Stars and summertime.

The accumulation on arrangement here extends not usually to a operation of marques, though also to a operation of engines: from a three-cylinder two-stroke section in an Auto Union 1000 and a spare outpost diesel by to a full duds of newcomer automobile petrol and diesel engines. Making their participation felt particularly, acoustically speaking: a strong V8 units of a many US classics. Their grave rumble rings out again and again over a museum mound.

A passion for performance? Yes indeed, says Maren Hinderer. This immature woman, who works in a engineering growth dialect during Mercedes-AMG, has usually driven a circuit of a automobile park in front of a museum in her wealthy Lincoln Mark IV. She herself brought a 1974-built highway cruiser, that has a banishment of 7.5 litres, over to Germany, though usually drives it in excellent weather, she says.

Alongside it, radiant in a sun, is a E 500 singular (W 124) of 1994 belonging to Thomas Hoffmann. Just 500 units of this chronicle were built. Hoffman has been positively gay with his high-performance V8 tavern right from a beginning: “When we bought it, it felt like a new car that was usually easily run-in – nonetheless even behind afterwards it had already been using for some-more than 10 years”, he says.