Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4

First plug-in hybrid (PHEV) record malcontent Automobili Lamborghini unveils a initial plug-in hybrid (PHEV) record demonstrator, a Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4, creation a universe entrance during a 2014 Paris Mondial de l’Automobile. Clearly a Lamborghini, Asterion is a unpractical automobile housing a plug-in hybrid powertrain designed to Lamborghini objectives: The Asterion defines a solution to significantly shortening CO2 emissions by technologies accessible today, guaranteeing a singular Lamborghini pushing feel with a   well-spoken and reactive driveability and with aloft power, including an well-developed pristine electric operation of 50 km. Conceived and grown wholly in-house by Lamborghini, a Asterion LPI 910-4 takes a pattern and cutting-edge engineering imagination found in a stream Lamborghini product range, adding innovative hybrid technology, formulating so a Lamborghini that is clearly opposite – with a new, astonishing and erotic design, in line with a technical characteristics of a automobile – though nonetheless is still certainly a Lamborghini.

The Rationale 

Asterion is a record malcontent representing a Lamborghini indication that could be practically constructed today, regulating technologies now accessible and sketch on Lamborghini’s possess expertise. “Lamborghini is always looking ahead, investing in new technologies and environment new benchmarks, delivering a unexpected,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. “Lamborghini continues to concentration on weight rebate as a means to shortening CO2, for instance by a investment in CO fiber engineering, that also contributes to a query for a best super sports automobile doing and performance. To significantly revoke emissions on a automobile in this impulse however, plug-in foundation is a best choice for us, since for Lamborghini such a automobile contingency still yield a truly romantic pushing experience. In a Asterion this is guaranteed by a naturally aspirated engine that is sum with PHEV technology, that not usually offers unusually low CO2 emissions of 98 g/km, though a unsentimental pristine electric pushing operation of 50 km. The Asterion LPI 910-4 is a loyal Lamborghini: emotional, with a overwhelming design, powerful, nonetheless recognised some-more for gentle oppulance daily cruising than for ultimate lane performance.”

The Plug-in Hybrid resolution and Performance 

For a Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4, a PHEV resolution is a pristine Lamborghini choice. The Asterion provides all-important civic pushing underneath quite electric power, a poignant operation of 50 km for a automobile when powered usually by battery energy, and a tension and appetite of a naturally aspirated Lamborghini engine for a singular pushing experience. Fuel expenditure is 4,12 l/100 km sum cycle (NEDC). The weight of a hybrid record is 250 kg. The Asterion’s pattern of significantly shortening C02 emissions, while progressing an enchanting and romantic Lamborghini cruising experience, is achieved with well-developed CO2 emissions of 98 g/km. Based on a monocoque done wholly of CO fibre, a V10 5.2 liter FSI engine is located longitudinally as a mid-engine, as in Lamborghini super sports cars. The intensely quick changeable 7-speed dual-clutch delivery is located behind a engine during a back transaxle. The housing of a absolute lithium battery is placed longways in a executive hovel area, routinely indifferent for a transmission. This allows for improved change of a automobile and also protects a battery area in box of parallel pile-up impact. The Asterion’s hybrid pattern is satisfied with an electric engine incorporating an integrated starter engine and generator (ISG) that is placed between a V10 engine and a double purchase gearbox, and dual electric motors during a front spindle fed by a ISG appetite with a torque vectoring function. This complement allows a Asterion dual opposite pushing modes: in hybrid mode it is mixing a V10 engine with a 3 electric motors guaranteeing a permanent four-wheel expostulate though being contingent on a battery’s state of charge. In pristine electric expostulate mode usually a dual electric motors in a front are used. The V10 5.2 l longitudinally-placed, naturally aspirated mid-engine provides a limit appetite outlay of 449 kW (610 hp) with 560 Nm of limit torque available. Combined with a 3 electric motors providing a serve 220 kW (300 hp), sum hybrid appetite is practicable to a limit of 669 kW (910 hp). The sum movement of a dual thrust systems ensures an well-developed energetic impulse: acceleration of 0-100 km/h takes place in 3.0 seconds. With a tip hybrid/combined speed of 320 km/h a Asterion LPI 910-4 also reaches adult to 125 km/h underneath pristine electric power. More importantly for city pushing a Asterion has a pristine electric operation of 50 km, putting it tip of a category for hybrid super sports cars.

The new Inspiration for Design
The Exterior Design

The Blue Elektra glittered colour of a Asterion as good as a new pattern denunciation simulate a technological judgment behind a car. Designed by Lamborghini Centro Stile, a Asterion contains a unmistakeable Lamborghini DNA and birthright and nonetheless is clearly opposite from a existent Lamborghini super sports automobile models. The Asterion touches new boundaries, with an innovative and astonishing pattern denunciation that explores curves and sensuality, well-spoken transitions from row to panel, and few pointy edges. The outcome is a pure, essential design. The Asterion, like all Lamborghini cars, has clearly tangible lines, separating prosaic planes from a side of a automobile and specifying between panels. Light and shade intensify a volumes of a car, highlighting a muscularity of Asterion nonetheless giving a automobile a some-more slim elegance. The front finish of a automobile is constructed as a singular component, giving a Asterion a dynamic look, emphasised by a positioning of a 4 ‘eyes with eyebrows’: headlights are satisfied in materials including fake CO and titanium. The front atmosphere intakes are characterized by an active atmosphere cooling complement that uses a double layered grid for a initial time in a Lamborghini: one steel and one titanium grid are embedded into any other, one containing a Y leitmotiv and a other a hexagon theme, formulating a tri dimensional outcome and station out opposite a physique colour. The absolute back finish stands out for a figure and conspicuous back lights, including a grid covering dual radiators, and a pristine subdivision between physique colour and black parts. A pristine engine cover in a back is an cultured fact joining to a hybrid record beneath, comprised of 3 hexagonal eyeglasses that spin according to a engine pushing mode: pristine electric, hybrid appetite or pristine thermal engine power. The Pirelli tyres are propitious to 20” and 21” rims in CO components, and surrounded by well-defined mudguards embedded within a physique of a automobile that minister to a robust highway participation of a Asterion. The Asterion’s doors are large, opening outwards and assent easy entrance to a car’s interior. Creating an ergonomically atmospheric cabin for a car’s occupants with a gentle seating position, a angle of a black A Pillars gives a some-more straight windshield and a aloft conduct clearance, while visually fluctuating a front of a car, that includes a luggage compartment. Thus a interior of a Asterion guarantees an suitable roominess for a passengers. A illuminated tricolore dwindle on a doorway reminds of Asterion’s Italian birthright and a watchful Raging Bull defense is embedded in a side of a car.

The Interior Design 

The clear, minimal and complicated interior of a Asterion reflects a extraneous pattern nonetheless with a classical demeanour and feel. Internally, a dual seats are positioned aloft than those in Lamborghini super sports cars, ensuring a automobile for gentle each day   cruising rather than impassioned opening and handling. Extensive Bianco Celaeno (ivory) and Marrone Attis (brown) leather immediately endorse a lush expostulate knowledge of a Asterion with an magnificence from mixing materials including aluminium and fake CO fibre, as good as   titanium that is also manifest in a iconic 3 spoke steering circle pattern drawn from a Miura. However, a Asterion’s steering circle also includes 3 buttons from that a motorist selects his engine pushing mode: Zero – for 0 emissions/full electric; we for ‘Ibrido’ (hybrid); and T for ‘Termico (thermal) power. Finally, a unstable inscription allows a car’s occupants to conduct meridian control and other functions including GPS and in-car infotainment.

The Name

Asterion LPI 910-4 – LP stands for ‘longitudinale posteriore’, a position of a required engine, we stands for ‘ibrido’, 910 for a complement appetite and 4 for a permanent 4WD complement – is a new judgment of a new kind of dream automobile designed by Lamborghini starting from an intuition: a pivotal for expecting a destiny lies in a mutation and hybridisation of Lamborghini’s possess DNA. With a Asterion, a hyper cruiser is born: a brew of magnificence with a pristine betrayal offering by pushing a Lamborghini, a automobile whose absolute engine meets a sustainability of hybrid technology, interjection also to a lightweight framework in CO fiber. The Lamborghini Asterion is desirous by a legend: Asterion is a correct name of a fabulous Minotaur, a hybrid figure and mystic mix revelation a story of a absolute alloy between genius and instinct, partial male and partial bull, formulating an ever absolute archetype. Thus, Lamborghini sticks to a tradition of giving a models a name taken from a universe of bulls, though during a same time adding an innovative element, a hybrid DNA: a strength of a longhorn delivered by a naturally aspirated engine is sum with a tellurian motive delivered by a hybrid technology. This is how Lamborghini prepares for a destiny with a Asterion, a initial hyper cruiser.