Save a date: a online universe premiere of a Audi grandsphere concept

Audi will make a practical display of a grandsphere judgment during a Celebration of Progress on Sep 2 from 7 pm (CEST). In a online broadcast, transmitted in partial from a Audi Design Center in Ingolstadt, Hildegard Wortmann, house member for Sales and Marketing during AUDI AG, and Henrik Wenders, conduct of Audi Brand, will explain serve stairs in a mutation of a 4 rings, and how Audi aims to figure a destiny of reward mobility. Together with Marc Lichte, conduct of Audi Design, they will uncover a innovative interior of a Audi grandsphere judgment and explain sum of a digital ecosystem that turns a car into a space for practice for a people on board. Christiane Zorn, conduct of Product Marketing during AUDI AG, will yield an opinion on how a technologies of a uncover cars will be implemented into array prolongation in a future. Steven Gätjen will be a judge of a digital event. Following this digital universe premiere, Audi will benefaction a grandsphere judgment from Sep 7, onwards during a IAA in Munich.

Note for journalists:

The universe premiere will be promote for media member on Audi MediaTV. There and in a Audi MediaCenter we will find extensive media element following a universe premiere.

In further a following channels will promote a Celebration of Progress:

  • (German, English, Spanish, French)
  • the YouTube channels Audi (English), Audi Deutschland (German), Audi France (French), Audi Spain (Spanish) and Audi Italia (Italian)
  • the LinkedIn page AUDI AG (English)
  • Audi China channels (Chinese)