Statement from a Executive Committee of Volkswagen AG’s Supervisory Board following the assembly on Sep 30, 2015

In 7 hours of heated discussions a Executive Committee of a Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG yesterday (September 30) discussed a stream standing with honour to a strategy of diesel engine empty emissions. The Executive Committee will make proposals to a Supervisory Board concerning a offer doing of these matters.

Yesterday evening, a members of a Executive Committee discussed a membership of a cabinet that had already been discussed final week. This cabinet will closely follow and guard offer investigations. Under a superintendence of a Supervisory Board, a outmost review is being conducted by a US law organisation Jones Day. This formidable and extensive review will cover all a stream applicable matters. The Supervisory Board will safeguard that a law organisation can lift out a review independently. Jones Day will contention unchanging reports to a Supervisory Board on swell with a investigation.
The cabinet is to be chaired by Berthold Huber, a behaving Chairman of a Supervisory Board, and will embody Volkswagen Supervisory Board Members Babette Fröhlich, Olaf Lies, Oliver Porsche and Bernd Osterloh. The cabinet will frequently news to a Supervisory Board. In further to Jones Day, a cabinet will be means to call on additional outmost consultants and experts during any time.

Yesterday, a Executive Committee also discussed in fact about ongoing activities of a outmost investigation. Jones Day has reported on instituted movement items. The Executive Committee came to a finish that a execution of investigations will take during slightest several months. For this reason, a Executive Committee will introduce to a Supervisory Board that a Extraordinary General Meeting scheduled for Nov 9, 2015 should not be held. The Executive Committee Members all concluded that, in perspective of a time accessible and a matters to be considered, it would not be picturesque to yield probable answers that would perform a shareholder’s fit expectations. The Executive Committee believes that a ability of employees accessible to a association is now entirely compulsory for a construction of these matters and for a slackening of a issues. This work should not be marred by a together credentials of an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Nevertheless, Volkswagen will news to a shareholders on all applicable topics in a nearby destiny and during unchanging intervals. The Board of Management will surprise a open in courtesy to solutions found for a problems subsequent week.

As already motionless by a Supervisory Board during a finish of final week, Hans Dieter Pötsch is to turn a Member of a Supervisory Board. Today (October 1, 2015), Julia Kuhn-Piëch has stepped down from her position as a Member of a Supervisory Board. “We would like to appreciate Mrs. Julia Kuhn-Piëch for her dedicated work in a Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG and are gratified that she will continue to offer on other committees of a Group,” pronounced a Deputy Chairman of a Supervisory Board, Berthold Huber.

Volkswagen AG will request for Hans Dieter Pötsch to be allocated by a efficient internal justice as a Member of a Supervisory Board. It is afterwards dictated that a Supervisory Board afterwards elects him as Chairman of a Supervisory Board.

To attain Hans Dieter Pötsch as Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen AG with shortcoming for Finance, a Executive Committee of a Supervisory Board will introduce Frank Witter (56) to a Supervisory Board. He is now Chairman of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Financial Services AG. Witter, who binds a grade in business administration, assimilated Volkswagen AG in 1992 and primarily managed collateral marketplace business in a Group Treasury. In 1998, he eliminated to Volkswagen of America as Treasurer. In 2001 and 2002, he was Corporate Treasurer with a SAirGroup in Zurich before returning to Volkswagen of America, primarily as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and, from 2005, also as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In 2006 and 2007, he was a General Representative of Volkswagen AG for a North American region. Subsequently, Frank Witter was President and Chief Financial Officer of VW Credit Inc. and hold informal shortcoming for a American markets of Volkswagen Financial Services AG. He has been Chairman of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Financial Services AG given Sep 15, 2008.