Speech Oliver Zipse, Virtual World Premiere of BMW Concept i4.

Good morning, and welcome to the BMW Group!

This is the time of year we usually meet in Geneva and it is
unfortunate that this year, we are unable to do so. However, safety is
always our highest priority and we fully understand and respect the
decision taken by the Federal Council of Switzerland. We would like to
express our utmost empathy to all those directly affected across the
world. And in these truly challenging times, we all hope that the
virus will soon be contained, and we can all return to everyday life.


Even though we couldn’t meet in Geneva, we felt that it was important
to give everyone an update on “what’s new” at the BMW Group. And also,
to pay tribute to the many people who have worked tirelessly on our
new products and their presentation. And that’s why we are here, at
the very heart of BMW Group Design, for the world premiere of a very
special concept car.


At the BMW Group, we believe in the power of choice and
electro-mobility is an important part of that. That’s why we are
launching many new electrified vehicles over the next few years.


The brand-new MINI Electric is already in high demand, with more than
120,000 registered interests and close to 7,000 order intakes. This
proves it is the perfect car for urban areas! This year we will be
launching the all-electric BMW iX3 – our first pure electric Sports
Activity vehicle – and the trailblazer for our all-new fifth
generation BMW eDrive technology. We will also be launching further
plug-in hybrids in 2020: For example, the new BMW X1 plug-in hybrid,
the BMW X2 and the electrified BMW 3 Series Touring will be attractive
additions to our wide range. Already, we have over half a million BMW
Group electrified vehicles on the road. And we intend to double this
number by the end of next year.


More fully-electric vehicles will be coming next year, including the
BMW iNEXT and the BMW i4. Today, we want to give you a glimpse of the
BMW i4. Let’s take a look! (Unveiling of the BMW Concept i4)


Ladies and Gentlemen: The Concept i4!


This four-door BMW Gran Coupé is fully electric and just as
fascinating and fast as it looks. It is also suited to long distances,
with an electric range of up to 600 kilometres, based on the new WLTP
test cycle. Powered by our fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology, it
has a very slim battery with optimum energy density.

Moreover, the development and production of the e-drive is done
in-house, as well as the battery cell research. The e-drive offers a
thrilling peak performance of up to 530 horsepower. And, we will not
use any rare earths in the electric motor.


All of this shows that we are fully committed to climate protection.

I can assure you and our customers: We will fulfil the tough European
CO2 regulations for 2020 and 2021. This year alone, we will reduce our
European fleet target by around 20 percent.


I promise you: Our customers will never have to compromise between
driving pleasure and sustainable mobility. Every BMW will drive like a
true BMW. The BMW i4 will definitely be proof of that! We will build
this great car right here in Munich, and I can tell you this: The
design you see here is quite close to the actual series car.


Thank you!