Visit to a destiny workshop.

A few stairs further, on a 9th building of a “crescent”, a perspective extends over bureau buildings, a Mercedes star rotates in a distance. Up here, a decisions for a 2020s are being suspicion through. Some of a preference points have to be set now, today.

Wilko Stark, 45 years old, has been with Daimler given 2012. He maintains open communication with his government team. He cites names such as Jochen Hermann, Oliver Wiech, Susanne Hahn, Stefan Abraham, Jörg Heinermann, Christoph Starzynski and he could name many more, professionals from development, sales, production, from all a areas of car development, with a best connectors in a whole Daimler organisation, and also a series of other colleagues who consider “outside a box”, as a CASE manager says, going new ways.