Toyota Canada Foundation Announces Scholarships for Black Students Pursuing Post-Secondary Education in Automotive Technology

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Recipients to be comparison and awarded by Black Business and Professional Association’s National Scholarship Program

TORONTO, Ontario – Nov 22, 2021 – The Toyota Canada Foundation has announced it will be appropriation scholarships for Black students posterior post-secondary preparation in automotive technology.

Toyota Canada Foundation grant recipients will be comparison and awarded by Black Business and Professional Association’s (BBPA) National Scholarship Program, that is committed to ancillary and compelling a feat of educational value for Black Canadian youth. The National Scholarship Program was determined in 1986 to revoke a rate during that Black students dump out of propagandize notwithstanding their educational success due to an unavailability of funds.

Chief executive officer, Nadine Spencer shared; “It is truly an impulse to declare a tough work, integrity and perfect talent of a grant recipients. Over 1,100 superb students practical and while we wish we were means to endowment them all scholarships, these recipients paint a brighter destiny for a village and generations to come. They are a catalysts that will change a narrative. It is an honour to commend these good minds in their educational endeavors with a joining and support of a superb sponsors.”

Over a subsequent dual years, BBPA will name 6 Black students posterior post-secondary preparation in a Canadian automotive record module to accept a Toyota Canada Foundation scholarship. Each tyro will accept $5,000 per year, for dual years, for a sum of $10,000.

“Over a past few years, a Toyota Canada Foundation has helped inspire hundreds of thousands of Canadian kids and girl to pursue an preparation and career in STEM by a support for inhabitant organizations like Actua and Let’s Talk Science,” pronounced Leslie Miller, Treasurer, Toyota Canada Foundation. “Now we’re unapproachable to be means to assistance some of those students take a next step in their preparation and career by operative with Black Business and Professional Association’s superb National Scholarship module to yield financial support for Black students meddlesome in automotive technology.”

The subsequent focus deadline for a scholarships is Summer 2022. Anyone meddlesome should request directly by a BBPA’s website:

Toyota Canada Foundation

The Toyota Canada Foundation is a private free substructure focused on ancillary purebred free organizations dedicated to inhabitant science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) preparation overdo programs, and is focused on enlivening some-more girl from segments of a race now underrepresented in STEM to pursue an preparation and career in this area.

Black Business and Professional Association

Founded in 1983, a BBPA is a free classification whose goal is to allege Canada’s Black village by facilitating a smoothness of programs that support business and veteran excellence, aloft education, and mercantile development. Along with workshops and programs during a BBPA Centre of Excellence, a BBPA presents a annual Harry Jerome Awards, a BBPA National Scholarships, and a National Black Business Convention (NBBPC). For some-more information, greatfully revisit a BBPA online during, call 416-504-4097, or email [email protected]