Resource Efficiency. Commitment born of responsibility


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Planning for a bright future

Resource Efficiency. Commitment born of responsibilityThe Volkswagen Group has grown into a global company with more than 100 different locations and a workforce of more than 550,000. It has set itself ambitious sustainability targets in its quest to become the automotive sector’s leading player by 2018, in both economic and ecological terms. Between 2013 and 2015, the Volkswagen Group is investing a total of €50.2 billion, with a further €9.8 billion being invested by our joint venture partners in China. More than two thirds of this €50.2 billion investment is being channelled into improving technological, product and process efficiency. 

It’s not just raw materials like rare earths, copper and platinum that are valuable – we need to husband all our non-renewable resources carefully. Volkswagen is fully aware that our raw materials are finite, which is why we are increasingly using non-fossil energy sources in our plants and gearing our operations more and more to a recyclingbased economy.

We may not yet have solutions for all the issues that concern us but we are optimistic about finding them. Of course, putting our industrialised society on a more sustainable environmental footing is a task for society as a whole. The vital thing is to create a framework in which markets value and reward resource efficiency. And we need to foster competition for the most economical use of precious resources – something we owe to ourselves but, more importantly, to future generations.

This brochure sets out for you some of the many practical examples of resource efficiency within our Company.