BMW Motorsport News – Issue 34/2017.

VLN: Sixth competition of a deteriorate during a Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

The 40th RCM DMV Grenzlandrennen, a sixth competition of the
deteriorate in a VLN Nürburgring Endurance Championship, was hold during the
Nürburgring-Nordschleife (GER) on Saturday. The Walkenhorst Motorsport
group contested a SP9 category with dual BMW M6 GT3s. After 4 hours of
racing, Christian Krognes (NOR), Michele di Martino (GER) and Matias
Henkola (FIN) crossed a finish line in seventh place altogether in the
series 100 car. Their team-mates Alex Lambertz (GER), Jordan Tresson
(FRA) and Sebastian Morris (GBR) retired. BMW Team Schnitzer contested
a SP-X category with a BMW M6 GT3, and will do so again in a subsequent two
VLN races. The automobile is kitted out with tools from a Evo package,
that BMW Motorsport is now contrast for a customers, with a
perspective to a 2018 season. The outings quite offer to theme the
components to another continuation exam and meant that business can look
brazen to a entirely grown Evo package that has valid itself during the
Green Hell. The BMW Motorsport Juniors Mikkel Jensen (DEN), Dennis
Marschall (GER) and Beitske Visser (NED) also gained some-more experience
on a Nordschleife in a BMW M235i Racing.


BMW M235i Racing Cup: Fourth win in a quarrel for Michael Schrey.

Within a horizon of a VLN Endurance Championship during the
Nürburgring (GER), it was also a sixth competition of a deteriorate for the
BMW M235i Racing Cup. The reigning BMW Sports Trophy leader Michael
Schrey (GER) clinched his fourth win in a quarrel and extended his lead in
a class. After 4 hours of racing, a Bonk Motorsport motorist had
a lead of 54 seconds over Heiko Eichenberg (GER) in a Securtal Sorg
Rennsport BMW M235i Racing. Third place on a lectern went to Thomas
Jäger (AUT) and Rudi Adams (GER) in a “Eifelblitz” of Scheid-Honert
Motorsport. A sum of 18 cars contested a class.


International GT Open: BMW Team Teo Martín wins during Silverstone.

BMW Team Teo Martín remained on a highway to success in the
International GT Open during a fifth turn of a deteriorate during Silverstone
(GBR). On Sunday, a group distinguished not usually a third win of the
year – though also a one-two result. The team’s dual BMW M6 GT3 cars
dominated Sunday’s race, starting from initial and second on a grid.
After an hour of racing, it was Lourenço Beirão (POR) and BMW works
motorist António Félix da Costa (POR) in a series 51 BMW M6 GT3 who
were victorious. Their team-mates Fran Rueda (ESP) and Victor Bouveng
(SWE), in a series 65 sister car, crossed a finish line in second
place, trailing by only 0.356 seconds. They had an advantage of more
than 15 seconds over third place. In a initial competition on Saturday,
Beirão/Félix da Costa finished in seventh place while Rueda/Bouveng
finished ninth.


Pirelli World Challenge: Top-six lockout in Austin.

The Pirelli World Challenge headed to a Circuit Of The Americas
(COTA) in Austin (USA) this weekend for races 9 and 10 of the
season. In a TC class, a BMW M235i Racing drivers distinguished a
top-six lockout in a initial of dual races on Saturday. Victory went to
Stephen Cameron Racing’s Greg Liefooghe (USA). Nick Wittmer (CAN) set
a fastest competition path in a ST Racing BMW M235i Racing and clinched
second place. Anthony Magagnoli (USA) of Rooster Racing dull off
a lectern in third. The second competition of a weekend will be hold on
Sunday dusk European time.


DTM: BMW Team RMG becomes a Facebook hit.

A swimming pool, a blue swimming noodle and 3 mechanics from BMW
Team RMG are all we need for a summer strike on Facebook. Ahead of the
subsequent DTM competition during a Nürburgring (GER), BMW works motorist Timo Glock
(GER) headed to Mallorca (ESP) with champion Marco Wittmann (GER) and
his Eifel-based team. During a team-building practice on a holiday
island, 3 of his mechanics filmed a video in that they are
angling for a “fish” during a pool that they afterwards uncover off proudly.
Only, a “catch” is one of a 3 mechanics, who “bites” and is
“fished” out of a H2O regulating a swimming noodle. Glock posted the
video on his Facebook page on the
27th August, with a criticism “This could be a video of a year!!!
Yes, we had fun”. And a DTM star incited out to be right. Within a
matter of minutes, a shave became an online hit. To date, 20 million
people have watched a video of a 3 RMG mechanics. It currently
has over 170,000 likes and a strech is on a up. The shave apropos a
viral strike is mostly interjection to a fact that a video has been shared
by other Facebook users an implausible 247,531 times to date –
including by a fishing forum and a page
“Unbelievable” was Glock’s criticism on a success of a Facebook
post. “Thanks a lot for all a shares and views! But a guys
deserved it with their shining performance!“


You can see a 1:40 notation “fishing clip” during