Vans as motherships.

Until now, civic logistics have been a really practical matter. As a final couple in a supply chain, vans hurl by a streets to broach goods. However, since of a fast expanding online trade, they are increasingly reaching a boundary of their capacity. Today logistics companies have to broach 3.35 billion parcels annually in Germany alone, and that series is increasing. “Nowadays people who sequence things online wish to accept their orders as shortly as possible,” explains Corinna Elosge, who heads a Vans Drones plan during Mercedes-Benz Vans.

In sequence to accommodate this demand, Mercedes-Benz Vans is now regulating both ground-based and airborne means of transportation. In line with a Vans Drones concept, demonstrate burden is delivered by atmosphere to a Sprinter, that afterwards becomes a mothership for successive “air freight.”