Journey to a Land of Giant Trees

What was it? The imitation of a Porsche 930 Turbo taped to your childhood bedroom wall? An uncle with a 911 plan automobile in a barn? The day we saw a Boxster in a play window? There are moments and practice – some small, others memorable – that concrete a adore for cars. And afterwards we unequivocally usually wish one thing: to set forth.

Imposing: Yosemite National Park, with a healthy wonders both vast and small, extends some 3,000 block kilometers along California’s Sierra Nevada range.

As a young boy, I learned to write by reading a dozens of automobile brochures I’d collect during a automobile uncover any year. As I started essay and directing for film and television, I always searched for a way to daub into a furious unrestrained kids have for cars. In developing Backseat Drivers, we wanted to make a car uncover that feels like it’s done only for kids. We wanted them to correlate with a cars as much as possible, to have fun and form a real tie with cars. After all, today’s kids will spin tomorrow’s drivers. 

Family highway outing in a Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo

As my mother Mirabai and a daughters load their bags into a case and a kids marvel during a retracting doorway handles, it becomes transparent that this outing – maybe the world’s initial family highway outing in a Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo – could very well spin one of those surpassing moments. Even Cha-Cha, my six-year-old’s stuffed bunny, seems to have a special wink in her eye as we tighten a induce and set out for a journey in a wilds of California.

Playful: roving with children means being prepared for additional passengers.

With a battery full of assign and a cupholder full of coffee, I hammer a accelerator onto the 5 Freeway. The automobile flies off with a squeal – not from a tires, yet from the two girls in a behind seat. They are delighted, beaming. In those short seconds, they know all this automobile is about and all this outing is about: to explore California around a open road, to experience this special automobile in a special place. And as a Taycan settles into its cruising speed, I delight in a fact that we’re experiencing this getaway as a family – and that even so, no one is complaining about my playlist.

Something happens when we rise the winding highway that leads into a Sequoia National Forest. Everything goes quiet. The wind, a kids, a universe – everything. We all tumble strangely wordless as we glide peacefully by a stately three-thousand-year-old trees. The electric whisper of a automobile seems roughly reverent, as yet it, too, understands the significance of a moment.

Stopping to cruise on an ancient fallen tree, we’re greeted by a gigantic, nightmare-inducing insect sticking defiantly to a cherry paint. Adeline, my oldest, jumps for cover behind a rear door, while Charlotte, my youngest, asks if we can move it along with us. I marvel during how opposite a dual are, then check twice to make certain Charlotte hasn’t dark the bug in a glove box.

As a object sets, we arrive during a board near the opening to Yosemite. Like a crime-show detective, I search a automobile for any unnoticed snacks that competence tempt a bear to spin a Taycan into a picnic basket; afterwards block in to assign for a night. Clinging to my phone flashlight, I follow the footpath to a cottage, with a heartfelt wish I don’t run into anything with claws.

Stupendous: A hulk sequoia can have a rim of over thirty meters.

If we consider bears are scary, try waking up two kids during 5:15 a.m. But if we wish to knowledge nature, there’s no choice: journey is not going to wait. So we bucket a bleary-eyed kids into a behind chair and set off for Yosemite. Dawn is now violation over this stately landscape. It’s roughly surreal – like a scenic portrayal hung distant off in a distance. An Ansel Adams imitation brought to life in glorious, respirating color. Yosemite is humbling – a kind of place that gently, yet firmly, reminds us that we are merely a blip in a timeline of nature. The kind of place where roughly all we see will endure us.

View of a Half Dome

Winding around a tight rambling road, Adeline exclaims, “I adore this car!” Bingo. Seconds later, a trees partial to exhibit a magnificent view: Half Dome, a rock arrangement rising 2,700 meters above a vast trees below. A waterfall cascades in a stretch as we stop to mount on the nearby rocks. I can’t assistance yet consider of the initial inland people to settle in this area and a ardent people who fought to keep it preserved. Not to discuss a blithe fact that during this moment, conjunction of my children needs to use a restroom.

Deeply rooted: John, Adeline, Charlotte, and Mirabai Chuldenko suffer their time together in a Sequoia National Forest.

Before withdrawal a park, we firm from the car and into a timberland one some-more time. Wandering by a trees, Charlotte befriends another insect. This time a caterpillar she names “Fuzzy,” whom she thankfully decides to tuck in a friendly bellow of a nearby tree and not in her pocket.

The following morning we wander behind toward Los Angeles by California’s clearly unconstrained golden fields. And while we successfully conduct to keep a woodland critters from entrance home with us, we do lapse with a new member of the family: a slightly overpriced chainsaw-carved wooden bear whom a girls name “Gunther.”

With his mother Mirabai and his daughters Adeline and Charlotte, John Chuldenko trafficked by Yosemite National Park. He shares his practice during his family expostulate in a Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo.

Just like a Taycan, kids also take about 20 mins to recharge. Luckily, we found a circuitously store that carried froth and a burst rope.

Charlotte with “Fuzzy” a caterpillar. Fuzzy is now enjoying a full life in a timberland … and not in a Taycan.

Adeline schooled that cherries also make darling earrings. Which meant a stop during a internal fruit mount to collect adult some jewelry.

We’re smiling since we only satisfied this square will also yield us with some fantastic family photos.

we consternation if a designers during Porsche knew a Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo would also double as a extemporaneous clubhouse.

While she looks cute, Adeline is substantially considering what vast insects could be stealing in a forest.

Experienced relatives know – always container snacks!

we never suspicion of myself as a wooden bear kind of guy. Nonetheless, Gunther has found a new home.

Charlotte reminds us that darling little bears can be stealing anywhere.

Enjoying family time … before a girls spin teenagers.

Charlotte creation certain photographer Lisa prisoner her good side.

The essence of any highway outing is a spontaneity, a leisure to ramble on a whim and stop at will. Here, a Cross Turismo is in its element. I switch into Gravel Mode and aim for a picturesque river, where Mirabai and I produce a spread of berries, cheese, salami, and cucumbers. Adeline peppers a photographer with questions about life in Germany, and Charlotte – of march – digs adult an insect from a murky bank of the river. Yes, we’ve schooled to transport with copiousness of palm wipes.

Later, cruising on a wide-open freeway, Mirabai remarks on how advantageous we have been to share this experience. I glance in a rearview counterpart and see Gunther buckled into a center chair between a daughters. He earnings my gawk with his wooden eyes. We know any other, too – we’re both blissful to be free, blissful to be on a road.

With a additional room, a Cross Turismo doesn’t only offer preference and ability yet opportunity. An event to enthuse a subsequent era of ardent enthusiasts who will expostulate their possess cars by places like this one day. For my girls, these miles will spin memories. Indelible and important. For as most as I appreciate a Porsche’s speed, I know a children are flourishing adult faster.


Text initial published in a Porsche patron repository Christophorus, No. 400.

Author: John Chuldenko

Photographers: Lisa Linke, Matteo Colombo (Getty Images)

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