Electrifying exam drives – putting preconceived notions to a test

“I routinely expostulate a plug-in hybrid from Audi and was fervent to see how an all-electric automobile compares,” pronounced exam motorist Stefanie Zieglmeier, who works in selling and sales in Ingolstadt. Her initial concerns enclosed either a ability of a battery would be sufficient adequate to transport prolonged distances and where and how fast she could recharge it.

In sequence to extensively exam a electric car, she and her partner comparison some destinations for a weekend outing in allege – initial into a mountains, afterwards to a city of Würzburg. The Audi Q4 40 e-tron’s pattern and spin of comfort immediately tender them, as did a 150 kW of energy and responsiveness. Only a operation gave her an nervous feeling during first. “Since we had no thought accurately how many energy a automobile indeed consumed,” certified Zieglmeier, “I primarily didn’t even have a courage to spin on a atmosphere conditioning.” She fast satisfied that her worries were unfounded, however. Consumption isn’t distant from a norm, even with a cooled interior, and a Q4 40 e-tron’s operation extends adult to 520 kilometers according to a WLTP cycle – creation a automobile ideally suitable for prolonged trips. In addition, a battery can be fast recharged during high-power charging (HPC) stations with adult to 125 kW of power. After extensively contrast a automobile over a duration of several days, Stefanie Zieglmeier concluded: “This is a automobile that is totally suitable for bland use.”

The many personal encounters with other drivers, on a other hand, were not something she gifted each day, she recalled. At charging stations, a Audi worker was regularly approached by people who wanted to know some-more about e-mobility in ubiquitous and a Q4 e-tron in particular. This enclosed drivers who were really open to switching expostulate technologies – as Stefanie Zieglmeier is now.

“The lighting effects are incredible”

Alexander Lichtblau, who works in time management, had a identical knowledge during his multiday exam drive. The Audi worker from Ingolstadt was already a large fan of a Q4 40 e-tron’s pattern before even dire a start button. He described a lighting effects as “incredible.” Once he started a car, he was tender by a approach acceleration standard of an EV: “The electric expostulate element with 150 kW of energy is so impossibly manageable and spontaneous, it’s usually plain fun to expostulate – either resting by towns or spasmodic during tip speed on a highway.”

But even he didn’t embark on his tour with an wholly open mind. While Lichtblau wasn’t disturbed about a operation being too brief with a 76.6 kWh net ability of a battery, he didn’t trust a navigation element during first. Or, some-more precisely, a suggested charging points along a route. Together with his wife, he lonesome some-more than 1,200 kilometers in usually a few days, charging a Q4 e-tron a series of times in between. While Lichtblau still chose a charging stations himself during a initial dual days, after that he motionless to stop always second-guessing and double-checking. “I schooled to trust a car. Especially given a Q4 e-tron suggested accurately a charging points that we would have picked out myself,” pronounced Lichtblau. This is since a automobile facilities a e-tron track planner, that shows a track to a subsequent station. The element assists a motorist by scheduling a charging sessions in as indispensable – and always doing so when a subsequent finish is out of range. An intelligent algorithm calculates a fastest route, takes trade and track information into account, considers a driver’s pushing style, calculates how prolonged it will take to assign a vehicle, and includes it in a sum pushing time.

More charging options than expected

On his really initial trip, Ralph Gossert from peculiarity declaration during a Neckarsulm site took his mother and their 3 children to see either e-mobility was suitable for families – and either a charging infrastructure was sufficient for a prolonged journey. He totally relied on open charging stations during his trips by southern Germany, and was not disappointed. “On a approach to Bamberg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and Heidelberg, we was means to see firsthand usually how distant a enlargement of a charging infrastructure in Germany has already come,” Gossert recounted. Along a highway, he said, he had no difficulty anticipating charging points. And in farming areas, he found some-more charging options than he expected. One unsentimental aspect for Audi owners is that users of a e-tron Charging Service can now select from around 250,000 charging points in 26 European countries, including some-more than 5,850 HPC fast-charging points. In fact, there are now roughly 48,000 charging points accessible in Germany alone. On a Transit plan, Q4 e-tron buyers do not have to compensate a monthly price for a whole initial year. In addition, they advantage from favoured terms within a IONITY network – charging costs usually 31 cents per kilowatt-hour, that is roughly homogeneous to a cost of charging during home in Germany.

Overall, peculiarity consultant Ralph Gossert rated a Audi Q4 e-tron really highly. He was quite astounded by a float comfort, generally during high speeds. “The interior of a Q4 e-tron is so still that we can lift on a normal conversation, even on a highway,” he noted. The car’s palliate of operation was another prominence for Gossert. “The approach a Q4 e-tron was configured, all we had to do was get in, bend up, press a accelerator and a stop pedals, and steer. It was intensely gentle to drive, even over prolonged distances.” The vehicle’s bearing as a family automobile and for bland use is what tender him a most, however.

Enough space for a baby gear

Although Christian Blaich from worker IT in Ingolstadt is a fan of e-mobility, he too primarily had reservations about a Q4 e-tron’s bearing for families. Together with his partner and their immature son, who is usually a few months old, Blaich set off to exam a automobile on a prolonged weekend. Along for a float were a stroller, baby seat, and a finish set of baby supplies. It fast becamee transparent that their luggage and baby rigging simply fit in a trunk, a baby chair is discerning and easy to install, and a whole family has copiousness of room inside. “My partner told me she’s never been in a automobile with so many legroom,” he said.

After a exam drive, Blaich is assured that a operation stress of some EV skeptics is unfounded. “You have to devise your routes out a bit in advance,” he said, and added, “we took advantage of a charging time to take caring of things we indispensable to do anyway – like breastfeed and change diapers. Or to strike adult a review with other EV drivers.” His finish after 4 days of intensively contrast a electric car: “I can simply suppose that a subsequent automobile will be a Q4 e-tron.”

Audi invests in a employees

In a routine of transitioning to e-mobility, a association is ensuring that a employees are also on board, charity romantic pushing practice to element in-depth modernized training opportunities. Audi employees are scheduled to take around 700 exam drives of a Q4 e-tron in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm during a finish of September. Several thousand employees already test-drove a really initial all-electric Audi, a Audi e-tron, behind in 2019 during a special test-drive event. As partial of a large-scale training initiative, Audi will be investing around half a billion euros in a training and growth of a employees in a forward-looking fields of digitalization and e-mobility by 2025.