Volkswagen worker Ines Doberanzke receives Polish Order of Merit for her grant to German-Polish reconciliation

Today in Wolfsburg, Volkswagen worker Ines Doberanzke (43) from Helmstedt has perceived a Knight’s Cross of a Order of Merit of a Republic of Poland. The Polish Ambassador to Germany, Dr. Jerzy Margański, presented a respect to Ms. Doberanzke, who was innate in Magdeburg. It was awarded by a President of a Republic of Poland in approval of her superb services to settlement between Germany and Poland and her achievements in tie with a distribution of believe concerning Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

At a Volkswagen Group Academy, Ines Doberanzke is obliged for a coordination of commemorative work as good as general sell and assembly programs for apprentices and managers. For some-more than 20 years, a association has co-operated closely with a International Auschwitz Committee (IAC) in Berlin and a commemorative site and a International Youth Meeting Center during Oświęcim/Auschwitz (Poland).

The Polish Ambassador had invited member of a association and a Works Council as good as family members and friends of Ines Doberanzke, who binds a grade in amicable work, as good as her colleagues from Poland and Germany to attend a rite during a Volkswagen Group Academy.

Ralph Linde, Head of a Volkswagen Group Academy, said: “Memorial work teaches a apprentices from Germany and Poland qualities such as discernment, toleration and informative openness. It promotes shortcoming and humanity. Joint work during a Auschwitz commemorative site creates immature people ambassadors of remembrance. In posterior this proceed as a group member of a preparation project, Ines Doberanzke has demonstrated substantial personal loyalty to a opening of this charge over a past 12 years.”

In his citation, IAC Vice-President Christoph Heubner emphasized: “It was survivors of Auschwitz who nominated Ines Doberanzke for this honor. With her commitment, her cunning and her empathy, she has turn a devoted crony of Holocaust survivors.” Leszek Szuster, Director of a International Youth Meeting Center, added: “With her heart and her whole personality, Ines Doberanzke embodies a joining of Volkswagen to a Youth Meeting Center and a upkeep of a Auschwitz commemorative site. In Auschwitz, she has paved a approach for new approaches to bargain between immature people from Germany and Poland.”

Gunnar Kilian, Secretary-General of a Volkswagen Group Works Council and member of a Foundation Council of a International Youth Meeting Center, emphasized: “With substantial sensitivity, Ines Doberanzke accompanies a apprentices during their visits to Oświęcim and brings them together with immature people from Poland. An essential component of this module is corner work on a upkeep of a commemorative site. At this place that has turn so resolutely embedded in a common memory, immature people also work intensively on a story of family between Germany and Poland. They build bridges opposite borders.” Kilian summed up: “Our co-worker is creation a profitable amicable grant not usually for Poland though also for Germany within a joined Europe.”

Ines Doberanzke thanked a Polish Ambassador: “I am really happy to accept this honor, that we accept on interest of all a apprentices and all my colleagues who are committed to work on a commemorative site during Volkswagen. we was generally changed to learn that we had been nominated for this respect by survivors of Auschwitz.”

Prior to a ceremony, Ambassador Margański sensitive himself about car prolongation during Volkswagen’s plant in Wolfsburg. A debate of a prolongation comforts for a Golf and a Golf Sportsvan dull off a Polish diplomat’s horizon program.

Memorial site work and girl meetings during Oświęcim / Auschwitz

Over a past 26 years, about 2,600 immature people, vocational propagandize students from Poland and apprentices from a Volkswagen Group, have taken partial in girl meetings in Poland and together contributed to progressing a commemorative site during a former Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Since 2008, some-more than 300 master craftsman and craftswomen as good as other managers from a association have also participated in this work. The module includes meetings with survivors of a Holocaust and of a National Socialist thoroughness stay during Auschwitz. These meetings and investigate visits are a pivotal component in a corporate enlightenment of observance during Volkswagen, that is upheld equally strongly by association government and worker deputy bodies.