Silver award for BMW Brand Ambassador Alessandro Zanardi in stirring para-cycling highway race.

Pietermaritzburg. The second foe for BMW Brand
Ambassador Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) during a 2017 UCI Para-cycling
Road World Championships in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, turned
out to be a genuine thriller. The decider of a 60.7 kilometre road
foe came in an sparkling scurry to a finish. In a end, Zanardi
claimed second place and a china award – channel a line wheel
to circle with a winner, and new universe champion, Tim de Vries
(NED). It was so tighten that a opening was indicated as “00.00 seconds”
in a final classification.


After winning his ninth para-cycling universe pretension in a time hearing on
Thursday, Zanardi tackled a MH5 difficulty (men’s handcycle) highway race
on Saturday. The athletes took on 10 laps of a 6.07 kilometre circuit
by a streets of Pietermaritzburg. The nine-time universe champion
and de Vries adopted a crafty strategy, roving with a organisation of several
athletes for many of a stretch and afterwards aggressive during a finish of the
final lap. Before a final corner, Zanardi was fibbing in third
position while de Vries was fourth. With a finish line in sight, the
tip 4 started a nail-biting final scurry for a universe title. In
a end, de Vries crossed a line usually centimetres forward of second
placed Zanardi. The altogether foe time was 1:50:11 hours.

“After all, to finish second is a good result. we consider we
put on a good uncover and we have to take it, it is as elementary as it is.
So we am unequivocally happy,” pronounced Zanardi. “I knew we was unequivocally clever in the
final dilemma and if we could enter it in third place, withdrawal a little
opening in front of me, afterwards we could go by a dilemma unequivocally quick and
simply locate a dual guys in front and lift divided a bit from Tim de
Vries, who we knew was my strongest opponent. Everything went exactly
as we designed until a dual guys in front corroborated out. At that indicate I
was stranded behind and it was distant too early to go into a final sprint.
That authorised Tim to come behind to us unequivocally simply and afterwards during that point
he was in a best position since when we started my sprint, he was
right behind me and afterwards he got me in a very, unequivocally final metres.”


“But it was a unequivocally good race,” Zanardi continued. “I consider altogether I
was during slightest as clever as Tim and infrequently it works for we and
infrequently it works for others. But to come home with a china medal,
after such an engaging battle, is a good result. Tim won a great
pretension currently and hats off to him, though subsequent time we will make his life as
tough as we can again.”

Tomorrow, Sunday (3rd September), Zanardi will
contest in his third and final foe of this year’s UCI
Para-cycling Road World Championships, a group relay, of that he and
a Italian inhabitant group are a reigning universe champions.