Fiat Makes its Long-Awaited Comeback to Egypt

  • The Italian giant pledges to make its comeback to the Egyptian market bigger and better than ever before.
  • Fiat Chrysler Group brings back Fiat and Alfa Romeo’s latest models, and announces the launch of new showrooms and one of its largest service centers in the Middle East.
  • Maciej Ratynski, CEO of Fiat Chrysler Egypt: Fiat will regain its position as a popular family car for Egyptians with a wider appeal for the younger generations thanks to new and more stylistic European designs.
  • Hisham El Tayeby, CEO of Nile Engineering, Fiat and Alfa Romeo and Fiat Professional authorized dealer: We are delighted with Fiat’s confidence in us and we look forward to serving all Fiat and Alfa Romeo customers. We are happy to announce that we offer all support services to our customers, ranging from spare-parts and maintenance to regular inspections and service with full international standards.
  • Ayman Al Ayouty, Nile Engineering Chairman: Today, Fiat returns to the Egyptian Market, in cooperation with our company Nile Engineering, to maintain this legacy and regain its historic title as the “Egyptian Family Car.


Fiat Chrysler Group announced its return to the Egyptian market today. The company, represented by Fiat Chrysler Egypt, and through its newly-appointed dealer, Nile Engineering, presented its vision to a select group of journalists and guests in Cairo, Egypt.


This announcement was made during a press conference attended by Mr. Maciej Ratynski, Fiat Chrysler Egypt CEO, Eng. Ayman Al Ayouty, Nile Engineering Chairman and Eng. Hisham El-Tayeby, Nile Engineering CEO, in addition to key senior executives from Fiat Chrysler Group in Turin, Italy.

The company announced the inauguration of Nile Engineering’s latest Fiat Alfa Romeo and Fiat professional showrooms, in addition to one of the largest service centers in the Middle East, attesting to the company’s commitment to serve the Egyptian market.


In his speech, Mr. Maciej Ratynski, Fiat Chrysler Egypt CEO, said: “I am pleased to announce that Fiat and Alfa Romeo are coming back to the Egyptian Market with a new vision through a recently-appointed official dealer, Nile Engineering.”

He also stated that Fiat has great confidence in the Egyptian Economy and its future growth capabilities, and that this step has significant implications which will encourage multinational corporations to continue to invest in Egypt.


He continued to explain that Fiat has a long history in Egypt and a proven track record over the past decades in understanding the needs of Egyptians. Now, and thanks to European expertise and Italian technology, the company can provide a variety of models which combine attractive designs, better engines with improved fuel efficiency and all at highly competitive prices.


Moreover, Mr. Ratynski added that one of the most important and key elements is going to be a focus on After Sales service and support for current customers who will now be served by Nile Engineering at its new facility in Obour.


Within the same context, Eng. Hisham Al-Tayeby, Nile Engineering CEO, stated in his speech: “We are pleased and proud with Fiat’s confidence in us to undertake this responsibility.  Our company is entirely ready and equipped to offer Fiat and Alfa Romeo’s customers’ with premium service, providing them with spare-parts, maintenance and all forms of support through our service center.”


He further elaborated: “We are honored to serve Fiat and Alfa Romeo customers in Egypt.  During 60 years of presence and heritage in the Egyptian market, Fiat has always deserved the title of the “Egyptian Family Car” due to its long history and close ties to Egyptians… many generations grew up with Fiat automobiles and that is why it holds such a special place in our hearts.”  


It is also worth mentioning that during the conference, Eng. Tayeby presented the models that will be available in the Egyptian market, as follows:


Fiat Models: The Fiat 500, The Fiat 500L, The Fiat Punto, The Fiat Qubo and The Fiat Dobló.

Alfa Romeo Models: The Alfa Romeo Giulietta, The Alfa Romeo Mito and The Alfa Romeo 4C.

Fiat Professional Models: The Fiat Fiorino and The Fiat Ducato.


Cairo, 16th September 2014