Sensual Purity: How pattern showcases brands.

The code cultured of Performance Luxury that has been tangible for Mercedes-AMG aims to provoke out a cultured aspects fundamental in a absolute interest of a AMG brand. The ambience that a code aims to secrete is primarily characterised in terms of colour. A glowing, pulsating red, positioned to intensify it opposite a dim backdrop, symbolises power, passion and performance. The materials used are renowned by their flawlessness and really consciously settle a couple to a high-technology universe of engine racing. The use of contrasts, too, such as well-spoken – rough, soothing – hard, glossy – matt, serves to emphasize a opening aspirations of AMG. New highlights are set by a use of some-more polished materials revealing, for example, a marble-like structure, thereby conveying a absolute interpretation of a judgment of luxury. Dynamic graphics, shapes and their proportions emanate a clarity of speed and underscore a robust beauty of a code aesthetic.