Audi during a IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich

The code with a 4 rings is also holding advantage of a mutation of a IAA Mobility into an interactive engine uncover by branch downtown Munich into one vast theatre for visitors to knowledge a mobility of a future. “At a IAA Mobility 2021, we will be showcasing a Audi brand’s destiny instruction and focusing on a mutation toward e-mobility. The Audi grandsphere judgment reveals how we prognosticate a destiny of reward mobility: connected, sustainable, electric, autonomous. But we’ll also see technologies from a uncover automobile in prolongation models in a entrance years,” explained Hildegard Wortmann, Member of a Board of Management for Sales and Marketing during AUDI AG.

“Let’s Talk about Progress”: Audi during a IAA Mobility 2021

The Audi knowledge during a engine uncover starts during a carbon-neutral “House of Progress,” a code with a 4 rings’ dedicated pavilion on Wittelsbacherplatz in Munich. This is where Audi will deliver visitors to a brand’s 4 values of sustainability, digitalization, design, and opening – by exhibiting recycled materials used in a Audi Q4 e-tron, for example, or with a vast light designation showcasing a company’s digital pattern technology, laser technology, and digital OLED technology. The centerpiece of a “House of Progress” is a Audi grandsphere concept, that provides a glance into a destiny of a code with a 4 rings. The all-electric judgment automobile facilities countless technologies that will be found in destiny Audi prolongation models within a few years. Level 4 unconstrained driving, for example, opens adult a whole new universe of freedom, with a steering wheel, pedals, and displays retracting out of sight. As a result, a interior transforms into a atmospheric loll with an unrestricted perspective and entrance to all a facilities of a holistic digital ecosystem that a Audi grandsphere is integrated into.

The judgment automobile will be accompanied by stream Audi models. For example, visitors can get adult tighten and personal with a Audi RS e-tron GT, a Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron, and a Audi e-tron 55 quattro. In addition, a Audi RS 3 Sportback, that will make a trade uncover entrance during IAA Mobility 2021, will be on arrangement starting on Sep 10.

All-electric Audi models accessible for exam drives

Out in front of a “House of Progress,” a concentration will also be precisely on e-mobility. Visitors will have a event to take a all-electric Audi RS e-tron GT, Audi Q4 e-tron, and Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron for a exam drive. In addition, a adjacent “Charging Experience” will offer 360 block meters of information on stream and destiny charging technologies. The Power cube, for example, offers a glance of reward quick charging. A quite tolerable resolution interjection to a use of second-life e-tron batteries as a buffer, a charging hire offers 6 charging ports with possibly dual 150 kW or 4 75 kW charging connectors. The Audi e-tron Charging Service is already impressing business today, providing entrance to 250,000 charging points in 26 countries during favoured rates of 31 cents per kWh around a singular charging card. The code with a 4 rings also offers customized charging systems and wall boxes for charging during home.

Interactive “journey2progress” scavenger hunt introduces Audi code values to visitors

The “House of Progress” is also a commencement of a “journey2progress,” a complicated interpretation of an interactive scavenger hunt that leads participants by 4 themed stations – representing a brand’s 4 core values and a 4 rings in a Audi logo. At a Park Café (Sophienstr. 7, 80333 Munich), a reward manufacturer will try a subject of sustainability, while Munich-based Audi Business Innovation GmbH (Hochbrückenstr. 6, 80331 Munich) will prominence a digital services charity by a code with a 4 rings. At FC Bayern World (Weinstr. 7, 80333 Munich), a third of a 4 themed stations, a concentration will be on a opening of a Audi brand, while during a Haus der Kunst art museum (Prinzregentenstr. 1, 80538 Munich), a spotlight will, in turn, be on design. During a “journey2progress,” that changes daily, not usually can participants learn all about a Audi brand, though those who use a QR codes to solve a puzzles during a 4 stations also have a possibility to win one of 4 disdainful grand prizes. Audi is charity a possibility to accommodate former alpine ski racer Felix Neureuther, to accompany FC Bayern München on a special moody to a UEFA Champions League divided game, to go on an influencer debate with TV horde Kai Pflaume, or to take a demeanour behind a scenes with Audi’s Head of Design Marc Lichte.

Audi Brand Talks with renowned guest and engaging topics

The Audi Brand Talks will underline Hildegard Wortmann, Member of a Board of Management for Sales and Marketing, and Henrik Wenders, Head of Audi Brand, among others, in a dialog with a accumulation of sparkling guest such as Oliver Kahn, Member of a Executive Board of FC Bayern Munich, and Nico Rosberg. In these row discussions, visitors will learn some-more about Audi’s code strategy, that focuses on people and their values and needs.

Talks such as “The Interior of a Future” and “Autonomous Driving” will prominence how a pivotal issues of sustainability, digitalization, design, and opening will figure a automotive future. The Audi grandsphere judgment automobile will also be presented in detail.

Autonomous driving: demo drives during a Messe West parking garage

Visitors to IAA Mobility 2021 will be means to see a unsentimental advantages of unconstrained pushing for themselves during a Messe West parking garage, where programmed cheuffer parking (AVP) will be demonstrated several times a day by experts from CARIAD, a automotive program auxiliary of a Volkswagen Group. AVP refers to low-speed driverless driving, maneuvering, and parking in a parking garage designed privately for this purpose. If a automobile is versed with a turn of record compulsory for unconstrained pushing and if a suitable infrastructure is commissioned in a parking garage, a car is able of parking itself but a driver.

An additional car muster during Munich Airport will turn out AUDI AG’s IAA coming – a Audi RS e-tron GT, a Audi e-tron S, a Audi e-tron S Sportback, a Audi Q4 e-tron, and a Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron will all be on arrangement there.

Here, too, a code with a 4 rings is putting a spotlight on e-mobility and underscoring a heading position in this domain.