MINI and URBAN-X benefaction "Love a City x Hate a City": How can we make the cities some-more livable?

Munich. What if we could safety a best sides of
city life and change a worst? In a video debate “Love the
City x Hate a City” (#LTCxHTC), MINI presents opposite aspects
of life in a city as good as a compared hurdles and presents
projects of a stream conspirator of a start-up accelerator URBAN-X. As
partial of this graduation of determined entrepreneurs, MINI is operative with
artistic suspicion leaders to find new solutions for larger equity,
appearance and pattern opportunities.

“With #LTCxHTC, we applaud a passion for cities and the
people who live in them. We are giving a start-up founders and their
bold stairs to tackle a many dire hurdles in a cities
– such as mobility, security, county infrastructure and appetite – a
stage,” says Bernd Körber, Head of a MINI brand.

MINI operates a start-up accelerator URBAN-X together with the
American try account Urban Us. The module was founded by MINI in
2016. Since a launch, some-more than 70 start-ups from different
countries have already left by a accelerator. A new conspirator of
adult to 10 urbantech start-ups is fabricated any 6 months – selected
from some-more than 1000 applications per year.

In a artistic sell with designers, engineers and developers of
MINI, a founders of a comparison start-ups are upheld in the
serve growth of their business model. The innovations created
in this routine residence some of a many dire county challenges,
from building record and infrastructure to mobility and energy
supply to open health and county services. They emanate cities that we
can all love.

“Amidst a pandemic, cities around a universe are opposed issues
of equity, entrance and event while during a same time addressing
resiliency and sustainability. With people rediscovering what they
adore about their cities and new solutions to residence meridian change
and urge peculiarity of life gathering adult opposite a globe, now is the
ideal time to reimagine city life and support a innovators who aim
to do so,” pronounced Micah Kotch, Managing Director of URBAN-X.

As partial of a #LTCxHTC campaign, 4 innovative start-ups from the
stream conspirator will also be presented. For example, a start-up
Circuit, that offers giveaway rides on-demand in bustling middle cities as
an emission-free short-haul service. Circuit mediates passengers via
app, assisting to revoke overload and discharge a need for irritating parking.

The communication height OneRoof helps people who live in a same
residence to network, get to know any other and feel some-more supported.
Their thought is to spin a organisation of people who live underneath a same roof
into a residence community.

Thanks to modular, customizable bike pods, Oonee offers protected storage
for scooters and bicycles in inner-city civil areas. The
easy-to-install pods promote tolerable county mobility and enhance
open space by seating and roof greening.

The start-up Thrilling is also partial of a stream URBAN-X cohort.
Founded in a United States, a association is a initial e-commerce
height to specialize in ancillary small, eccentric selected and
secondhand stores. By communicating these offers, business have the
event to minimize their ecological footprint when selecting their clothing.

MINI also stays loyal to a first thought in ancillary urbantech
start-ups: to plea a standing quo and so rise new,
tolerable mobility solutions for city dwellers. With URBAN-X, MINI
supports entrepreneurs, engineers and designers in a growth of
sustainable, colourful and tolerable cities.

At a International Motor Show IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich, visitors
can find out about URBAN-X during a muster mount during a Summit on
a muster drift as good as in a MINI Pavilion on Lenbachplatz
from 7 Sep to 12 Sep 2021 and learn some-more about the
earnest start-up teams and their projects. In addition, a start-up
accelerator will also be presented in a BMW Welt.


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