We arise adult in a morning, get prepared for work, expostulate into a office, and lay during a table until it’s time to go home. It’s a routine. It’s a dance we do from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. But when a time strikes 5PM on a Friday evening, we know a subsequent dual days are ours to own. And what improved approach to get out of a city and knowledge life over a city walls, than to burst in a Ford Escape and extract in a weekend adventure. We took an Ultimate Weekend Escape from Vancouver to Tofino and behind so check out a video and see if we can mark any informed stops we made.

With accessible facilities like Active Park Assist, plenty load space, SYNC with MyFord Touch, and a foot-activated hands-free energy liftgate, a Ford Escape is a ideal enabler for a ultimate weekend getaway.

Looking for ideas on how to have an ultimate weekend divided from Vancouver? Why don’t we conduct over to Tofino and knowledge a healthy beauty and different journey of a west coast? And saying as it’s only a packet float away, we can leave downtown Vancouver during 5, have an implausible weekend, and be behind during home Sunday night.

The Ultimate Weekend Escape From Vancouver

We left downtown Vancouver, took a Ford Escape and boarded a packet during Horse Shoe Bay. From there we strike adult Romper Room Indoor Rock Climbing in Nanaimo where we strapped on a reserve rigging and scaled a walls. Then we got behind on highway #1, held a pleasing nightfall on a side of a road, and managed to check into a Dolphin Motel before dark. The subsequent morning we used Active Park Assist to get a ideal spot, jumped on a vessel and let a friendly folks during a Tofino Whale Centre take us on an implausible H2O adventure. After spotting whales, sea lions, and otters, we headed behind to dry land, held another nightfall and afterwards behind to a hotel. On Sunday we started creation a approach behind to a packet terminal, though not before interlude to check out a perspective during Radar Hill and saying some healthy wildlife during Butterfly World only off a Island Highway. We held an early dusk ferry, and were behind in Vancouver only as a object went down.The Ultimate Weekend Escape From Vancouver

Check out a video of a Vancouver Ultimate Weekend Escape. Think we missed anything? Know of a fun activity people should knowledge in Tofino? Use a comments territory below, leave a criticism on Facebook, or send us during Tweet use #ultimateescape.

In sequence to make this video happen, we’d like to send a special interjection to a following businesses who courteously non-stop their doors for a Ford Ultimate Weekend Escape:

Romper Room Indoor Rock Climbing Centre

Common Loaf Bakery

Tofino Whale Centre

Beach Petal Flower Design

Butterfly World