One year of a Audi CO2 program: rebate intensity of 1.2 tons of CO2 per automobile identified

In 30 workshops with suppliers, 50 measures have so distant been grown with a intensity to revoke CO2 per automobile by 1.2 tons. Specific intensity for CO2 reductions exists in sealed member cycles, unbroken increases in delegate materials, a use of recycled materials in cosmetic components and a use of immature electricity. For destiny orders, Audi intends to determine with a suppliers on a doing of these measures, that are to be entirely effective by 2025. The use of immature appetite has been an constituent member of retailer agreements with manufacturers of high-voltage battery cells given 2018. The association analyses a efficacy of these measures on a basement of lifecycle analyses and has them approved by eccentric third parties. Audi skeleton to control serve workshops subsequent year in sequence to brand additional potential. The extensive module includes sub-suppliers as good as approach suppliers.

Bernd Martens, Board of Management Member for Procurement and IT during AUDI AG, says: “Already in a initial year of a CO2 Program, we identified 50 concrete measures with a partners that minister to a unchanging decarbonization of a company. We are also formulating some-more clarity in a supply chain.”

As a initial step, Audi is focusing on aluminum, given a prolongation of this member consumes a lot of energy. Audi has launched several innovations to make swell here.

Audi introduced a supposed aluminum sealed loop during a Neckarsulm plant in 2017. The aluminum-sheet offcuts constructed in a press plant are returned directly to a supplier, where they are prepared and reprocessed. Audi afterwards uses a new aluminum sheets constructed in this approach in a production. On balance, Audi reduced CO2 emissions by about 90,000 tons in this approach in 2018 alone. In a future, Audi will hurl out a aluminum sealed loop during other plants.

With a perspective to a careful use of resources, Audi is also now examining a probability of augmenting a suit of components done of delegate aluminum. In addition, a association is sensitizing a approach suppliers to a use of renewable appetite in a prolongation of components also during a sub-supplier level.

Audi requires a battery-cell suppliers to use immature electricity in dungeon production. This requirement is a bound and contracting member of all new orders for a supply of high-voltage battery cells. Before an sequence is placed, suppliers contingency contention an suitable green-power concept.

Audi intends to make a grant to achieving a Paris meridian targets. The association is posterior a ambitious, self-imposed prophesy of operative towards CO2 neutrality on change by 2050. To grasp this goal, Audi is starting during a commencement of a value sequence and in 30 workshops with suppliers given 2018, has identified a sum of 50 measures with a rebate intensity of 1.2 tons of CO2 per car.