Two guys, one roadster, 1,000 kilometres.

6:14 am. The next morning. Sunrise. There are still 247 days before the end of the year. And while American actress and beauty icon Jessica Alba will be celebrating her 37th birthday in a few hours, Marc-Remo and Gian instead celebrate the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster. While it was still dark, they stowed their pop-up tents in the trunk, opened the convertible top, put 50 miles behind them. They enjoy the cool headwind and the power of the rear axle on the Maloja Pass. It might have been more than 20 bends; by now they’ve lost exact count. What they do know for certain is that they’ll be driving the pass a few more times today. Saturday, blue skies, sunshine and very little tourist traffic. Today, this here is paradise for any fan of sports cars. The sky is assiduously blue, as if it were enjoying the view from above into the cockpit. Only a few wisps of clouds are moving through the picture every now and then. Long, winding stretches alternate with tight bends. Marc-Remo is at an increasing loss for words and Gian begins to whistle with pleasure, in search of the right song for this road trip. It sounds like “Unforgettable” again.