SEAT is a Healthy Workplace

Today SEAT laid a cornerstone of what will turn an innovative health centre by a finish of a year for a some-more than 14,000 employees. In a same event, a association has also perceived a acceptance Healthy Workplace given by AENOR. The new Health Care and Rehabilitation Centre (CARS) will have an prolongation of 1,300 block metres, will need an investment of 3 million euros and will underline 3 areas of activity – healthcare, surety medicine and rehabilitation. Therefore, SEAT will have a group of 25 professionals specialising in traumatology, radiology and cardiology, among others.

One prominence among a many innovations is that a centre will yield a company’s over 3,000 womanlike employees with annual screenings for a early showing of breast and cervical cancer, so apropos a usually carmaker in Spain to underline this kind of in-company medical test. At a same time, it will have an innovative biomechanical laboratory, holding it another step toward a supposed Industry 4.0, requesting a latest record in a ergonomic pattern of work places and monitoring of musculoskeletal disorders.

The rite to symbol a central start of construction was headed by Jordi Baiget, Minister of Business and Knowledge of a Catalan Government, and SEAT Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros. Furthermore, during a event, AENOR President Carlos Esteban awarded a association with a Healthy Workplace certificate. SEAT is a initial association in a automotive zone in Spain to accept this distinction.

According to SEAT Executive Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros, “our employees are a pushing force behind a company, and that’s because we’re investing 3 million euros on fortitude to caring for their health and well-being. With a destiny SEAT Health Care and Rehabilitation Centre, and interjection to a Healthy Workplace certification, we’re one step closer to a idea of looking after a workers in a extensive manner, ensuring their earthy and mental health and enlivening them to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

“Companies embody of business owners and workers as an inseparable whole. Shared amicable shortcoming should be an item rather than an expenditure” forked out a Catalan Government’s Minister of Business and Knowledge Jordi Baiget during a groundbreaking ceremony.

Pioneering health caring and impediment

SEAT’s destiny Health Care and Rehabilitation Centre, that will be in operation by a finish of this year in a heart of a Martorell factory, will be unconditionally dedicated to employees’ health and well-being. It will cover an area of 1,300 block metres and need an investment of 3 million euros. In sequence to support to a needs of over 14,000 employees, a association will have a group of 25 professionals specialising in opposite medical fields such as traumatology, radiology, cardiology, psychoanalysis and sociology. In addition, a CARS will embody a latest record in radiodiagnosis to foster a diagnosis and impediment of cardiovascular diseases, among other pathologies. Furthermore, a CARS will also underline multipurpose areas for reconstruction and fitness, where employees can perform opposite earthy activities led by initial turn professionals.

AENOR indication of Healthy Workplace

The destiny CARS is preceded by AENOR’s grave approval of SEAT as a initial Healthy Workplace in a automotive zone in Spain. At today’s ceremony, AENOR President Carlos Esteban presented SEAT Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros with a certification. This model, formed on criteria summarized by a World Health Organisation (WHO) and on a methodology of continual improvement, certifies that a association has implemented a glorious government complement that promotes and protects health, reserve and contentment in a workplace.

According to AENOR President Carlos Esteban, “occupational health now can't be singular to deliberation physical, chemical and ergonomic risks. It contingency also cover health habits and psychosocial factors. AENOR has grown a Healthy Workplace Model that responds to this need, and 38 certificates have been released to companies that exercise “.

Did we know that…?

• Over 10,000 people will revisit a CARS for personalised treatment.
• The destiny reconstruction and aptness bedrooms of a CARS are desirous by TRX
   suspension training, one of a many advanced, fit systems of training
   and prevention, primarily used by a US marine’s submarine division. This training
   method allows users to work opposite their possess physique weight to rise core
   body strength, and urge corner and robust stability.
• Industry SEAT 4.0 approach: a new biomechanical laboratory of a CARS will use
   the latest record to pattern and exercise man-machine partnership with
   limit ergonomics in a prolongation routine of a vehicle.
• SEAT now has a 31 health professionals in a staff, specialised in occupational
   health, cardiology and traumatology. This medical staff serves a 8 centres in
   operation in a company. With a CARS, 25 some-more professionals will be combined as
   well as a totally innovative new centre.
• The association has dual inner ambulances and an puncture medical group 24/7,
   365 days a year.
• Roughly 12,000 medical examinations are achieved each year during SEAT. In 2015,
   the association conducted medical check-ups on about 87% of a workforce.