to existent space during a site to support for a logistics of producing a new midsize SUV for North America. Production of a new car will be integrated in a existent bureau structures.

Volkswagen has already invested some-more than US$ one billion in a Tennessee plant to date. Over 2,400 employees now work during a plant; a 500,000th US Passat rolled off a public line in a summer.

A serve component in a Volkswagen brand’s North America plan is a three-row chronicle of a new Tiguan, that is scheduled to start withdrawal a public line during a plant in Puebla/Mexico in 2017.