Triple feat for Audi in a ADAC patron compensation survey

The ADAC patron compensation consult for 2015 analyzes a online polling of around 20,000 owners of comparatively new cars and names a reasons for compensation and proclivity for purchasing decisions. The concentration of a consult is on drivers of a 100 most renouned and many frequently purebred cars in Germany.

The ratings embody product qualities such as operation and comfort, engine and pushing facilities as good as efficiency, code image, environmental harmony and service.

For comparison purposes, ADAC organizes a possibilities into a sum of 8 classes, from subcompact to top midrange. Three Audi models achieved initial place in their particular category this year; dual models garnered second place. No code warranted some-more places on a winner’s lectern in a product ratings.

The apart code ratings in a patron compensation consult incorporate all patron practice associated to a car, play and use center. As in final year’s survey, Audi was ranked a best of all German manufacturers and rated second in a altogether ranking of 25 brands.