Tradition on a New Course

The DKV Mobility Services Group combines a abounding tradition with a future-oriented course. Founded some-more than 85 years ago, it has helped figure a European mobility zone in farsighted ways. Today it is Europe’s heading B2B mobility services provider, devoted by tiny enterprises and vital trucking operations alike. Taxi companies, doctors’ offices, gardeners, and bakers—anyone regulating a outpost for their business or using an whole swift of vehicles can advantage from DKV’s services.

DKV’s success is formed on a prophesy of doing all of a customers’ mobility-related tasks so a latter are giveaway to concentration on their core areas of activity. The company’s sell have augmenting to a volume of 9.3 billion euros in 2020. And it continues to pursue change on a systematic basis, reinventing itself with a aim of running a business from a aged to a new universe of mobility—profitably and sustainably. In serve to a fuel cards that laid a substructure for a success, DKV’s business indication is formed on innovative and digital services for business and on tolerable forms of mobility. The face of this change, and also a pushing force, is CEO Marco outpost Kalleveen. A local of a Netherlands, he has headed DKV given 2019 and is obliged for progressing a gait on a highway to change.

Actively moulding change

“Improving companies—making them colourful and successful—is what we adore to do,” says outpost Kalleveen. And his record confirms his words. Since withdrawal McKinsey, outpost Kalleveen’s work has enclosed running a mutation of portfolio companies for Bain Capital. He afterwards strategically restructured a tellurian dialect for domestic activities during a TNT Express general bearer service. He now seeks to do a same with DKV.

Van Kalleveen is building a destiny of a mobility use provider on 3 pillars: expansion in a core business area, a concentration on innovations and digital solutions, and clever care in a margin of renewable energies. In early 2019, Porsche Consulting helped lay a substructure on that these 3 pillars stand. “With their practical proceed and surpassing insider expertise, a consultants were really useful to us in building adult a business operations,” says outpost Kalleveen. When he assimilated DKV in Apr of 2019—shortly after Porsche Consulting had finished a project—he mislaid no time in putting a government consultants’ proposals into practice. These enclosed opening a prolongation section and utilizing a catalog of power sources of savings.

An critical partial of outpost Kalleveen’s expansion plan is to acquire additional business in Europe. DKV is already active in some-more than 40 countries on a continent and continues to enhance a patron bottom and collaborative ventures in all areas. Its height proceed plays a pivotal purpose here. The association uses partnerships to bond a services of opposite providers—including fuel hire chains, fee collection companies, burden exchanges, and car correct shops—and make them accessible to a customers, thereby overcoming barriers acted by general borders and denunciation differences.

Overall service

The best instance for this proceed is how a DKV fuel label has evolved. This label lets holders compensate but money during some-more than 65,000 partner fuel stations, use a stream series of approximately 185,000 charging stations, compensate tolls for highways, bridges, and tunnels, and also compensate parking fees. The sell are gathered on an online portal that enables owners to conduct their label boundary and even download final statements for taxation purposes.

The DKV portal is a singular source of information and services for everybody from owners of a singular smoothness outpost to operators of large-scale newcomer and blurb car fleets. These embody invoicing collection as good as a constantly updated overview of all dependent fuel stations and a ever augmenting series of charging points for electric vehicles.

The DKV label is a sequence for additional services—thanks in partial to a new technical solutions that DKV is developing. For example, vast shipping companies can yield cards to their drivers and also implement a DKV BOX in their vehicles in sequence to compensate tolls entirely automatically in opposite European countries. DKV also offers a Europe-wide puncture use with referrals to partner workshops as good as country-specific assistance in doing official matters. It supports business in all from pre-financing Belgium’s vegetable oil rebates to putting France’s smallest salary into practice.

“We have some-more than 250,000 business via Europe and some-more than 5 million users of a products and devices,” says outpost Kalleveen. “We also have a network of suppliers we can bond them with.” DKV is thereby unifying Europe’s fragmented mobility landscape and bend a company’s aphorism of “You drive, we care” into a scalable business indication that also attracts tiny and really tiny enterprises. Just like a vast shipping company, a encampment baker also has vans that need fueling, parking, and bookkeeping—just in a opposite magnitude. As outpost Kalleveen explains, “We offer an altogether use to a customers.”

Success from digital innovations

Since outpost Kalleveen assimilated a company, DKV has totally or partially acquired eleven companies in opposite countries—while stability to enhance a partnerships with fuel stations and charging networks. The acquisitions tumble into dual categories. Some are dictated to benefit specific informal imagination and skills and arise new patron groups. For example, in late May 2021 DKV strengthened a participation in eastern Europe by appropriation 3 providers of upkeep solutions for blurb fleets from Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland.

With a other difficulty of acquisitions, outpost Kalleveen is posterior his plan of lifting a turn of digitalization in DKV’s product range. “Innovative uses of record give arise to new business fields, and we are consistently forward of a bend here,” he reports. One instance is a merger in Jan 2020 of Styletronic, a heading provider of GPS and logistics government services from Austria. Thanks to Styletronic’s expertise, and in sold a real-time tracking of deliveries and fleets, DKV was means to move DKV LIVE onto a marketplace only 8 months later. This complement gives shipping companies a portal on that to perspective a locations of their vehicles during all times. DKV LIVE also calculates estimated smoothness times formed on drivers’ particular opening patterns—an extensive newness in Europe’s logistics sector.

The DKV app integrates digital fuel cards and lets tolls be paid with a click. The DKV LIVE app uses GPS information to keep dispatchers adult to date on their drivers’ active and rest periods. And a integrated burden sell helps forestall a need for trips but cargo.

Smart and tolerable solutions

DKV LIVE also helps a association keep a promises about a environment. “We wish to play a vital purpose in facilitating a transition in mobility to a some-more fit and tolerable future,” says outpost Kalleveen. “That’s because we’re perplexing to turn a heading provider of tolerable services in a industry.” For example, DKV wants to assistance a business revoke their CO2 power by 30 percent by 2030. DKV LIVE helps by calculating a ideal track for any trip, that reduces a volume of fuel needed. The integrated digital burden sell also helps by vouchsafing shipping companies see if additional load jobs are accessible along a routes and to soon book them if so. This prevents dull and additional trips—and helps to serve reduce CO emissions.

Moreover, DKV helps a business switch to electric vehicles if they so desire. To do so, it founded a Charge4Europe corner try with a Innogy e‑fuel provider, that offers entrance to a extensive network of charging points via Europe. Since late Apr 2021, this partnership has also enclosed high-speed charging points during Total fuel stations in France, Germany, Belgium, and a Netherlands.

The change in plan is already display certain results. Thanks to a incomparable patron base, new products, and corporate strategy, sales in 2020 grew by 10 percent. Van Kalleveen is vehement about a future. “Germany has historically been a home and we continue to be really clever here. But we are also flourishing really quick in France, Italy, Austria, and eastern Europe.”

International structure

Marco outpost Kalleveen (52) became a CEO of DKV in Apr of 2019. Born in a Netherlands, he has worked in Chicago, San Francisco, London, and many recently Amsterdam, where he sensory his dilettante believe of a mobility and logistics zone as COO and house member of a LeasePlan leasing services provider (annual turnover: 10 billion euros). He was formerly a house member with TNT Express and a partner with McKinsey, and also active with a Bain Capital investment firm. After study business economics during Erasmus University in Rotterdam he warranted an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Tradition and growth

Founded as Deutscher Kraftverkehr GmbH in Düsseldorf in 1934, DKV primarily worked during a interface of ride by highway and rail. Today, DKV is famous via Europe for a fuel cards and a innovative services for car fleets. Its business operation from vast companies to really tiny smoothness services. Medium-sized enterprises comment for 80 percent of a business in a mobility sector. All signs during DKV are indicating toward growth. Its sell in 2020 reached a volume of 9.3 billion euros, with around 1,200 employees during 15 general subsidiaries. The association is now seeking to assistance figure a zone Europe-wide and move it onto a tolerable march with digital payment, invoicing, and navigation solutions for swift management, fueling, fee payments, and electric mobility. Upon signing on to a United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)—the world’s largest beginning for tolerable and socially obliged management—in Dec 2020, DKV announced sustainability one of a pivotal aims and proceeded to confederate a 10 concept sustainability beliefs for tellurian rights, labor, a environment, and anti-corruption into a corporate strategy. It has also committed itself to attaining a EU’s meridian goals, and is formulation to grasp a certain CO footprint for a possess activities by 2023.

Laying a foundations for transformation

DKV has grown constantly to accommodate rising direct ever given it was founded. But each bend of a business develops during a possess pace, and synergies were not arising. Until 2019 a association did not have a possess prolongation section that could duty on a trans-divisional basis. Instead, a sales multiplication rubbed a particular product government tasks. With a mobility zone changing faster than ever due to digitalization and new expostulate systems, it was required to adjust a company’s inner structure to lay a substructure for serve expansion and emanate a conditions to capacitate stretchable responses to destiny changes. “We indispensable someone with operational imagination who could assistance us set adult a prolongation unit,” says Tobias Würz, who is now executive core operations during DKV. “So we brought Porsche Consulting on house to trigger a mutation process.” The government consultancy took on a pursuit in early 2019 and finished a plan only 3 months later. It focused on rising corporate change and identifying power sources of savings.

Claus-Conrad Roth, a manager during Porsche Consulting, guided a project. “We analyzed cost blocks and diseased points to grasp an fit structure that meets a market’s needs,” he says. “We afterwards used workshops to arise power solutions and brand sources of assets together with a employees.” Würz was generally tender by a consultants’ goal-oriented approach, asserting that Porsche Consulting constantly focused on a patron and squandered no time with remaining questions.

Würz is entirely gratified with a solution. “Porsche Consulting laid a foundations for transforming a company. We followed adult on identifying power savings, and brought in 300,000 euros a year in a initial turn of negotiations with a agreement partners.” In 2020, DKV could afterwards save a sum of approximately half a million euros. Working with Porsche Consulting also done it probable to open a use core in Romania in a march of environment adult a operational unit. As Würz explains, “We used to do all from Ratingen. Porsche Consulting helped us to change a perspective—and that now functions on a tolerable basis.”


Text initial published in Porsche Consulting Magazine.