The BMW i Vision AMBY.

Munich. With a BMW i Vision AMBY, a first
high-speed pedelec for urbanists, a BMW Group is presenting a
idealist two-wheeled resolution for a civic mobility of tomorrow.
From a outside, a BMW i Vision AMBY looks identical to an e-bike,
though it offers significantly some-more possibilities. It is one of five
opposite judgment vehicles with that a BMW Group is presenting its
prophesy of particular mobility in cities and their surrounding areas at
a IAA Mobility event. Under a singular powerful travelling electric
mobility, digitality and sustainability, a 5 pioneering concepts
emanate a versatile mobility brew on dual and 4 wheels fuelled by
tolerable meditative that comprehensively addresses an intensely wide
operation of mobility needs.

The BMW i Vision AMBY and BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY.

AMBY is a neologism for “adaptive mobility”. The BMW i
Vision AMBY and BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY Vision Vehicles (see also the
detached press recover on a BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY) appreciate the
simple thought of adaptive civic mobility on dual wheels in opposite ways.
The dual vehicles are both propitious with an electric expostulate complement with
3 speed ratings for opposite forms of roads. The expostulate system
enables speeds of adult to 25 km/h (15.5 mph) on cycle tracks, adult to 45
km/h (28 mph) on city-centre roads and adult to 60 km/h (37 mph) on
multi-lane roads and outward civic areas. However, word plates
and a analogous looseness are compulsory for a aloft speeds. While
users of a BMW i Vision AMBY high-speed pedelec have to constantly
pedal in sequence to advantage from a assistance of a electric drive
system, a BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY accelerates around a throttle
grip/throttle push and has motorcycle-style footrests instead of pedals.

The modes accessible to a supplement are stored in a app on the
smartphone associated with a “AMBY” Vision Vehicle. Manual preference of
a modes is ideally feasible, as are involuntary approval of
plcae and highway form around geofencing record and a associated
involuntary composition of tip speed. In a deficiency of any existing
authorised horizon for a automobile of this kind with a modular speed
concept, a “AMBY” Vision Vehicles set out to prompt a introduction
of such legislation and by effect developments of this nature.
The BMW Group is therefore arrangement a perceptiveness to sojourn partial of the
mobility review in cities, even if in a years forward those
cities offer engine cars an increasingly tiny space in that to function.

Defying categorisation.
“Everywhere we look,
apparently determined categories are being blown detached – and that’s a
good thing. In a future, classifications such as ‘car’, ‘bicycle’
and ‘motorcycle’ should not establish a inlet of a products we
consider up, rise and offer,” explains Werner Haumayr, Vice President
BMW Group Design Conception. “Rather, this model change gives us the
event to tailor products to people’s lifestyles – as we can see
with a BMW i Vision AMBY high-speed pedelec. This automobile occupies
a space between a bicycle and a light motorcycle and allows our
business to confirm for themselves that roads or routes they wish to
ride on by an civic area. They have all a flexibility
possible, during a same time as branch a pedals and keeping
themselves fit. The modes and crafty track preference are dictated to
make it one of a fastest ride options by a city.”

The BMW Group views a BMW i Vision AMBY as an appealing means of
ride for a destiny in incomparable cities. As a second automobile for a
family or an entrance indicate into a universe of pedal-driven, electrified
two-wheeled vehicles, a BMW i Vision AMBY offers an intensely varied
operation of applications. It hugely expands a use operation of a
compulsory e-bike by crafty technologies associated to a three
roving modes.

The design: some-more than an e-bike.
The pattern of
a BMW i Vision AMBY is tangible by manifest levity and powerful
athleticism. And each fact promises that it is means of some-more than
a unchanging e-bike. The support structure is incomparable and a sense is
one of incomparable strength and fortitude in each respect. The modern
support geometry feels like a reduction of racing bike and sporty e-bike.
The top support tube, crafted from 4 sculptural aluminium profiles,
represents an fluent and complicated matter of vigilant – and not only
in manifest terms. A somewhat rising brush to a pattern underscores the
energetic intent. The space between a profiles also offers stowage
room for a trek or laptop bag. Located usually before a handlebars
is a smartphone formation pad, that binds a device safely in
place regulating magnets and ensures it is rarely visible.

The battery is positioned in a centre of a frame. Its 2,000 Wh
enables a operation of adult to 300 km (186 miles), depending on a riding
mode. Thanks to quick charging technology, it recharges in usually three
hours. The expostulate unit, that is positioned tighten to a pedals and is
also black in colour, usually provides assistance when a pedals are
being turned. Power send is by low-maintenance toothed belt, and
a delivery is integrated into a expostulate system. A sophisticated
single-sided overhanging arm differently singular to BMW Motorrad links the
behind circle with a frame. 120 mm of cessation ride front and rear
is ideal for all applications in and around city during speeds of adult to 60
km/h (37 mph). The 27.5-inch wheels are propitious with incomparable and wider
tyres than normal in sequence to safeguard well-developed comfort and safety
even during aloft speeds.

Impressively integrated sum and palliate of
The pattern of a handlebar branch as part
of a support has a really technical and high-quality feel. A slim,
plane LED light support is integrated into a far-reaching handlebars and
underscores a cutting-edge, technical demeanour of this support section.
Likewise entirely integrated brakes and internally routed cables set the
sign on a aura of technical modernity covering a handlebar area.
The straight LED behind light is integrated into a chair post. Below
it, an e-ink arrangement shows a roving mode in use.

The behind circle with executive fixture can be expelled and removed
simply for best palliate of transportation. The circle in a front
cessation flare can further be private in a exemplary approach with a
screw. The outcome is a compress construction, and a battery can also
be private and stored separately, that reduces bucket weight.

Focus on sustainability.
A pedal-driven
two-wheeled automobile brings many advantages to civic conurbations as a
means of ride – in terms of 0 emissions functionality, traffic
area growth and appetite potency – by a underlying
judgment alone. The BMW i Vision AMBY two-wheeler also forms partial of
a round economy messaging for a BMW i Vision Circular, that is
further celebrating a premiere during a IAA 2021 Mobility. The frame
can be clearly recognized as being done from a same anodised
delegate aluminium as a categorical physique of a BMW i Vision Circular.
Added to which, tools of a handlebars and battery cover are
made from “floating grey polymers”, a recycled cosmetic also
employed in a bumpers of a Vision Vehicle. These materials can be
fed behind into a BMW Group materials cycle some-more simply once the
product has reached a finish of a life. An oil subsequent from rapeseed
is used as stop fluid. And a BMW Group was also clever to ensure
a components of a BMW i Vision AMBY were constructed locally in
Germany and – with a supply sequence in mind – travel distances
for them were kept to a minimum.

More sum on a sustainability-related themes around a BMW
Group’s judgment vehicles during IAA Mobility 2021 can be found on a BMW
Circular Lab microsite during, in a BMW Circular Hub at
Max-Joseph-Platz in executive Munich and in tie with a BMW i
Vision Circular Vision Vehicle.

Smartphones act as a key.
Users can primary the
BMW i Vision AMBY for use, bucket their stored looseness classes and apply
a compulsory spin of word cover on direct regulating a specially
grown app. The app therefore takes on a purpose traditionally
achieved by a automobile key. It uses informed smartphone identification
functionality (e.g. facial recognition) in a same approach as a Digital
Key, that was introduced by a BMW Group in an automotive industry
initial and turns a concordant iPhone into a digital automobile pivotal by allowing
business to unlock, close and, of course, start their BMW safely and
easily. Other simple functions and standing requests (e.g. a current
and scheduled assign level) are also available, as when regulating a BMW
app. The electrically tractable chair post is optimised biometrically
to compare a form stored in a app, with a settings adjusted
according to pre-entered information – such as a tallness and inside leg
dimensions of a user – before environment off. Over-the-air updates
concede business to download program updates and adjustments during any
time. The smartphone shown on a Vision Vehicle charges inductively
on a captivating joint low down in a rider’s margin of view. These
connectivity options also move theft-proofing and a free
programmable immobiliser as a simple function. And a hunt function
“Where is my BMW i Vision AMBY” is usually a click on a smartphone away.

Geofencing record plays a central
Instead of a user selecting a roving mode
themselves, geofencing record – in multiple with a detailed
HERE map use – is means to emanate a applicable parameters for
automatically environment a speed mode (25/ 45/ 60 km/h [15.5/ 28/ 37
mph]) and analogous word cover. This geofencing technology
enables a automobile to recognize a form of highway being used and
automatically adjusts a limit available speed accordingly. This
means a BMW i Vision AMBY can spin from a pedelec into an
S-pedelec-type automobile or even one identical to a motorcycle. Manual
mode control is, of course, also supposing in sequence to give a user
limit leisure when it comes to regulating a several forms of route.
However, intelligent record ensures a applicable trade and
reserve manners are still kept to during all times. The mode intent is shown
on a arrangement regulating e-ink record – this creates it easy for other
highway users to brand a mode activated/selected.

Other technological functions that could be enclosed in a BMW i
Vision AMBY are an ABS complement optimised for bicycles, an automatic
high-beam partner and stop light assistant, and a daytime riding
light – all of that could boost safety. A tyre vigour monitoring
complement identical to that propitious to BMW Group motorcycles is also a
possibility. Meanwhile, a vicinity radar handling over a operation of up
to 140 m gives a user a manifest and acoustic warning (via a app) of
vehicles coming from a rear, and rounds off a operation of
probable reserve features.

Performance information for a BMW i Vision AMBY