The Mercedes-Benz G-Class Experience Center in Graz: Get G-proved.

The gates to the G-Class Experience Center in Graz are now open to the public. This is your opportunity to experience the on- and off-road capabilities of the G-Class first-hand. Explore the G-Rock, the Iron Schöckl and other off-road elements. Find out how the G-Class masters a side slope of 35° and copes with water crossings through its fording depth of 70 centimetres. Experience what “stronger than gravity” means by tackling slopes up to 100%. Get to know the DNA of the G-Class during a factory tour through the production halls at Magna Steyr. On our on-road course you will feel the 585 PS performance of the Mercedes-AMG G 63. In our 100,000 m² G-Class Experience Center, you will be introduced to the G-Class fleet including the G 500, G 350 d, G 400 d and Mercedes-AMG G 63. At the G-Base you will be inspired by the numerous individualisation options in the new G manufaktur and get to know the different combination possibilities. Get G-proved!