Racing to a Future: How Ford Created a GT Supercar to Test Technologies for Tomorrow’s Vehicles



  • All-new race-winning Ford GT supercar serves as a exam bed for new technologies and modernized lightweight materials that will advantage destiny Ford cars, trucks, SUVs and electric vehicles
  • Patent-pending behind wing improves lane opening by changing figure like an aeroplane wing, augmenting downforce on a car, with minimal impact on drag, to assistance assist acceleration, cornering and braking
  • GT’s aerodynamics furnish certain downforce in all conditions, giving GT fortitude and hold on and off a track

DEARBORN, Mich., May 12, 2017 – In formulating a all-new high-performance Ford GT, a pioneers behind a supercar designed it not usually to win races though also to offer as a exam bed for new technologies and ideas for destiny vehicles opposite Ford’s automobile lineup.

“When we began work on a all-new Ford GT in 2013, a organisation had 3 goals,” pronounced Raj Nair, Ford executive clamp boss of Product Development and arch technical officer. “The initial was to use it as a training belligerent for a engineers as we rise destiny engine record and widen a bargain of aerodynamics. Then, to pull a bounds of modernized component usage, such as lightweight CO fibre. Finally, we set out to win a Le Mans 24 Hours, referred to by many as a ultimate exam of continuation and efficiency.”

At a same time a organisation was building a GT, Ford total several of a opening teams – Ford SVT, Team RS, Ford Racing, opening automobile tools and sell chartering – into a unaccompanied organisation called Ford Performance.

“Without this kind of integrated teamwork and total organization, it would have been unfit to broach a all-new Ford GT in a stream form,” pronounced Dave Pericak, tellurian director, Ford Performance. “This kind of partnership was vicious to not usually bringing Ford GT behind to life though for experimenting with a kind of innovations indispensable to emanate a ultimate supercar.”

GT has proven energy to inspire. The 2005 Ford GT, for instance, featured a lightweight aluminum amalgamate physique that helped revoke weight to urge performance.

Lessons schooled from a prolongation led to a innovative use of high-strength aluminum amalgamate in today’s Ford F-Series pickup trucks and a all-new Ford Expedition full-size SUV – shedding hundreds of pounds of weight, while also improving capability, opening and fuel efficiency.

Putting a energetic in aerodynamics

While GT looks quick station still, a organisation optimized each figure to make it as aerodynamic as possible.

A pivotal idea was to revoke drag and optimize downforce – that helps give a supercar fortitude and hold on a lane while accelerating, cornering and braking.

GT’s aerodynamics change on approach to accommodate varying pushing conditions, interjection to moveable elements around a body, including special ducts in a front, and a vast deployable wing. The flaps open and tighten depending on either GT’s wing is adult or down, so a automobile stays aerodynamically offset from front to behind during all speeds. When a wing is up, a ducts tighten to boost downforce; when a wing is down, a ducts open to diminution downforce.

The supercar’s wing includes all-new Ford record – a patent-pending pattern that changes a figure of a airfoil for limit potency when entirely deployed. The unaccompanied pattern also includes a tiny gurney strap which, when total with a figure change, formula in a 14 per cent alleviation in altogether efficiency. 

Even a engine helps GT’s aerodynamics. The compress six-cylinder pattern of a car’s EcoBoost® engine authorised a organisation to finish a fuselage to some-more fit measure than a incomparable V8 would have allowed. In addition, a low chain of a engine’s turbochargers and outboard chain of a turbo intercoolers forward of a behind wheels assistance to finish a fuselage around a engine.

The GT’s aerodynamics furnish certain downforce in all conditions.  At high float height, a downforce has a change of 30 per cent front.  In low float height, a downforce change is confirmed during 29 per cent front.

Slimming down

Carbon twine is an critical new component that helps GT broach both weight assets and neat physique shapes in ways not probable with steel or aluminum.

Working with partners, including Multimatic and DowAksa, Ford is building new ways to capacitate destiny faster, high-volume prolongation of CO twine parts.

For example, GT’s iconic drifting buttresses that extend from a roof to a behind fenders wouldn’t be probable in steel or aluminum since of a stipulations of required steel stamping. Yet, CO twine can be done into formidable geometric designs since it’s cut to a specific figure as a cloth and strengthened by restorative during a high temperature.   

Fueling a GT engine – and beyond

Ford GT’s 3.5-litre EcoBoost engine is a company’s many absolute EcoBoost ever, delivering 647 horsepower. It was grown alongside a GT competition engine and a 3.5-litre EcoBoost engine used in a F-150 Raptor high-performance off-road pickup, that shares roughly 60 per cent of a tools with GT’s engine.

For instance, during racing, a exam engine’s crankshafts in a Daytona Prototype were enormous underneath exhausting conditions. With small time to get prepared for a Sebring continuation competition that year, a organisation done a pivotal preference to surrogate a Daytona prototype’s competition crankshaft with a pre-production F-150 Raptor crankshaft.  The Daytona antecedent won a initial competition during Sebring that year.

“We pushed a engine’s boundary over what we competence cruise in normal growth programs, that is critical as we continue to allege EcoBoost record as a centerpiece of a company’s tellurian lineup,” pronounced Bob Fascetti, Ford clamp president, powertrain engineering.

The organisation also combined innovative anti-lag turbo record that can assistance maximize a GT’s ability to energy out of corners. This record works by gripping a stifle open when a motorist is not stepping on a gas pedal. The fuel injectors are off though turbo speed and boost are confirmed for faster engine response and acceleration as shortly as they strike a gas.

Further improving engine performance, GT facilities an all-new pier and approach twin fuel-injection setup to lift engine response. The engine is interconnected with a manageable seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle for scarcely immediate rigging changes and well-developed motorist control.

Get low

“All of a weight assets and engine advancements served a unaccompanied purpose – formulating a fastest, most-efficient Ford GT ever,” Pericak said. “Once that was achieved, we reinvested some of those weight assets in truly innovative record that done a automobile even faster and some-more fun to drive.”

That includes GT’s hydraulic suspension, that changes float tallness with a spin of a knob, that adjusts expostulate modes.

The cessation lowers a supercar from normal mode into lane mode – a 50 millimeter or scarcely 2-inch disproportion a motorist can see and feel. Track mode raises a wing and closes a front splitter ducts for optimal downforce for spirited, closed-course driving.

When a GT changes modes from high to low float height, changes in open rates, relating check settings, and active aerodynamics, come together to emanate dual unaccompanied cars in one.

Another underline of a hydraulic cessation – front-lift mode – helps GT transparent speedbumps and driveways. The motorist can lift a front of a automobile on approach during speeds next 25 mph. The complement automatically earnings to normal reduce float tallness when it reaches 25 mph.

Tech for all

GT’s purpose as a record exam bed is clear via a supercar, with some innovations, such as CO twine lightweighting, portion as longer-term possibilities, while others are attack showrooms soon. For example, all-digital dashboard technology, identical to that in a supercar’s, is accessible in a 2018 Mustang, and is entrance to additional new Ford vehicles.

Additionally, a company’s pull into customized driving modes that assistance business fit a vehicle’s opening to specific conditions is expanding rapidly. Ford GT’s lane mode, also offering in Mustang and other opening models, helps enthusiasts maximize racing performance, while a all-new F-150 Raptor facilities Baja off-road mode.

As new Ford GTs continue to hurl into owners driveways, other Ford business can design to find a small bit of a supercar in their destiny vehicles as well.