RE:IMAGINE: New proxy muster during a BMW Museum to coincide with a IAA Mobility 2021 papers a BMW Group’s trail to tolerable mobility in a future.

Munich. The BMW Group is now undergoing the
many thorough mutation routine in a some-more than 100-year
history, streamer a association directly to a tolerable mobility of
a future. A new proxy muster during a BMW Museum papers how
a BMW Group is confronting adult to a hurdles this involves, as good as
demonstrating stream activities and visions geared towards
tolerable pushing pleasure. Under a pretension “RE:IMAGINE – We’re
origination BMW sustainable”, all facets of this mutation will be
highlighted, from quite electric expostulate systems, CO2
rebate around a whole car lifecycle, a thought of the
round economy and severe environmental standards in a supply
sequence by to amicable sustainability in a buying of raw
materials as good as in day-to-day operative life during BMW Group sites all
over a world.

“RE:IMAGINE” will open during a BMW Museum on 1 Sep 2021,
providing a absolute procedure in a run-up to a IAA Mobility 2021 in
Munich, that also focuses on sustainability as a destiny theme. On
5 levels and covering a aspect area of some 1 000 block metres, a
opposite debate featuring some 30 particular stations has been installed
that benefaction a pivotal highlights of a automotive industry’s
realignment. Entertaining, interactive and hands-on elements convey
formidable issues in proceed that visitors of all ages can understand. The
new proxy muster will be on arrangement during a BMW Museum until
Jan 2023.

“RE:IMAGINE”: A holistic perspective of a transformation
routine of a BMW Group.
From a tellurian framework
conditions to milestones from a past and benefaction to a latest
innovations and visions for a future, a “RE:IMAGINE”
muster provides a holistic overview of a executive role
sustainability plays for a BMW Group. Based on opposite amicable trends
and a vigour to act caused by meridian change, visitors to a BMW
Museum learn in that fields of movement – products and services,
prolongation and value creation, employees and multitude – a company, as
a tellurian colonize in a industry, has finished sustainability a basement of
a activities.

Visitors can see and knowledge a far-reaching accumulation of areas in which
new meditative contributes to apparatus conservation, glimmer reduction
and mercantile and amicable responsibility. Visitors accept insights into
stream examine projects and learn about a BMW Group’s various
approaches to safeguarding a environment, habitats and tellurian rights.
At a applicable stations, information is provided, for example, on the
use of regeneratively generated appetite in car production,
pristine supply chains, fit expostulate forms for opposite needs,
a investiture of a extensive round economy and the
recycling rates of stream BMW and MINI models, that already far
surpass a authorised requirements. The muster also shows how digital
services support fit mobility and how new meditative in vehicle
growth with a unwavering rebate of components and materials
leads to tolerable design.

Sustainability: resolutely anchored in a workforce and in the
tradition of a BMW Group.

After “BMW i – Visionary Mobility”, a BMW Museum once again devotes
itself to a stream as good as future-oriented thesis in a new
proxy exhibition. The pretension “RE:IMAGINE” expresses a ability of
a BMW Group and a employees to detect and figure things in a
totally new way. The pioneering spirit, joining and innovative
suggestion of a company’s employees has a pivotal purpose to play in tackling
a changes. In both a growth and prolongation of automobiles, as
good as in many other areas of a company, a office of
sustainability is resolutely anchored in a workforce. In sequence to
simulate this, 35 personalities from several departments of a BMW
Group are portrayed in a exhibition.

Added to this is a association tradition that is closely related to
innovative and fit solutions as a pivotal to success. Even in the
really early days of a company, that was creatively founded in 1916,
BMW aircraft engines were not usually rarely arguable yet also economical
in terms of fuel consumption, too – a ideal basement for successful
long-distance flights. BMW’s initial engine racing accomplishments as a
car manufacturer were also mostly formed on a kind of facets that
can be epitomised currently underneath a streamer of sustainability. The BMW
328 dominated a movement on a racetrack essentially due to its
fuel-efficient in-line 6-cylinder engine and lightweight body. This
was how it succeeded in winning a 1940 Mille Miglia continuation competition –
notwithstanding being adult opposite countless many stronger competitors. BMW has
dedicated itself to electric mobility given a early 1970s.
Electrically powered variants of a BMW 02 were used as escort
vehicles for a marathon competition during a 1972 Munich Olympics, for
instance. They were a petrify countenance of a prophesy of
emission-free mobility and became a globally reputable and still
mythological pitch for a new form of pushing pleasure. In a following
year, a association allocated an environmental officer for a initial time.

Via Efficient Dynamics to carbon-free prerogative mobility: the
BMW i3 was usually a beginning.

With a Efficient Dynamics record package, a BMW Group created
a judgment behind in 2007 that stays singular in a automotive industry
to this day. The continual rebate of fuel expenditure – and
therefore CO2 emissions – has left palm in palm with a
unchanging boost in pushing pleasure. In serve to intelligent
lightweight construction and optimisation of aerodynamic properties,
one of a pivotal elements is a extended portfolio of expostulate systems.
Whether rarely fit petrol and diesel engines that can be
supplemented with 48-volt amiable hybrid technology, plug-in hybrid
systems that concede a lot of day-to-day pushing to be taken caring of on
a locally CO2-free basis, or quite electric motors – all
are formed on a element of Efficient Dynamics. With this wide
range, a BMW Group is a tellurian retailer of prerogative automobiles that
meets a opposite mandate of business all over a world.
Another choice for emission-free prerogative mobility is hydrogen fuel
dungeon propulsion: during a IAA Mobility 2021 a BMW Group presents the
BMW iX5 Hydrogen, that is propitious with this record and will be
constructed successive year in a tiny array for contrast and proof purposes.

With a launch of a BMW i code and a growth of a world’s
initial prerogative car designed from blemish for quite electrically
powered mobility, a BMW Group has also recently taken on a
pioneering purpose in tolerable mobility. The BMW i3 (combined power
consumption: 16.3 – 15.3 kWh/100 km according to WLTP, 13.1 kWh/ 100
km according to NEDC) has come to symbolize locally
CO2-free pushing pleasure in an civic environment. With the
BMW iX3 (combined appetite consumption: 19.0 – 18.6 kWh/100 km according
to WLTP, 17.8 – 17.5 kWh/ 100 km according to NEDC) and a MINI
Cooper SE (combined appetite consumption: 17.6 – 15.2 kWh/100 km
according to WLTP, 16.9 – 14.9 kWh/ 100 km according to NEDC) as well
as a BMW iX and BMW i4 models to be accessible soon, a BMW Group
brands offer quite electrically powered cars in countless vehicle
categories. In a entrance years, these will be followed by fully
electric indication variants of a BMW 5 Series and BMW 7 Series, a BMW
X1 and a inheritor to a stream MINI Countryman. By 2023, a BMW
Group’s product operation will embody 13 wholly electrically powered
models, covering 90 per cent of all car segments.

CO2 emissions: a whole car lifecycle in view.

In a past, a BMW Group has always addressed a right issues at
a right time, not slightest when it comes to effectively tackling
meridian change. The categorical idea here is to grasp CO neutrality. In
2020 a BMW Group grown a possess bulletin that is even more
desirous than a 2015 Paris Climate Agreement aim of limiting
tellurian warming to subsequent dual degrees Celsius. This is because a company
is good prepared to accommodate a mandate of a EU’s “Fit for 55”
programme, that requires CO2 emissions of new car fleets
to be reduced by 55 per cent from 2030. In a prolonged term, a BMW
Group has set itself a idea of substantiating a climate-neutral
business indication opposite a whole value sequence by 2050.

Today, each car is totalled by a CO footprint. Based on
invariably augmenting potency and unchanging electrification, the
BMW Group succeeded in shortening a CO2 emissions of its
brands’ car fleets by 53 per cent between 1995 and 2020. But
augmenting sustainability is not usually about a drive. The entire
lifecycle has to be taken into comment – from a buying of raw
materials and prolongation by to a use proviso and successive recycling.

Optimisation of prolongation processes has enabled a BMW Group to
revoke a appetite requirement per car in prolongation by some-more than a
third as compared to 2006. In addition, car prolongation during all BMW
Group sites worldwide is carbon-neutral as of this year. All BMW Group
plants have been origination disdainful use of immature appetite given 2020. Four
breeze turbines have been generating immature electricity during a BMW Group
plant in Leipzig given 2013, while a BMW Group plants in Munich and
Dingolfing pull their electricity from informal hydroelectric power
plants. At a Chinese site of a BMW Brilliance Automotive joint
venture, during a British MINI plant in Oxford and during a BMW Group’s
newest plant in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, large-scale solar
installations minister to generating a electric appetite compulsory for
production. Energy generated from methane gas performed from a local
landfill is used during a US BMW Group plant in Spartanburg. In terms of
a figures, a company’s executive offices and other properties
do not evacuate some-more CO dioxide than they absorb.

The BMW Group has set itself a idea of avoiding a glimmer of
some-more than 200 million tonnes of CO2 by consistent
optimisation in production, in a supply sequence and in a use phase
of a vehicles. Emission reductions in a supply sequence include
initiatives to furnish aluminium regulating solar power,
CO2-free steel prolongation and a use of renewable energy
in a make of high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles.
For example, a BMW Group plant in Landshut recently started using
aluminium constructed by means of solar appetite in a dried of the
Emirate of Dubai. This means that in destiny 43 000 tonnes of aluminium
– around half of a annual foundry requirement during a BMW Group’s
largest member plant – will be constructed on a climate-neutral basis.
What is more, usually immature electricity is used for a prolongation of the
battery cells for a fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology.

The goal: 10 million quite electrically powered vehicles in
a successive 10 years.

The BMW Group placed electromobility during a centre of its
developments during an early theatre in sequence to grasp a consistent
rebate in CO2. Launched in 2013, a BMW i3 is the
outcome of a holistic judgment for sustainability that goes distant beyond
quite electric power. This compress e-vehicle with a pioneering
pattern and newcomer dungeon finished of CO fibre-reinforced plastic
(CFRP) also took on a pioneering purpose in a margin of intelligent
lightweight construction. By a finish of 2020, some-more than 200 000 units
of a BMW i3 had been sole worldwide.

At a same time, a BMW Group has stretched a operation of plug-in
hybrid models in new years to embody roughly all applicable vehicle
classes – from a compress segment, a mid-range and a BMW X models
by to a oppulance opening segment. The multiple of an
fit explosion engine with an electric engine creates it possible
to take caring of many day-to-day pushing with 0 internal emissions. The
BMW Group provides incentives for electrically powered pushing based
on innovative digital services such as a BMW eDrive Zones and the
globally singular BMW Points prerogative programme.

In Germany, roughly one in 4 new cars of a BMW code and around
30 per cent of all newly purebred MINI vehicles are now propitious with
an electrified drive. Worldwide, a BMW Group skeleton to put a sum of
one million wholly electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on a highway by
a finish of 2021. The share of all-electric vehicles in a BMW Group’s
sum sales is to be augmenting to some-more than 25 per cent by 2025,
reaching 50 per cent by 2030. In total, a BMW Group aims to put
around 10 million wholly electrically powered vehicles on a road
around a universe in a march of a successive 10 years.

New car platforms are being designed that capacitate a use of fully
electric expostulate systems as good as plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel
dungeon technology. Furthermore, a BMW New Class models to be launched
from 2025 onwards will set wholly new standards in a areas of
circularity and digitalisation as good as tolerable expostulate technology.

With a indication operation tailored to limit pushing pleasure in urban
traffic, a British code MINI is destined for electric mobility.
MINI took on a purpose of colonize in a margin of electric mobility in
a BMW Group behind in 2008. With a MINI E constructed in a small
series, margin contrast generated essential commentary on a use of a
quite electrically powered automobiles in day-to-day traffic. With
a MINI Cooper SE, a code has now finished an intensely successful
start to a all-electric future. By a commencement of a 2030s, the
MINI indication operation will exclusively contain quite electrically powered vehicles.

The BMW Motorrad operation also includes models for locally emission-free
mobility in civic environments. The latest instance of sustainable
pushing pleasure on dual wheels is a all-electric BMW CE 04 scooter.
With a operation of adult to 130 kilometres, it is suitable for both
day-to-day travelling and lengthier trips. Just like a BMW CE 04, all
new BMW Motorrad models designed privately for civic mobility will
be powered by electricity usually in a future.

In addition, a BMW Group is committed to expanding a charging
infrastructure. With a open charging services BMW Charging and
MINI Charging, business have accessible and pristine entrance to one
of a largest charging networks in existence, comprising some-more than
200 000 charging points in Europe. In Germany alone, a network
offers some-more than 40 000 charging points. In addition, a IONITY High
Power Charging use can be used around BMW Charging, enabling
quite quick charging during capacities of adult to 350 kW and with a
sum of 2 000 charging points around Europe. In team-work with
E.ON, a BMW Group is handling a network of 5 000 charging points in
Germany adult until a finish of 2021 that supply 100 per cent immature power.

The BMW Group as a colonize in a growth of a round economy.

When it comes to sustainability, a BMW Group thinks distant beyond
emissions. With a “RE:THINK, RE:DUCE, RE:USE, RE:CYCLE” approach,
a association provides a holistic opinion on how a use of primary raw
materials for a car of a destiny can be drastically reduced.
The association is essay to grasp a round economy that involves as
many tender materials as probable being recycled. In perspective of a scarcity
of resources and augmenting tender element prices, a BMW Group
believes that this step will be essential to say sustainable
business operations as good as being a pure potency imperative.

The share of delegate materials – such as recycled steel, plastic
and aluminium – will see a noted boost a New Class models from
2025 onwards. Under a sign “Secondary First”, after recycling is
already being taken into comment in a growth of new models.
Preference is given to a use of delegate materials wherever the
peculiarity and accessibility of a materials allow.

A pivotal plea concerned in today’s recycling processes is the
descent of materials in a really pristine form. For this purpose, wiring
systems have to be easy to mislay before to recycling, for instance, so
as to equivocate blending a steel with copper from a vehicle’s wiring
harness. The rebate in a series of components, element groups
and aspect finishing contributes significantly to increasing
recycling rates. The use of mono-materials for a interior, such as
in a seats, is one instance of a element of circularity. The aim
is to lapse a biggest probable volume of element to a apparatus cycle.

In a growth of electric motors and high-voltage batteries for
a fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology, tighten care was
given to recycling in serve to apparatus conservation. The design
element of a electric motors creates it probable to do without
materials from a singular earth steel sector. This creates a BMW Group
eccentric of a accessibility of these vicious tender materials. The
high-voltage batteries in stream BMW and MINI models with electrified
expostulate systems can offer as still storage comforts for a long
duration of time after being used in a car and before their
materials can finally be re-processed for renewed use. The
high-voltage batteries of a fifth era of BMW eDrive
record are quite suitable for round re-use of raw
materials. In this case, a choice of materials and pattern concede a
recycling rate of adult to 90 per cent. The housing of a high-voltage
battery in a BMW iX consists of some 30 per cent secondary
aluminium, while in a battery dungeon a suit of secondary
element is as high as 50 per cent for nickel – an critical raw
material. In addition, serve growth of battery dungeon technology
has reduced a suit of cobalt in a cathode element to less
than 10 per cent.

Remarkable swell towards a round economy has been finished in other
areas, too. At a BMW Group plants in Germany and Austria, for
example, a sealed element cycle has been determined for toolmaking.
Carbide collection are primarily finished of tungsten; during a BMW Group
plant in Steyr, they are used for a high-precision machining of
e-drive housings. As of recently, drilling and logging inserts are now
collected after use instead of being likely of. The singular metal
tungsten contained in them can be processed into delegate tungsten in
powder form by means of a special process and afterwards used for the
make of new tools.

Binding environmental and amicable standards for a entire
supply chain.

The mobility turnaround is one of a many radical mercantile upheavals
ever to have taken place in a automotive industry. It concerns not
usually a car manufacturers themselves yet also their suppliers and
partners. The BMW Group has set itself a idea of substantiating the
many tolerable supply sequence in a industry.

Sustainability goals are tangible for a new indication during a early
stages of a development. This also includes a supposed upstream
sequence of production. In a area of purchasing, a concentration is on
correspondence with environmental and amicable standards as good as respect
for tellurian rights, insurance of healthy resources and rebate of
CO2 emissions. For this purpose, measures to optimise
sustainability such as a use of recycled materials and renewable
appetite have been tangible in discourse with a suppliers. Compliance
with these standards is accurate on site by eccentric assessors.
Even after a agreement has been awarded, audits are carried out on an
ongoing basis.

The BMW Group ensures correspondence with environmental and social
standards in a prolongation of battery cells for a fifth-generation
BMW eDrive record by means of tranquil tender element extraction
and pristine supply chains. For example, a association buys the
quantities of cobalt indispensable for a high-voltage batteries itself
before origination a element accessible to a battery dungeon suppliers.
The lithium compulsory for battery dungeon prolongation is also mined under
pristine conditions monitored by a BMW Group. The BMW Group
obtains a lithium used in a high-voltage batteries from so-called
hard-rock deposits in Australia and reserve it to a battery cell
manufacturers. In this way, a association ensures that environmental and
sustainability standards and tellurian rights are celebrated in the
descent and estimate of cobalt and lithium.

Even yet a battery cells for a fifth era of BMW eDrive
record do not use cobalt from a Democratic Republic of Congo,
a BMW Group is concerned in a commander plan there to safeguard that the
descent of this tender element is both ecologically and socially
sustainable. Together with a supply sequence partners, a association has
consecrated a Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale
Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to rise measures to urge a operative and
vital conditions of a miners in a micro-mining zone as good as
those of residents in a surrounding communities. In addition, the
BMW Group has consecrated dual eminent American universities to carry
out a examine on tolerable lithium mining in Latin America. The aim is
to examine a impact of lithium mining on internal H2O supply in
Latin America.

Another joining to extensive sustainability on a partial of the
BMW Group is a appearance in an beginning to strengthen a deep
sea. Here a association supports a work being finished by a World Wide
Fund for Nature (WWF) Germany. In a corner declaration, a BMW Group
and companies from other industries dedicate to not regulating minerals from
a low sea or financing deep-sea mining as a precautionary measure
until a consequences of deep-sea mining have undergone comprehensive
systematic review and adequate insurance for a low sea can
be guaranteed.

Social responsibility: moulding a mutation together.

The BMW Group assumes amicable shortcoming in a accumulation of different
ways both inside and outward a company. Its amicable joining is
reflected in long-term partnerships with institutions in a areas of
competition and culture, for example. Both up-and-coming and top-level
athletes are upheld in a accumulation of disciplines. With some-more than 100
initiatives in complicated and contemporary art, exemplary music, jazz,
sound, pattern and pattern over a final 50 years, a BMW Group’s
joining to enlightenment is resolutely determined internationally.

As a corporate citizen, a BMW Group aims to good residence and
tackle a dire environmental and amicable hurdles of a time.
Through an general network of efficient partners, a company
promotes sound preparation for children and immature people as good as an
thorough and opposite society. BMW Group employees minister to this
by their possess personal projects, too. The BMW Foundation inspires
leaders around a universe to welcome their amicable shortcoming as set
out in a UN Agenda 2030 and work as obliged leaders for a
peaceful, usually and tolerable future.

As partial of a mutation to consistently tolerable mobility,
a BMW Group is moulding change in tighten team-work with its
employees. More than 50 000 employees have already undergone
specialised training in a margin of e-mobility. In 2021, a BMW
Group will launch a biggest training descent in a company’s
history, organising courses on future-oriented subjects for some
75 000 participants. In this way, employees will be excellently
competent to work in novel areas such as e-mobility and
digitalisation. These new education are in good demand. At the
BMW Group plant in Dingolfing alone, a cunning centre for e-drive
prolongation will be stretched from a stream 1 200 employees to as
many as 2 000.