Nigel Ryce, owner of A Leg Up pet services in Toronto, was developing a bit of a reputation with his local car rental agency. They were becoming reluctant to rent him vehicles, because he returned them without that new-car smell. But once A Leg Up added two 2011 Ford Transit Connect vehicles to their fleet, no one had to worry about unwanted odors.

“One of the many benefits we have realized is how easy it is to keep clean,” explains Ryce. “We were renting cars because I had been looking for five or six years for a suitable vehicle. The Transit Connect fit all of our needs.”

His customers are also happy with the choice.

“We only have two Transit Connect vehicles, but our customers’ reaction makes it feel like we have a fleet,” Ryce jokes. “I think it looks like a friendly vehicle so it projects that quality when people see it.”

Next Generation of the Transit Connect

Ford recently held a breakfast to showcase the new 2014 Transit Connect commercial van in Toronto. This was an exclusive event for small business owners that highlighted the Transit Connect’s combination of flexibility, fuel economy, durability, affordability and manoeuvrability.

David Shuttleworth, Product Marketing, Commercial Vehicles at Ford of Canada, discussed the vehicle’s key advantages for small business owners at the event.

“The Transit Connect is perfect for small business owners because it offers flexibility and affordability with great value,” explained Shuttleworth. “From seven-passenger seating to a stylish appearance that is easy to wrap with company signage, it combines manoeuvrability and efficiency with cargo space and durability.”

The Transit Connect van and wagon offer small business owners:

· Flexibility – The Transit Connect allows small business owners a custom configuration of seating, windows, doors and interior finishing that suits their needs. Available with two engine options, and with the ability to fit up to 7 passengers, it’s a very versatile vehicle. A Leg Up was able to add a divider to keep the dogs in the back and the driver comfortable.

· Fuel efficiency – Ryce has been impressed with the mileage of his Transit Connects, especially when compared to a cargo van. The vehicle will offer customers the choice between two fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines and the available CNG/LPG prep package.

· Manoeuvrability – Parking the Transit Connect is easy – whether it’s manoeuvring into small parking spots or navigating around double-parked vehicles. And when properly equipped, it offers the ability to tow up to 907 kilograms.

· Durability – With a commercial-grade interior, cleaning for A Leg Up is fast and efficient. And its high-strength body is engineered to rigorous global commercial vehicle durability standards.

· Affordability – Designed with a low total cost of ownership, the Transit Connect offers a high-value package for small business owners. And with substantial options and features, a company can pick the package that fits their needs.

The new Transit Connect will be available in Canada in late 2013.