Heat and sandstorms: Morocco exam for a Audi RS Q e-tron

After contrast in Germany and Spain, a group headed for a dried and a dunes for a initial time in a feverishness of Morocco. Once again, all 3 motorist crews were involved. Dakar record leader Stéphane Peterhansel, Carlos Sainz and Mattias Ekström took turns during a circle of a rarely formidable prototype.

Of course, their co-drivers Edouard Boulanger, Lucas Cruz and Emil Bergkvist were always with them. Driver and co-driver form an critical section in a Dakar Rally and they have to feel gentle in a cockpit. “This was one of many topics we had on a to-do list after a exam in Zaragoza,” says Andreas Roos, obliged for bureau motorsport projects during Audi Sport. “For a exam in Morocco, we done modifications so that a motorist and co-driver have some-more space in a parsimonious cockpit and can also promulgate improved with any other. The feedback was positive.”

Some of a conditions a exam group encountered in Morocco were extreme. “The thermometer climbed to good over 40 degrees Celsius during times,” says Sven Quandt, group principal of Q Motorsport. “Sandstorms also hampered a testing. In addition, as expected, some new problems arose in a high temperatures, that regularly caused interruptions to a contrast and indispensable to be solved before a subsequent test.”

“We design many reduce temperatures during a Dakar Rally,” says Andreas Roos. “Nevertheless, we deliberately went to Morocco to exam a judgment underneath a many impassioned conditions. Components such as a MGU, for example, were fundamentally not grown for use in such high ambient temperatures, though a drivetrain and other components were also pushed to their boundary or even over by a heat. The insights we gained in Morocco are invaluable, though they also uncover us that we still have a lot to do before a Dakar Rally and there is not many time left.”

The high-voltage battery, that was grown privately for a Dakar Rally, is also a vital topic. “It’s all about best heat government and being means to call adult a battery’s limit performance,” says Roos. “This is where we are training with each test. And that’s accurately because we are going to a dried with an electrified drivetrain: We are gaining an implausible volume of knowledge that we are pity with a colleagues from highway automobile development.”