The best in a category rolling adult to a starting line: New Audi RS 3 now accessible to order

The rarely romantic sum package offering by a new Audi RS 3 is secure in a mythological five-cylinder high-performance engine. In a latest era of a compress sports car, a 2.5 TFSI, braggadocio 400 hp and 500 Nm, is some-more absolute than ever. The RS 3 Sportback and a RS 3 Sedan both scurry from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. Equipped with a RS dynamics package plus, that includes an adaptive cessation with check control and ceramic brakes, a tip speed hits 290 km/h. This creates a Audi RS 3 a best in a category in terms of acceleration and tip speed.

A doubt of preference: a new RS 3 pushing modes

The torque splitter, versed in an Audi for a initial time, enables entirely non-static torque placement between a back wheels. An electronically tranquil mixed front purchase is used on any of a expostulate shafts for this purpose. During energetic driving, a torque splitter increases a expostulate torque to a outdoor back circle with a aloft circle load. Due to a disproportion in propulsive forces, a automobile turns into a bend even improved and follows a steering angle some-more precisely. This formula in optimal fortitude and limit lively – generally when cornering during high speeds. The new record also creates tranquil drifts on closed-off marks probable – in this case, a torque splitter leads all of a energy to usually one of a back wheels, with adult to 1,750 newton meters per circle possible. Audi even grown a pushing mode privately for a RS 3 for this purpose – “RS Torque Rear” – as a deposit mode with a possess evil bend for a torque splitter.

When a newly grown RS Performance pushing mode is activated, a torque splitter minimizes understeering and oversteering, thereby delivering a quite dynamic, sporty float along a longitudinal axis. This formula in progressing acceleration out of corners and so faster path times. The RS Performance mode is specifically calibrated to a Pirelli P Zero “Trofeo R” semi-slick tires, that are optionally accessible factory-mounted for a initial time. In a customary configuration, a RS 3 sports 19-inch wheels in a 10-Y spoke pattern with 265/30 tires during a front and 245/35 tires during a rear.

Highly customizable: new extraneous and interior colors available

The new RS 3 models offer a far-reaching operation of colors. In further to Kyalami Green and Turbo Blue, business can name from a lead finishes Kemora Gray, Mythos Black, Glacier White, Tangor Red, and Python Yellow as good as a Daytona Gray pearlescent finish. The roof of a Audi RS 3 Sedan can also be systematic in a resisting tone Brilliant Black for a initial time.

In a interior, a carbon-fiber trim in a instrument row and RS competition seats with RS embossing and solid quilting supplement to a racing feel. The chair upholstery is optionally accessible in excellent Nappa leather with RS honeycomb stitching and silken black, red, or, for a initial time, immature contrariety stitching. RS Design packages in red and immature are accessible to match. They embody special building mats with contrariety stitching and RS elaboration as good as seatbelts with colored edges. The Design package and includes chair corners in red or immature and colored accents on a atmosphere vents.

First Audi with head-up arrangement featuring blinking change indicator

In a interior, a motorist gazes on a Audi practical cockpit plus, featuring a RS Runway pattern for a initial time. This environment displays RPMs in a conflicting instruction in a demeanour that visually resembles an aeroplane runway – a top series of rotations in a forehead and a lowest in a background. In addition, a Audi practical cockpit and includes displays for g-forces, path times, and acceleration from 0 – 100 km/h, 0 – 200 km/h, entertain mile, and eighth of a mile. The 10.1-inch hold arrangement in a core console also displays a temperatures of a coolant, engine oil, and delivery oil, as good as a vigour of all 4 tires. Also accessible for a initial time for a Audi RS 3 is a head-up arrangement that projects applicable information onto a windshield in a driver’s approach line of steer in further to a blinking change indicator.

Market launch and pricing

The Audi RS 3 Sportback and a RS 3 Sedan are now accessible to sequence in Europe. The new RS 3 models will be launched in a tumble of this year. The bottom cost for a Audi RS 3 Sportback is set during 60,000 euros, while a Audi RS 3 Sedan is listed during 62.000 euros.