Pedregon Wins All-Dodge Funny Car Final during Dodge//SRT NHRA Nationals Presented by Pennzoil

October 31, 2021

, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Dodge//SRT NHRA Nationals featured an all-Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat final rejecting spin during The Strip during Las Vegas Motor Speedway where Cruz Pedregon warranted his second Wally prize of a year with a feat over Funny Car championship points personality Ron Capps. The win changed a eventuality leader into third place in a conflict for a climax with one eventuality remaining on a 2021 National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Camping World array report to establish who’ll acquire a desired Funny Car universe championship title.

“Congratulations to Cruz Pedregon on his fourth career win during a Dodge//SRT Nationals,” pronounced Tim Kuniskis, Dodge Brand Chief Executive Officer – Stellantis. “It’s been good to watch Cruz and his group denote what Dodge//SRT opening looks like by holding their Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Funny Car to a winner’s circle.”

Pedregon’s expostulate began from a No. 7 starting position from that he was means to turn his Snap-on Tools HEMI®-powered appurtenance past Tony Jurado and Chris Morel to a semifinal match-up with No. 6 seed Bob Tasca. The Cruz Pedregon Racing group saw their motorist strike a stifle with a 0.004-second greeting time conflicting Tasca, and spin on win lights with a 3.924-second pass during 325.92 mph to allege to their fourth final spin entrance of a year. 

As Pedregon and his group prepared for a Dodge//SRT Nationals final showdown conflicting Capps, they found themselves solidly behind in a hunt of a Funny Car climax after associate top-five contenders Matt Hagan, J.R. Todd and John Force were all dissapoint in a opening round.

With both Pedregon and Capps looking to make profitable gains in “Countdown to a Championship”, their organisation chiefs both inaugurated to pull a opening of their Dodge racecars to a limit. The outcome was a good launch by both competitors with a slight starting advantage going to Pedregon, though usually as Capps began to pierce past him, too many horsepower resulted in an explosion. Pedregon got a small bit serve down a line before also losing power, though was means to seashore his appurtenance to a finish for a victory, imprinting a initial time given 2013 that he has accessible mixed wins in a season.  

“We had a integrate of good breaks with 3 of a top-five contenders forsaken out in a initial spin though to be in this position (to be battling for a championship with one eventuality remaining) is great,” pronounced Pedregon who moves into third place behind a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Funny Cars of Capps and Hagan. “Coming into a foe we consider (our championship chances) were flattering low given we usually didn’t feel like a breaks were entrance a way. We were usually losing some tighten races. And we thought, ‘Man, well, if we could usually finish in a tip five, we felt that was good. But after winning today, yeah, hey, we’re, behind in it.”

Capps, who is seeking a second Funny Car universe championship after earning a 2016 title, arrived during a Dodge//SRT Nationals with a singular indicate advantage over teammate Hagan.  From his eighth place starting position, Capps collected spin wins over Tim Wilkerson, Alexis DeJoria and Robert Hight on his approach to a runner-up finish; a outcome that extended his lead over No. 2 ranked Hagan by 58 points.
Hagan, who was looking to take over a lead and urge his back-to-back 2019 and 2020 win during a Las Vegas dragstrip, competent his Direct Connection Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat fourth on a eliminations ladder for a initial spin assembly with No. 13-seed Chad Green. While Hagan had a quicker start, a forsaken cylinder right during a strike of a stifle resulted in a 4.087 second pass during 316.15 mph that wasn’t utterly adequate to kick Green’s 4.009 sec./321.12 mph winning run and meant a unsatisfactory early exit for a championship contender for a second uninterrupted event. 

Despite a setback, and interjection to other contenders unwell to advance, Hagan confirmed his second place station with reduction than dual rounds separating him from Capps streamer into a Auto Club NHRA Finals during Auto Club Raceway during Pomona in dual weeks for a finish of a NHRA “Countdown to a Championship”.

In Top fuel action, after subordinate her Direct Connection dragster ninth Leah Pruett began eliminations with a starting line advantage over No. 8 seed DSR teammate Antron Brown and went on to record her quickest and fastest pass of a weekend with a 3.752 seconds during 318.32 mph run for a initial spin win. Pruett was dismissed adult for her subsequent assembly conflicting No. 1 qualifier Brittany Force and anticipating to take her new Direct Connection clothing by a few some-more rounds, though her expectation got a best of her as she strike a stifle too early and a red light tainted finished her foe before it had even begun.

While her nitro run was finished for a day, Pruett still had some work to do; After 4 years of competing in both Top Fuel and Constant Aviation Factory Stock Showdown (FSS), Pruett continued her final “double-duty” foe day with a 2021 Direct Connection Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak. From a No. 4 symbol on a eliminations ladder and operative to close-out a FSS deteriorate with a Wally, a 2018 FSS champion began her final day of foe aboard her DSR-prepared Drag Pak with a initial spin win over No. 13-seed Ryan Priddy.

In a quarterfinals conflicting No. 5 seed Mark Pawuk and his Empaco Equipment Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak, Pruett had a discerning start and accessible a 7.981-second run during 173.94 mph to kick her DSR teammate’s 7.998 sec./177.44 mph pass. Pawuk quarterfinal finish brought his 2021 FSS debate to an finish with an 8 place ranking in a final standings.

Pruett continued on to a semifinal conflict conflicting No. 8 qualifier Stephen Bell where she put in another vigourous bid during 7.934 sec./174.53 mph to spin on win lights and allege to her third final spin entrance in 8 FSS events this year.

Pruett readied herself for a final showdown conflicting a No. 2 qualifier and 2021 FSS Champion Aaron Stanfield in a conflicting lane, and used another discerning launch (0.036 seconds to 0.045 seconds) to give a Direct Connection Drag Pak an early lead. Despite a plain opening during 7.944 seconds during 174.30 mph, her hard-charging competition finished a pass during halftrack and edged her during a finish with a 7.903 sec./173.49 pass. With a runner-up result, Pruett closes out her FSS career with a third place finish in a category.

The NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series now heads west to climax their universe champions during a Auto Club NHRA Finals that will underline a singular points-and-a-half format, environment a theatre for an sparkling finish to a 2021 deteriorate during Auto Club Raceway Nov 11-14 in Pomona, California.

Matt Hagan, DSR Direct Connection Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye
(No. 4 Qualifier – 3.905 seconds during 321.65 mph)
Round 1: (0.068-second greeting time, 4.087 seconds during 316.15 mph) detriment to No. 13 Chad Green (0.107/4.009/321.12)

“I don’t know how we put a certain spin on that. we haven’t put a hole out during a step in we don’t know how long. But, that’s a cards we were dealt here in Vegas. We wanted to perform good in front of a sponsors and fans, and keep things going in this championship chase, so, it’s impossibly disappointing. That’s going to be a tough one to get over. We’re not used to initial spin waste like that though congrats to Chad Green and his team. They kept us honest and did a good job. It’s a vital blow to us right now, though we’ll get over it and get behind after it in Pomona.”
Ron Capps, DSR Pennzoil Synthetics NAPA Auto Parts Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
(No. 8 Qualifier – 3.926 seconds during 324.51 mph)
Round 1: (0.068-second greeting time, 3.915 seconds during 323.74 mph) defeats No. 9 Tim Wilkerson (0.055/3.947/330.72)
Round 2: (0.078/3.884/332.10) defeats No. 1 Alexis DeJoria (0.122/3.998/315.05)
Round 3: (0.066/3.904/326.87) defeats No. 5 Robert Hight (0.077/5.520/130.85)
Round 4: (0.049/6.854/80.86) detriment to No. 7 Cruz Pedregon (0.022/4.257/225.03)
“Being a Dodge Nationals, we were encouraged to put this Pennzoil Dodge SRT Hellcat into a final spin and winner’s circle. You demeanour during subordinate and demeanour around and we didn’t validate as good as we’d liked. It was one of a misfortune positions all deteriorate and we still had line choice. That tells we how good this NAPA group has been all season. Then we have Tim Wilkerson initial round. And we’re a final span of Funny Cars, a 16th span of nitro cars and we’re sitting there watchful and listening to so many of a other contenders fighting for a championship, (Matt) Hagan, J.R. (Todd), (John) Force, go out. It’s Halloween, though we consider how bizarre of a day. And we had to wait and wait for a initial spin match-up with Tim. He kick us in a final during Indy and that’s such a tough automobile and team. We got by a tighten one there in that initial spin and that was huge. Then we had Alexis (DeJoria), a No. 1 qualifier, afterwards Robert Hight, a three-time universe champion, and Cruz Pedregon, another champion. That’s a murderers quarrel on foe day. We had to quarrel any spin and this Pennzoil/NAPA automobile was usually to fun to drive.
“We’ll take any volume of points and Pomona is a such an outlier with a points-and-a-half deal. There’s so many points adult for grabs. I’m not even meditative about winning this thing. We’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing and it was misfortunate in a final round, though it was dual Dodges battling it out and that creates a friends in Auburn Hills (Mich.) unapproachable and we can’t wait for Pomona. Two weeks can't come shortly enough.”
Cruz Pedregon, Cruz Pedregon Racing Snap-on® Tools Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
(No. 7 Qualifier –3.918 seconds during 325.69 mph)
Round 1: (0.072–second greeting time, 3.947 seconds during 295.08 mph) defeats No. 10 Tony Jurado (0.105/4.032/317.19) 
Round 2: (0.073/3.903/324.20) defeats No. 15 Chris Morel (0.093/4.193/281.19)
Round 3: (0.004/3.924/325.92) defeats No. 6 Bob Tasca (0.066/10.961/81.12)
Round 4: (0.022/4.257/225.03) defeats No. 8 Ron Capps (0.049/6.854/80.86)
“Coming into a foe we consider (our championship chances) were flattering low given we usually didn’t feel like a breaks were entrance a way. We were usually losing some tighten races. And we thought, ‘Man, well, if we could usually finish in a tip five, we felt that was good. But after winning today, yeah, hey, we’re, behind in it.
“We had a integrate of good breaks with 3 of a top-five contenders forsaken out in a initial spin though to be in this position (to be battling for a championship with one eventuality remaining) is great. We got it together mid by a deteriorate and started clicking as a team. we do wish to appreciate Don Schumacher Racing for charity us peculiarity tools and tortuous over retrograde for me privately and did a lot to assistance us along a way. We’re a singular automobile group and we’ve been going it alone for a lot of years and it unequivocally means a lot to brew it adult with these large teams. We’re going to come out overhanging during Pomona and see who a final male station is. Just to be in a review for a change unequivocally is a feat for me.”
“Putting a right people and right apparatus into place this deteriorate has unequivocally challenged me as a driver. And saying all come together has refocused this winning mindset for a group and me. we owe a lot of thankfulness to this team. (Crew Chief) JC (John Collins) means a lot to me not usually as a organisation arch though as a friend. He knows how to speak to me and keep me motivated. Man, this unequivocally means a lot, we’re so beholden for all a good NHRA fans and constant sponsors who are as unapproachable of these wins as we are…and there’s one some-more win to go this season.”
Leah Pruett, DSR Direct Connection Mopar Dodge//SRT Dragster  
(No. 9 Qualifier – 3.769  seconds during 314.61 mph)
Round 1: (0.044-second greeting time, 3.752 during 318.32 mph) defeats No. 8 Antron Brown (0.056/4.967/155.11)
Round 2: (-0.210/8.087/82.88) detriment to No. 1 Brittany Force (-0.069/3.745/330.39)
“We had utterly a Direct Connection confronting Antron Brown, a teammate, this morning. We had a .044 light and I’ve been doing all by a book that we should do as a motorist from nap report to eating right to scheming right to nutrition. You name it, I’ve been perplexing to labour it. We had a plain initial spin pass with that 3.75 to get a win.
“I felt in a good conduct space and we went adult to repeat what we had usually finished a spin before. we suspicion had seen yellow and slapped a pedal and there was that splendid red light right in my face. I’m certain a fans could substantially hear a damn difference in a stands entrance out of my mouth during a moment. It used to eat me and swamp me down, though comparing it to other lights in that line during that time of a day it shows me what we need to work on to unequivocally be during tip-top condition as a driver.”
Leah Pruett, 2021 Direct Connection Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak
(No. 4 Qualifier – 7.963 seconds during 173.21 mph)
Round 1: (0.036-second greeting time, 7.932 seconds during 174.77 mph) defeats No. 13 Ryan Priddy (0.060/10.179/92.86)
Round 2: (0.022/7.981/173.94) defeats No. 5 Mark Pawuk (0.063/7.998/177.44)
Round 3: (0.067/7.934/174.53) defeats No. 8 Stephen Bell (0.044/8.147/172.12)
Round 4: (0.036/7.944/174.30) detriment to No. 2 Aaron Stanfield (0.045/7.903/173.49)
“We got a win in Factory Stock to start a day, and afterwards we had a teammate, Mark Pawuk in spin two. We unequivocally threw it down from burnout to audience and was means to allege to a final. Man, zero would have been sweeter than winning in my final foe in this Drag Pak with Direct Connection on a sides for Dodge and SRT, though we came adult a small brief conflicting a stream champion, Aaron Stanfield. Overall, what a drum coaster of a day. I’m unhappy in myself for a second spin opening conflicting Brittany Force in Top Fuel, though I’m not unhappy by a swell this Drag Pak group has finished this year.”
Mark Pawuk, Empaco Equipment Mopar Drag Pak
(No. 5 Qualifier – 7.970 seconds during 174.39 mph)
Round 1: (-0.098 second greeting time, 7.944 seconds during 175.00 mph) defeats No. 12 John Cerbone (-0.205/8.436/169.64)
Round 2: (0.063/7.998/177.44) detriment to No. 4 Leah Pruett (0.022/7.981/173.94)
“Unfortunately, a Cowboy wasn’t on his diversion currently on a tree. we gotta give my teammate credit, Leah (Pruett) is pushing good in that Direct Connection Drag Pak. It’s good to see these Drag Pak’s using so good with Leah removing behind to another final round. We’ll regroup over a winter and hopefully have a clever deteriorate in ’22. Overall, it was a good weekend during (Las) Vegas. We continue to urge and make swell and make unchanging runs. We need to go usually a small faster. We’ve finished a lot of gains with a new automobile given a entrance this summer and subsequent year should be fun.”
David Davies, D H Davies Racing Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak
(No. 14 Qualifier – 8.039 seconds during 172.47 mph)
Round 1: (0.024 second greeting time, 8.015 seconds during 174.39 mph) detriment to No. 3 Jason Dietsch (0.041/7.913/176.81)
“We had a good initial deteriorate with a new automobile and crew. The organisation hustled their butts off this weekend with some issues Leah (Pruett) and we had with some cars. I’m not happy with a early exit. I’m not happy with a approach we achieved or a automobile performed. We had good movement entrance in. We’ve had some good progression, though you’re firm to strike some bumps in a road. The final Constant Aviation Factory Stock Showdown eventuality in ’21 and we stumbled a small bit, though we’ll get into some off deteriorate testing. We schooled utterly a bit and we design us to come out and strike it tough subsequent year. We did positively have fun racing this year.”
NHRA Championship Points Standings:
Following subordinate during a Dodge//SRT NHRA Nationals during The Strip during Las Vegas Motor Speedway
FUNNY CAR (season wins in parentheses)
1. Ron Capps (Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat) – 2,585 (2)
2. Matt Hagan (Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat) – 2,527 (3/1-Tommy Johnson Jr.)
3. Cruz Pedregon (Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat) – 2,502 (2)
4. J.R. Todd – 2,447 (1)
5. John Force – 2,430 (3)
6. Bob Tasca III – 2,417 (2)
7. Robert Hight – 2,412 (2)
8. Alexis DeJoria – 2,380 (1)
9. Tim Wilkerson– 2,282 (1)
10. Blake Alexander– 2,184
TOP FUEL (season wins in parentheses)
1. Steve Torrance – 2694 (10)
2. Brittany Force – 2,589 (1)
3. Mike Salinas – 2,522 (1)
4. Justin Ashley – 2,506 (2)
5. Billy Torrence – 2,411 (2)
6. Leah Pruett (Mopar Dodge//SRT) – 2,343 (1)
7. Clay Millican – 2,302
8. Antron Brown – 2,285 (1)
9. Shawn Langdon – 2,260
10. Doug Kalitta – 2,211
Constant Aviation Factory Stock Showdown
1. Aaron Stanfield – 768
2. David Barton – 484
3. Leah Pruett (Mopar Drag Pak) – 461
4. Jesse Alexandra – 456
5. John Cerbone – 441
6. Stephen Bell – 412
7. David Janac – 377
8. Mark Pawuk (Mopar Drag Pak) – 358
9. Leonard Lottig – 315
10. Doug Hamp – 312
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