Road Atlanta, Spartanburg, Sebring: BMW Junior Team concludes US debate with a 24-hour competition in a BMW M4 GT3.

Sebring. BMW M Motorsport and a BMW Junior Team finished two
eventful weeks in North America with a 24 Hours of Sebring (USA).
Dan Harper (GBR), Max Hesse (GER) and Neil Verhagen (USA) started
with a revisit to BMW Team RLL during Petit Le Mans, Road Atlanta (USA).
This was followed by a debate of a BMW Group plant in Spartanburg
(USA), a tour to see Verhagen’s family during their home, and afterwards the
exam competition with a new BMW M4 GT3 during Sebring International Raceway,
where Hesse and Verhagen competed alongside US drivers Bill
Auberlen, Robby Foley and James Clay. The competition in a Creventic 24H
Series served as a final exam for a new automobile during one of the
toughest circuits in a world. BMW M Motorsport also used the
weekend to palm over a new BMW M4 GT3 from a exam organisation during BMW
Team RMG to a North American teams.


BMW Junior Team on tour.

For Harper, Hesse and Verhagen, a USA tour began during a season
culmination of a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, where they
accompanied a BMW works drivers and BMW Team RLL all weekend,
attended critical meetings, and gifted a processes in a BMW M
Motorsports works programme during initial hand. “We schooled an awful lot in
a partnership with BMW Team RLL and a BMW works drivers,” said
Hesse. “Plus, it was good to be concerned in a farewell competition for the
BMW M8 GTE and representation a atmosphere during Road Atlanta.”


This was followed by a tour to a largest BMW Group plant in the
world, in Spartanburg, where a BMW Junior Team gained first-hand
insights into a prolongation of BMW X models. “As we are representing
BMW as drivers, it was cold for us to see how prolongation works in the
largest plant in a universe in Spartanburg,” pronounced Verhagen. “It is
huge, and we usually saw a tiny partial of it. Hopefully, we will return
someday and check out some other areas. It was unequivocally fascinating.”


Harper, Hesse and Verhagen, together with their coach Jochen
Neerpasch, who accompanied a BMW Junior Team via a entire
trip, afterwards visited a BMW Car Club of America Foundation, which
possesses a fascinating muster of selected BMW vehicles and other
BMW collectibles. A special wall sketch was dedicated to the
motorsport story of Jochen Neerpasch. The organisation saw out a evening
with a grill with Verhagen’s family, who live in Mooresville (USA)
nearby Spartanburg.


For Neerpasch and a Juniors, a tour to a USA noted a finish of
dual years together. “So far, a guys have exceeded a expectations
we had of them during a start, that were flattering high anyway,” said
Neerpasch. “All that they are blank is experience. They are already
environment path times like those of a tip drivers. They need some-more race
outings, and they are certain to get them subsequent season.”


Harper was also certain in his estimation of his time as a BMW Junior
so far: “We have come a prolonged approach given a initial NLS competition roughly two
years ago. It is implausible how most we have schooled in that time –
both as racing drivers and as people. Our training is hard, though it is
profitable dividends. we consider a formula in a BMW M6 GT3 this season
have valid that.”


BMW M4 GT3 exam tour underneath competition conditions during Sebring.

Last weekend was all about a BMW M4 GT3 – not usually for a BMW
Junior Team, though also for BMW M Motorsport. The 24 Hours of Sebring
was a final continuation exam for a car, before it goes in hunt of
victories and titles from Jan 2022. When it does so, it will be in
a hands of private BMW M Motorsport teams, some of that are based
in North America.


For this reason, BMW M Motorsport took a event during Sebring to
palm over a BMW M4 GT3 from a exam crew, BMW Team RMG, to a US
teams, who will run a automobile in a entrance season. Engineers and
mechanics from BMW Teams RMG and RLL worked together for a tour at
Sebring. The Turner Motorsport and BimmerWorld Racing teams were also
concerned with drivers Bill Auberlen, Robby Foley and James Clay and
gained profitable knowledge with a new car.


The corner training began with tests during a week and appearance with
a 24-hour competition during one of a toughest circuits in a world, with
large bumps that unequivocally put a automobile by a paces. After two
repairs, following collisions, and some teenager issues during a race,
a BMW M4 GT3 crossed a finish line after 457 laps. Hesse and
Verhagen were a dual Juniors who took partial in a race. Harper was
usually concerned in a tests, as he is classed as a Gold driver, of
that usually one might be purebred per team. The Gold motorist for this
competition was Auberlen. “The circuit is opposite to a ones we are
informed with in Europe,” pronounced Hesse, summing adult a exam underneath race
conditions. “Unfortunately, there were dual incidents in a race,
that resulted in prolonged repairs. Apart from that, a BMW M4 GT3 did
really well. Racing here was a profitable experience.”


The American drivers drew a really certain conclusion. “The first
sense of a BMW M4 GT3 is that it looks fantastic,” said
Auberlen. “Then we gathering it, and we can contend that it is distant improved in
each area than a BMW M6 GT3. With a 24-hour competition in Sebring, we put
a BMW M4 GT3 to a toughest exam imaginable.”


Foley said: “A illusory car. You can immediately feel a dual years
of growth that have been invested in a BMW M4 GT3. The systems
in a interior, with that a motorist works, are a large step forward
compared to a BMW M6 GT3. The automobile is really user-friendly.”


This was corroborated adult by Clay, who was pushing a GT3 competition automobile for the
initial time in Sebring: “Given that a BMW M4 GT3 is distant faster than
a GT4 cars we have driven previously, we found it really easy to adapt
to a car, as a automobile is really good suspicion out and easy to operate. I
was means to concentration entirely on a driving.”


The BMW M4 GT3 will competition a initial competition in a hands of BMW M
Motorsport teams in Jan 2022, during a 24 Hours of Dubai (UAE). This
will be followed by a 24 Hours of Daytona (USA) during a finish of the
month. The minute competition programme for a BMW Junior Team will be
announced during a after date.