The Mercedes-Benz V-Class ? Even some-more attractive.

“With a introduction of a V-Class 5 years ago, we showed that a stylish and energetic participation is also probable in XXL format. In doing so, we were means to remonstrate families, convenience adventurers and business business comparison – from Europe right opposite to Asia. Proof of this can be found in a 209,000 or so V-Class units that have been sole given a marketplace launch as good as in a fact that a car has one of a youngest customer groups opposite Mercedes-Benz. At a commencement of 2019, we’ll be stability this success story. With a facelift, we’re building on a strengths of a MPV in a targeted manner. And we’ll shortly also make a subsequent matter in this shred by expanding a portfolio with a entirely electric MPV,” says Wilfried Porth, Member of a Board of Management of Daimler AG; Human Resources and Director of Labor Relations, Mercedes-Benz Vans.