Riding a Train Directly to Work: New “Ingolstadt Audi” Train Station

Getting directly to work quickly, conveniently and in an an environmentally accessible manner: With a “Ingolstadt Audi” sight stop, there is now a third open sight hire in Ingolstadt. The new stop “Ingolstadt Audi” was non-stop currently by Bavaria’s Minister President, Dr. Markus Söder, DB Member of a Management Board for Infrastructure, Ronald Pofalla, Hugo Gratza, Head of a Railway Department during a German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), Ingolstadt’s Mayor, Dr. Christian Lösel, Peter Kössler, Member of a Board of Management for Production and Logistics during AUDI AG, and Peter Mosch, Chair of a General Works Council during AUDI AG.

Minister President Dr. Markus Söder: “Getting to work conveniently and in an environmentally accessible manner: An estimated 3,000 passengers will get in and out here each day. By operative together, Deutsche Bahn, a state of Bavaria, a city of Ingolstadt and Audi have achieved a transparent peculiarity alleviation for Audi employees with a new Ingolstadt Audi sight stop. Bavaria is railway country. This is because we invested €145 million in a railway infrastructure in Bavaria final year.”

DB Member of a Management Board for Infrastructure, Ronald Pofalla: “The railway attention is sepulchral in Bavaria. Together with a state of Bavaria and internal politicians, we will continue to make investments. Twenty new sight stations will be built in a entrance years alone. For a customers, this means improved connectors to residential areas, business sites, universities, selling centers, convenience and health facilities. The new stop in Ingolstadt is a 1,019th hire in Bavaria. 378 million people use DB Regio Bayern’s trains each year. Ingolstadt Audi is a successful instance of a genuine common achievement. Audi, a city of Ingolstadt, a state of Bavaria, a German supervision and Deutsche Bahn have combined a new sight hire with appealing connectors here.”

Mayor Dr. Christian Lösel: “The new sight stop is a miracle in open ride in a segment and a transparent acknowledgment of a tolerable ride policy. It is designed to offer an appealing trickery for commuters from a surrounding areas, and this contributes to a purify alleviation in a ride conditions in a north of a city. With this new ride hub, we are joining a railway network to inner-city traffic.

I am beholden for this singular cooperation. The sight stop is an initial step; we now wish to emanate a informal sight on existent routes. This will make it required to enhance Gaimersheim sight station, and a probability of a serve stop during a foundry premises should also be investigated. ‘More trains, some-more regionality, some-more passengers’ should be a motto.”

AUDI AG Board Member for Production and Logistics Peter Kössler “Sustainable mobility affects all of us, business people, politicians and multitude as a whole. The Ingolstadt Audi sight stop is an superb common plan and is truly singular in Germany. This sight stop is some-more than usually another stop. It is an intelligent ride heart for Audi employees and a region’s residents. Seamless and multimodal mobility of this form is a pivotal to a intelligent ride of a destiny and is a judicious complement, rather than a hindrance, to particular mobility.”

The state of Bavaria, a city of Ingolstadt, AUDI AG and Deutsche Bahn have invested €15 million in a new stop together. This hire means that not usually a Audi plant though also a Bavarian horticultural uncover will suffer improved connectors to a rail network subsequent year.

Construction of a new hire started in Apr 2018. DB finished a work on time before subsequent year’s horticultural uncover in Ingolstadt. The new sight hire offers direct, barrier-free entrance to AUDI AG’s plant premises as good as to a open ride network. The approach closeness of a height is home to what is famous as a north ride hub, that connects a sight hire to a highway and cycle trail network. Also accessible here are 8 sight platforms, 15 automobile parking spaces, 50 bicycle parking spaces as good as dual cab stands – these are openly serviceable for everyone. With a Ingolstadt Audi station, a third sight hire for Ingolstadt, informal internal open ride will be strengthened in a prolonged tenure and in an environmentally accessible manner, and weight on highway trade in a Ingolstadt area will be reduced considerably.

The name “Ingolstadt Audi” was also conferred on a complicated DB informal sight currently well. Starting on Dec 15, this sight will be one of 40 daily informal trains to stop during a new station.