Fatal collision overshadows WorldSBK competition weekend in Jerez de la Frontera.

Jerez de la Frontera. The tenth competition weekend of a 2021 FIM
Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) in Jerez de la Frontera
(ESP) was overshadowed by a deadly collision involving Spain’s Dean

. The immature supplement crashed in Saturday’s Supersport 300 race.
The thoughts of BMW Motorrad Motorsport are with

family, friends and team. We would like to offer them our
frank condolences.


After a comfortless accident, all a remaining races scheduled for
Saturday were cancelled. In conference with Viñales’ family, it was
motionless to continue a competition weekend on Sunday and to theatre a races
in memory of a immature rider. On Sunday morning, a paddock paid its
respects with a minute’s silence. Sunday’s channel was good to
underline dual 20-lap WorldSBK races.


Michael outpost der Mark (NED) from a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team ended
competition one in seventh place. He afterwards finished eighth in competition two.
Deputizing for Van der Mark’s team-mate, Tom Sykes (GBR), in Jerez de
la Frontera was Eugene Laverty (IRL). In light of a damage that
Sykes suffered final Sunday in Barcelona, a preference was taken for
him to lay out a Jerez weekend. Laverty was 12th and 11th in a two
races. Jonas Folger (GER) from a Bonovo MGM Racing group finished
14th in competition one and crossed a finish line 13th in competition two.


Quotes after a races during Jerez de la Frontera.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “The
unhappy news of Dean Berta Viñales’ genocide was a startle to all of us. On
interest of BMW Motorrad Motorsport, we would like to demonstrate a sincere
magnetism to his relatives. It was not easy to get behind to a sporting
movement after this comfortless accident.


“Regarding a weekend: we consider we do have plain formula with seventh
and eighth, that we am gratified with. However, a weekend was
compromised by a not so good subordinate with all a BMWs starting
from a fifth row. So Michael starting from 13th and finale adult in
seventh and eighth was unequivocally a plain performance. The opening to the
lectern was not so big. So we have to work on a qualifying
opening and afterwards we can make a subsequent step. Jonas unequivocally had
dual of his improved races. He was right adult there with Eugene. For
Eugene, of course, it was formidable to burst on a bike again after
blank some rounds. We attempted tough to get him a good feeling on the
bike, though did not wholly get there. Both of them, Eugene and Jonas,
were about 27 to 30 seconds off a win, that is for Jonas definitely
one of a best formula he has had this year. It is appreciative to see
that he is going forward.”


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“First of all commiserations to a Viñales family. It was
harmful news yesterday. we consider a paddock has unequivocally pulled
together and raced currently in memory of Dean. It is unhappy to be racing
underneath these circumstances.


“Mickey unequivocally struggled in subordinate yesterday. It is transparent that we
couldn’t master a dual Qs he had, so starting from that grid position
was always going to be a challenge. We did not design to get to the
tip eight, though he was seventh and eighth, battling his approach through. It
is utterly transparent that when we are entrance from so distant behind we are using
a best of your tyre to get into that position, and during a finish you
have zero to quarrel with. He only shielded his position. Mickey has
had a unequivocally clever Sunday. Eugene came behind after a longer lay-off,
stood in for Tom, and we have to contend that he has finished a good job. He
did dual good races. He fast done adult a places that he was able
to. He got his conduct down and unequivocally belligerent by a laps, as we
know how he can do in competition conditions, and he came divided with two
clever positions. Now we pierce a screen down on what has been a
unequivocally formidable weekend for everybody in a WorldSBK paddock and
pierce on to Portugal.”


Michael outpost der Mark, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “It
was a formidable weekend for a WorldSBK paddock. we wish to demonstrate my
condolences to Dean’s family and friends. Today we raced for him. Our
formula haven’t been bad when we see where we came from. Yesterday, I
had no certainty to go faster so we was a bit disappointing. After a
lot of study a information a guys altered a lot on a bike and
already this morning in warm-up we felt a large improvement. Also in both
of today’s races we felt a large step forward. And if we demeanour during our
path times, a coherence and also a opening to a leader and the
lectern guys, we consider we done a plain step. That gives me a lot of
certainty and that is what we need. We have attempted some things that
will for certain be assisting in a future.”


Eugene Laverty, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “First of
all, my thoughts are with Dean’s family and friends and I’d like to
demonstrate my condolences to them. It was a startle for all of us when we
listened of a comfortless detriment of such a immature life yesterday. Sporting
wise, my design was to be closer to a front, so I’m disappointed
with a competition results. We were operative all weekend to get a bike to
feel some-more like a bike that we had in a second half of final year and
a initial half of this year, though it only felt like a opposite bike
underneath acceleration. Something was astray in terms of energy smoothness on
dilemma exit and we didn’t have adequate time on lane to unequivocally get to
a bottom of it. we did what we could and a large appreciate we to BMW
Motorrad Motorsport and a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team for permitting me
to come behind for this weekend.”


Jonas Folger, Bonovo MGM Racing: “It was not easy to
concentration on a pursuit during palm again today. A pile-up with deadly consequences
is not easy to retard out. My deepest magnetism goes to a kin of
Dean Berta Viñales. From my possess perspective, we am unequivocally happy with my
races today. The early laps did not go as we hoped, as we was struggling
with a new tyres, that mislaid their hold unequivocally fast and were very
erratic. However, after 5 or 6 laps we was means to settle my
stroke and could feel a bike better. After competition one we knew what we
had to do. we battled opposite good people and could see where the
differences were. we afterwards carried a lot of certainty into competition two. I
again had problems with a new tyres in a initial few laps, but
afterwards rode a good race. we was means to pass and, towards a end,
bridged a opening to Leon Haslam and Eugene Laverty. That showed how
most improved things were this weekend than they have been. We took a
step forward, that is good to see.”