Silja Pieh – designer of a new Audi strategy

Pieh is an gifted strategist who resolutely breaks with conventions – instead of branch to outmost consultants, she relied on inner imagination and overflow comprehension for a “Vorsprung 2030” strategy. To this end, she got a vast organisation of Audi employees from all levels of a hierarchy and from all over a universe directly involved. “Our employees know Audi intensely well; they are substantially a initial to know what needs to be improved. We usually have to let them have their contend and listen to them carefully. One company,“ she explains.

In new months, Pieh and her organisation grown and implemented a new routine designed to emanate a tolerable and forward-looking corporate strategy. In doing so, a Chief Strategy Officer ushered in a model change – creation a routine democratic, open, and transparent. Working with a “Audi 500+” team, she designed new research collection and afterwards evenly evaluated trends that could turn applicable to a company, as good as all a pivotal markets. “We staid on a series of issues that we subsequently analyzed in some-more fact with experts, afterwards we discussed a formula in abyss with a Board of Management,” she explains.

At a same time, employees and a Board of Management spent weeks reflecting on what Audi should mount for in a future, though any disposition toward a sold outcome. After all, Audi can usually exercise a plan successfully as a organisation – and in doing so, guarantee a possess future. The ability to take criticism, introspection, and decisiveness are 3 strengths that Pieh values highly. Employees were given a event to contention petrify ideas and suggestions associated to opposite trends during a “Strategy Challenge,” and a best ideas were afterwards presented to a Board of Management. Thorsten Schrader, Martin Vogl, and Ansgar Neudecker from Ingolstadt won a inner foe with their plan offer “Industrial Remanufacturing – Audi ReUp.” This project, that involves a multiple of upcycling, re-use, and sharing, is now being implemented. “We detected that a workforce and a Board of Management are already deeply committed to a emanate of sustainability, and we wish to welcome this even some-more strongly in a future,” emphasizes a strategist.

Once a member of a Audi family, always a member of a Audi family

Pieh knows her proceed around Audi and is intensely good connected. Excitement abounds when she returned to a code with a 4 rings in Aug 2020. Not usually on her part, though also among a organisation – she remained in hold with aged acquaintances over a years. After graduating from university with a grade in business administration and mercantile geography, she began her career during Bosch, relocating to Audi in 2012 after holding several positions during other companies. She worked in a Corporate Strategy Department until 2017, streamer vital creation projects, including on unconstrained driving, during that time. In 2017, she left Audi to join a newly founded auxiliary “Autonomous Intelligent Driving” (AID) in Munich as CFO to manage this rising field. After dual years there, in 2019 she assimilated Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles as Vice President Strategy, Mobility Transportation as a Service, where she was also obliged for a company’s altogether plan and growth of this area of business within a Volkswagen Group. In this role, she was tasked with assisting a organisation grasp a breakthrough in unconstrained pushing in civic environments. But a offer to lapse to Audi in 2020 was too tempting. “I’ve always felt like a member of a Audi family, and we wanted to come back. we unequivocally favourite a workplace atmosphere behind then, and a virtues and strengths of a code fit me. In addition, there’s a sparkling pursuit of assisting figure a company’s new vital focus, generally during this essential stage,” she says.

Audi wants to mount for larger sustainability in a destiny – and do what it takes to infer it. This is precisely a proceed that Pieh embraces. “Obviously it’s adult to business to confirm what they wish to drive. But we wish to offer them a best probable product in a many tolerable way,” she says. In other words, evenly and transparently implementing all of a required measures. “Audi has many core capabilities that a business value and that we will once again concentration on some-more strongly. The aphorism ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ is partial of Audi’s DNA and describes a proclivity to constantly plea a standing quo and take a uninformed proceed to things,” she explains.

Clear objectives for larger direction

Silja Pieh believes in vocalization plainly. She supports a central matter Audi has now done about a finish of a inner explosion engine since it provides clarity – for employees and business alike. A transparent design provides direction, generally in flighty times. In addition, it gives a organisation that most some-more time to ready for this transformation, to attend in modernized training and veteran growth programs. Similar to sailing, she sets a march and corrects a streamer after clever gusts of breeze – until a vessel is relocating in a right instruction again. This is because any year during a annual “Strategy Summit,” a organisation looks during that underlying vital conditions have altered and creates adjustments. Indeed, Pieh is assured that a gait of change will continue to boost in a fields of record and mobility over a subsequent few years – and that continual adjustments are therefore necessary. “I generally demeanour brazen and not back. The destiny is exciting, and assisting emanate it is even some-more exciting,” she declares, and laughs. In a “Vorsprung 2030” plan paper, her organisation and a Board of Management have tangible 6 opposite areas for activity as good as discipline for prioritizing a vital areas of activity. In this context, a association intends to concentration even some-more strongly on people. “We are going to work some-more holistically in sequence to benefaction particular mobility as an knowledge with a possess frictionless ecosystem. After all, a purpose of a automobile will change in a future,” she emphasizes. “Autonomous pushing will be a starting indicate of a second vital mutation following a undeniable publicity of electric driving. The automobile interior will turn a second vital room, office, or rest area when a automobile drives a passengers around on a own. Digital offerings will element this new experience. This will have positively zero in common with a initial gasoline-powered carriage 135 years ago. We’re rising a new era.”

Integrating amicable shortcoming some-more strongly into business activities

Audi doesn’t nonetheless have a final answers to a questions acted by employees in all cases, she plainly admits. But her organisation is tough during work on them. This is an complete process, and a required one. After all, Audi wants to continue creation particular mobility possible. And during a same time, increasingly confederate a environment, society, and amicable shortcoming into a activities – evenly and transparently: “It’s about a large picture. We don’t simply rise record for a possess sake; we wish to emanate technologies that make clarity and have a purpose.” Technology contingency be material and effective in gripping a universe moving, while during a same time being environmentally friendly, socially conscious, sustainable, and responsible. This is accurately what Pieh stands for, that is because her sign is “less talk, some-more action.”