Munich. The BMW Group is rising a new
communication and knowledge height “RE:BMW Circular Lab”.

The RE:BMW Circular Lab is an invitation to accompany a BMW Group
on a tour of mutation into a round economy. The RE:BMW
Circular Lab focuses on round meditative and recognition of new,
tolerable courses of action. The BMW Group aims to use a RE:BMW
Circular Lab to lift recognition of circularity: round rather than
linear. Rethinking a whole process. Reducing what can be reduced,
and reusing what can be maximally reused.

Communication and knowledge height for extended dialogue,
cooperation and new perspectives
The newly
combined communication and knowledge height RE:BMW Circular Lab is a
hybrid knowledge for any user. Its aim is to promulgate a BMW
Group’s growth as a tolerable organization in a demeanour that is
transparent, interactive and permitted to all. Numerous facilities and
exciting, ominous storytelling offer an authentic discernment into the
BMW Group’s swell towards holistic product development, the
obliged use of resources, and a mutation into a round economy.

On this path, a BMW Group is guided by 4 simple principles:
Circular Lab to tell a story of a mutation on a basement of
these principles; however, a height is also an invitation to
combine and attend in discussion. To underscore a fun of
finding new perspectives together, a RE:BMW Circular Lab invites
everybody to travel this trail and figure a destiny collectively. Special
importance is placed on interactivity and dialogue: users can attend
analogue and digital workshops and use amicable media to knowledge the
BMW Group’s mutation into a round economy in a accumulation of
ways. At a same time, insights into topics such as round economy
and round pattern aim to yield sparkling ideas for personal action.

Four running principles: RE:THINK, RE:DUCE, RE:USE and
An overview of a 4 beliefs of round economy:

RE:THINK – We keep circularity in mind during all a deliberations.

The pivotal beliefs are RE:DUCING, RE:USING and RE:CYCLING throughout
a routine and distant beyond: new materials, new technologies, new
processes and above all new ideas. We have to rethink all our
activities within a BMW Group and beyond.

RE:DUCE – Using reduction to grasp more, wherever and
however we can.

This opens adult huge artistic range for ideas and possibilities.
Imagine a new reward shred for a future, with new materials,
opposite components and stretchable combinations. The art is to leave
things out though compromising on a pushing experience.

RE:USE – Extending a use of a products for as
prolonged as we can.

We extend and enhance a value, probable applications and use of our
products by means of modernisation, digital functions and many other
options. New mobility concepts will yield an interior that can be
used in a accumulation of ways: for work meetings, for gatherings with
friends, and as an additional vital room. And, naturally, to drive
from A to B. What is critical is daily use and how we can enthuse our
business any day.

RE:CYCLE – Keeping resources in dissemination for as
prolonged as we can.

Using as many pure mono-materials as possible. Using materials
that are already in circulation, such as recycled plastic, recycled
aluminium and recycled steel. Detachable connectors are essential for
easy dismantling. Being means to apart materials some-more simply makes
it easier to recycle them. What is critical is a environmental
footprint of a products and a business operations as a whole.

Have fun finding circularity with a CIRCULAR
The BMW Group is essentially resetting its
pattern plan with round design, that focuses on circularity
via a pattern routine and distant beyond. “Circular pattern is all
about formulating some-more with less; fewer resources, some-more emotion,” says
Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Senior Vice President of BMW Group Design,
explaining a mindfulness of round design.

The beliefs of round pattern are brought to life in a playful
demeanour by a CIRCULAR HEROES, 4 tolerable characters combined by
Milanese engineer and engineer Patricia Urquiola who are constantly
exploring a possibilities of design, shape, materials and colour.
“Every time we work with BMW, we learn something new about mobility and
a possibilities it offers, though this sold plan is
one-of-a-kind. we had a event to experiment, work with utopian
models and even try over pattern boundaries,” says designer
Patricia Urquiola, articulate about her work on CIRCULAR HEROES. As each
CIRCULAR HERO represents a several forms of bond between tools and
materials, any of them has their possess specific approach.

The BMW Group understands a RE:BMW Circular Lab as an invitation to
join it on a round trail and figure a destiny – with a idea of
finding new perspectives together.


At a arise of  IAA Mobility in Munich a RE:BMW Circular Lab
will be presented during a BMW Group Open Space (Max-Joseph-Platz,
Munich). Visitors are invited to join interactive workshops.


Discover a RE:BMW Circular Lab now:


RE:BMW Circular Lab

The BMW Group is pioneering a growth of a round economy and
fit apparatus management. With a RE:BMW CIRCULAR LAB, a BMW
Group shares an authentic discernment into a company’s contribution
towards holistic product development, a clever use of resources and
a mutation towards a round economy. The height is also an
invitation for partnership and exchange: a RE:BMW CIRCULAR LAB
invites everybody to take a tour with us to figure a future
since it is about a fun of finding new perspectives together.