Stellantis Tests Two New Connected Safety Notification Technologies in North America

September 17, 2021

, Auburn Hills, Mich.

Stellantis is exploring Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) and Safety Cloud® technologies in North America, giving drivers modernized presentation warnings of intensity hazards in their path.

“Greater connectivity speeds, softened hardware and stretched module imagination have non-stop new opportunities for Stellantis with reserve systems being one of a many areas we concentration on,” pronounced Mamatha Chamarthi, Head of Software Business and Product Management. “Through intelligent and vital partnerships, we will gain on next-generation systems and infer out a technology.”

Working with a 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) partnership, one exam will denote a mobile 5G tie with a MEC platform, permitting localized systems to fast make decisions during a prove where information is collected. For example, it uses on-site cameras and sensors to collect minute information during an intersection that is over what a singular car can “see” with a on-board systems. The MEC complement can locally routine and promulgate reserve risks to on-site pedestrians and coming vehicles.

The MEC height proof evaluates a faster information sell infrastructure for destiny record applications with a ability to broach a value sequence for new connected services and increasing levels of car autonomy.

5GAA proof partners embody Intel, Verizon, Harman, Altran, Telus and American Tower. Testing of Stellantis vehicles and partner technologies will be conducted during a University of Michigan’s Mcity Test Facility with near-term skeleton to enhance contrast to a Detroit area with team-work from a Michigan Department of Transportation.

The initial exam includes a span of 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid vehicles versed with Uconnect.

MEC height record is approaching to launch national within a subsequent decade.

Safety Cloud Notifications
The second complement is closer to prolongation and emerged from “Star Up,” a company-wide creation plea that enables Stellantis employees to benefaction new customer-focused record concepts to a top levels of management.

One of a innovative ideas that emerged from a eventuality due an modernized warning complement to prove when puncture vehicles are in tighten proximity.

Engineering teams collaborated with HAAS Alert to commander a new underline that delivers alerts to a vehicle’s Uconnect complement when responding puncture vehicles and/or other alley hazards tracked by a Safety Cloud digital warning complement are in tighten proximity. The module leverages larger connectivity capability in a initial automotive exam of real-time Safety Cloud notifications.
The initial exam includes company-owned vehicles in metro Detroit with 2018 model-year and newer Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge and Ram vehicles versed with Uconnect. The commander devise will magnitude and code a efficacy of delivering reserve alerts to in-car screens, a impact a use has on motorist reserve and opportunities for improvement.

Pending a results, Stellantis might rise a blurb roll-out plan.
Stellantis (NYSE: STLA) is one of a world’s heading automakers and a mobility provider, guided by a transparent prophesy to offer leisure of transformation with distinctive, affordable and arguable mobility solutions. In further to a Group’s abounding birthright and extended geographic presence, a biggest strengths distortion in a tolerable performance, abyss of knowledge and a wide-ranging talents of employees operative around a globe. Stellantis will precedence a extended and iconic code portfolio, that was founded by visionaries who infused a brands with passion and a rival suggestion that speaks to employees and business alike. Stellantis aspires to turn a greatest, not a biggest, while formulating combined value for all stakeholders, as good as a communities in that it operates. 

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