The Mercedes-Benz EQC is this sustainable.

Mercedes-Benz is aiming to grasp CO₂-neutral prolongation in a possess European plants from 2022. During a handling phase, a motorist can even already change what a eco change of a automobile looks like – depending on a appetite source used for recharging. The eco balance, and generally a CO₂ balance, varies accordingly when examining a whole lifecycle of a EQC with a mileage of 200,000 kilometres. At present, 16.4 tonnes of CO₂ are issued during a production. If a batteries are charged from a EU appetite mix, this adds a serve 16 tonnes. All in all, a issued apportion of CO₂ is afterwards 32.4 tonnes. However, if a appetite for recharging is performed from renewable sources, usually an additional 0.7 tonnes of CO₂ is issued over a lifecycle (car production, appetite expenditure in operation, finish of life). The overall CO₂ emissions are afterwards 17.1 tonnes of CO₂: by regulating purify appetite to assign a batteries, the CO₂ footprint of a EQC can be most halved.