Rally co-driver Fabrizia Pons: “The quattro has never mislaid the hold on me”

Fabrizia Pons, we were both a motorist and a co-driver on a general convene stage. Which was some-more sparkling for you?

Fabrizia Pons: I indeed started as a motorist in 1976 and we won in my difficulty too. But notwithstanding that, we couldn’t find a unchanging cockpit in a organisation 2 category. During that period, a eventuality came adult to float as co-driver with Luigi Battistolli, also famous as “Lucky”, who was a unequivocally successful Italian motorist during a time. So my name incited adult not usually in Italian newspapers after winning in 1979 and 1980, though also in a press opposite Europe. That’s how Michèle Mouton beheld me. Of course, it also helped that we could review a pacenotes – definition a records for any dilemma – in French.

Rally drivers contend that a mind sits on a right, that is to contend in a co-driver’s seat. Is that true? And what purpose did a Audi quattro play in that?

Fabrizia Pons: It depends. During special stages, like in a universe championship rallies, a motorist is a many vicious partial of a crew. But if we’re articulate about long-distance foe like a Dakar Rally, that is about pristine navigation, afterwards a co-driver indeed is a mind of a team. In 1981 and again in 1982, it was generally tough to kick a Audi quattro; we came usually brief of a universe champion pretension in 1982. But we did get a Halda Trophy as a world’s best co-driver, that was a unequivocally good respect for me. To win, we need not usually a best car, a best crew, and a best use team, though also a tiny bit of fitness – all has to interlock perfectly.

Sebastian Grams, Fabrizia Pons became vice-world champion with Michéle Mouton in 1982. In your opinion, what was a wilful factor: a talent of a dual of them or a opening of a Audi quattro?

Sebastian Grams: Definitely both. The whole team’s opening also played an vicious part. As Fabrizia said, along with a optimal product, group suggestion also plays a essential role. Even today, that’s what puts us during a forefront of a mutation of a association and of Audi Sport GmbH. Our thought is to sustainably, progressively, and digitally figure a destiny of mobility in a high-performance segment. We’re unequivocally sexually operative on that as a team. Today, we can usually use a quattro as an example, privately by carrying a bravery to fire new trails, pooling a resources, building sustainably, and earnestly and tightly seeking a best. For conceptualizing a mobility of a future, that is still in direct today.

What constitutes a quattro mythos for we two?

Sebastian Grams: Quattro record is one of Audi’s elemental pillars. The successes from behind afterwards are useful for a quattro of currently and for a position of a whole Audi brand. we worked on expostulate complement growth myself for a prolonged time and we’re unapproachable to send a birthright of what was afterwards insubordinate expostulate record into a new epoch of automobiles with all a advantages that a business conclude around a world. Those victories and titles have stood a exam of time and not usually determined a glamour of a quattro expostulate system, though also designate a meditative and Audi’s genetic makeup. The quattro is environment a gait in e-mobility. With a RS e-tron GT, we’re creation a ardent matter about something special, something sold – usually like a quattro did behind then. Its traction is unimaginable and no one will be indifferent to it – for us, that’s also a miracle in a new age of entirely electric high-performance. We’re vocalization to both a tradition-minded unchanging business as good as intensity new business with that.

Fabrizia Pons: The quattro expostulate complement has never mislaid a hold on me. It has been a certain change on my career and my life. we am happy and beholden to be a tiny partial of that myth. we came to Audi when a quattro was pushing a initial kilometers. I’ve been means to declare a concept’s growth from a start adult to a S1. For me, it’s been a present to see how good and how vigourously Audi has grown and propelled that judgment and stayed on a trail though wavering. Driving in a group for 5 years is like vital in a large family. As a German team, Audi was unequivocally disciplined. we brought in a lurch of Italian flexibility. Over a years, it was a fascinating and, above all, a successful mixture.

Fabrizia Pons, to what border did we attend in a technical growth of a quattro expostulate complement in sold behind then?

Fabrizia Pons: In a beginning, we did a whole lot of tests. After that, we participated in a whole lot of rallies, that helped make a quattro improved and better. Today, I’m unapproachable that we contributed to a fact that Audi has taken many components and insights from rallying and used them in quattro array production. There were usually a few manufacturers who had adequate bravery and persistence to make that technological send so consistently.

What do we both remember about a lane during a Col de Turini and in San Romolo?

Fabrizia Pons: I have a lot of good memories, generally of a Col de Turini. The fans were mostly there dual days before a convene so they could occupy a best seats. It was always a outrageous party, a genuine happening. I’ll never forget a scenery, when we gathering past a fans on a stage. That was unbelievable! It was an huge plea to select a scold tires for a Col de Turini. During a 22 km stage, going from Moulinet to La Bollène, we were confronting all arrange of conditions, from asphalt, to snow, to ice. San Romolo is a heart of a pavement stages of a Rallye Sanremo. we adore that convene and have a best memories of it. we know any centimeter of a Ligurian hinterland. It’s a smashing place – partly since we won a convene for Audi there in 1981.

Sebastian Grams: we wish we could’ve been there then! we used to watch a rallies on radio with a lot of fad as a tiny child in a late 1980s. Walter Röhrl is still a God to me, even today. We wish to rekindle that sold atmosphere with a eventuality and send it to a destiny of mobility with a electric models. The electric quattro can uncover a strengths best on that lane with those curves. we can’t suppose any improved turf to infer a superb opening of a new five-cylinder. 

Is a quattro ageless?

Sebastian Grams: Absolutely. With a high-performance cars, Audi Sport grew out of a quattro brand. Quattro was a base of everything. For ages now, any RS indication has come with a permanent all-wheel expostulate as a customary feature. Only a R8 has an choice for a rear-wheel expostulate variant. Now, electromobility is opening adult whole new measure in pushing dynamics for us – for instance with entirely non-static torque placement in a quattro expostulate complement with electric torque vectoring in a e-tron S.

Fabrizia Pons: For me too, there’s no question: a quattro is ageless. I’m blissful and I’m tender with what has come of a progenitor from that epoch for business around a universe currently – namely a fascinating square of technology. For me as a convene driver, a multiple of dynamics and reserve is unique. we consider it’s quite considerable that Audi eliminated quattro record into electromobility and keeps creation it improved and some-more fit in a process.

Changing a subject: One of a stars of a eventuality is a new RS 3 with a reworked five-cylinder engine. What memories and what kind of expectations do we bond with that engine?

Fabrizia Pons:  For me, a five-cylinder is a unequivocally romantic engine. On a convene marks of a world, it has given us vicious seconds with a energy and responsiveness by a good many special stages. Not to discuss a sound. It’s distinct. we demeanour brazen to conference it even now! 

Sebastian Grams: Fabrizia is totally right. The sound of that engine is unmistakable. It’s song to my ears. But of march it’s not usually a acoustics that are so enthralling.In multiple with a 400 PS five-cylinder engine, a compress sports automobile is magnificently agile. The RS 3 sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.8 seconds and reaches a tip speed of 290 km/h (180 mph).With a torque splitter in a new RS 3, we’ve combined a quattro part to a already optimized 2.5 TFSI. Combined with a active torque placement to a behind axle, that brings a parallel dynamics to a new level. Fabrizia and a reporters who are there will see that. The RS 3 will unequivocally stir memories of a strange quattro.

Why are quattro and five-cylinder technologies so vicious for a brand?

Sebastian Grams: The higher traction of 4 powered wheels grown into an Audi heading and it underpins a code guarantee of “Vorsprung durch Technik.” That also relates to a five-cylinder, that took Audi off a beaten path. We ask ourselves any day: What do a business want? For me, it’s a matter of a mindset or outlook. That also includes bravery to fire new trails and to always go a bit serve – like behind then, with a quattro and a 5 cylinder. We will warn and excite a business again and again in a destiny with new, innovative products.

Fabrizia Pons: With all-wheel expostulate and a five-cylinder, Audi opted for totally new and singular solutions during a time. When we demeanour back, it was a unequivocally good thought and a bold decision. Audi followed this insubordinate trail notwithstanding all a doubts that other people brought from a outward behind then. The association with a 4 rings also had a clarity of a needs of drivers who don’t usually wish to go from A to B, though for whom a energetic and protected pushing knowledge is increasingly important.

Why are events like a ones during a Col de Turini and in San Romolo important?

Sebastian Grams:  Events like that move yesterday, today, and tomorrow together in a approach that is hopefully memorable and settle a developmental milestones in a scene: quattro, five-cylinder, and a newest stages of expansion in a electric quattro expostulate complement – that combines a best traction with tolerable mobility.

Fabrizia Pons: Like Sebastian said, it’s becausethey communicate history. The Col de Turini and San Romolo any give off a sold aura, that we unequivocally demeanour brazen to. I’m also looking brazen to a pushing and a discussions about fuel and about Audi’s electric models, that I’m not informed with nonetheless and I’m unequivocally vehement about those. we can frequency wait to see a e-tron models in chairman and, of course, a new RS 3 as good – and finally to expostulate them.