More than only a sight stop: Attractive mobility offerings for Audi employees

Two years is how prolonged a preparation, formulation and capitulation work lasted, followed by a ground-breaking in Mar 2018, and now a coronation in early December. When a calendar changes on Dec 15, 2019, a new sight stop “Ingolstadt Audi” will open for sight traffic. The informal sight from Munich to Nuremberg (and back) around Ingolstadt and Treuchtlingen will also stop during a Audi plant premises each hour from now on. In a initial phase, around 3,000 commuters per day are approaching during what is now Ingolstadt’s third sight station.

The corner plan of a 4 partners (the state of Bavaria, a city of Ingolstadt, Deutsche Bahn and AUDI AG) is designed to revoke a trade weight in a Ingolstadt segment and to urge mobility options in a prolonged term. This means that, in a future, some-more Audi employees from a area around Ingolstadt will be means to come to work but experiencing trade jams or carrying to demeanour for a parking space, and all in an environmentally accessible manner. In a evident closeness of a sight station, an inner ride heart to a south offers a tie to a existent plant infrastructure. Employees house convey buses and strech their posts fast and conveniently. A swift of 20 VW Caravelles and 15 MAN buses are accessible for a extensive convey sight line network. 90 Audi sight drivers ride a employees on 17 lines within a plant. Twelve lines conduct for outmost sites, among them a GVZ Logistics Center, sites in Gaimersheim and Friedrichshofen, a Interpark, Audi-Akademie in a core of a city and Münchsmünster.

In addition, around 1,700 association bicycles are accessible during a Ingolstadt site. The employees can clear and close a bicycles during over 500 parking spots regulating their possess pity card, and afterwards cycle to their business appointment fast by bike.

The outmost ride heart in a north of a sight hire will be used by visitors and residents of a segment in a destiny as well. It is probable to change trains here; when people arrive and depart, open sight lines, some parking spaces, dual cab stands as good as bicycle parking spaces are available. The lines 11, X11, X12, S7 and S8 stop during a North sight heart (they all go by a plant premises as well), as good as lines 15, S4, S5, S9. Bus line 11 stops during a South sight heart on a plant premises. Various inner convey buses also stop during this stop.

Since 2012, AUDI AG has been auxiliary with Ingolstädter Verkehrsgesellschaft GmbH (INVG), and offers a inexpensive sight pursuit sheet for employees. 3,500 Audi employees used this charity final year. Together with INVG, Audi offers a sight and sight pursuit sheet in a form of an annual ticket. To motivate even some-more employees to switch to regulating open transport, this sheet will be subsidized by Audi from Dec onwards. This ignored pursuit sheet will concede employees to save adult to 50% and a limit of €300 a year.

The Ingolstadt Audi sight stop is an additional stop on a Ingolstadt – Treuchtlingen route. In a second enlargement stage, it is probable that additional trains from other directions will stop here as well. To promote this, a trickery to concede trains to spin is to be combined in Gaimersheim sight hire in a form of an additional track.