On a trail to a digital automobile association with intelligent production

What is Audi doing to digitalize a tellurian production?

Efficient systems and new high-tech solutions are a basement for wholly connected, digitalized prolongation operations. With this transparent prophesy in mind, Audi is strategically aligning a processes with a future. The Audi Production Lab is instrumental in a growth of many forward-looking projects. The P-Lab, as it is famous during a company, was set adult by Audi in 2012 and is a kind of consider tank for all topics compared to production. Here, a core organisation of 30 employees develops ideas and tests new approaches together with their coworkers from prolongation and logistics in sequence to offer optimize efficiency, precision, and peculiarity during a plants. The P-Lab has played a pivotal purpose in assisting technologies such as 3Dprinting, human‑robot collaboration, programmed guided vehicles, and protracted and practical existence make their proceed into large-scale prolongation during Audi.

Another member of a company’s digitalization efforts is a Automotive Initiative 2025 – AI25 for short– that was launched in early 2021. The idea of a beginning is to emanate a tellurian network of imagination for digital bureau mutation and tolerable innovation. To this end, Audi Neckarsulm will play a pivotal purpose as a commander bureau and real-world laboratory. The long-established site already has endless imagination in prolongation IT for both high-volume and small-scale production. In addition, a beginning is dictated to offer as a source of ideas and impulse for a mutation of prolongation and logistics around a Volkswagen Group. Over a subsequent 5 years, digital solutions for automobile prolongation and a supply sequence will increasingly be tested and grown by to full-scale prolongation around AI25. The growth of IT solutions for a intelligent prolongation is being upheld by educational institutions such as a Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and a Technical University of Munich, as good as record partners Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SAP. Custom-developed solutions and ideas are also approaching to come from a corner try “XL2” formed in Heilbronn, that was founded final year together with Capgemini. This eccentric section is focusing on SAP projects for production, master information management, and a growth of cloud-based applications.

Speaking of Volkswagen – what purpose does Audi play in a group’s digital production?

The association with a 4 rings is partial of a Volkswagen Group’s digital strategy. Volkswagen is now building one of a world’s largest cloud projects of a kind: a Industrial Cloud. The technological heart of this complement is a Digital Production Platform – or DPP for short. In a future, a height will be used to move together and investigate a information from all of a machines, prolongation lines, and systems in use during a group’s factories around a world. In a final theatre of development, a volume of information that will be analyzed on a height any day is expected to be in a sequence of bulk of a apportion of information generated by a tiny German town. It is being built on technologies from fields such as a Internet of Things (IoT), appurtenance learning, information analytics, and computing services that have been grown to accommodate a specific needs of a automotive industry. Each site will be means to download applications for a machines, tools, and systems directly from a Industrial Cloud and thereby furnish even some-more good (i.e., an “app store approach”). Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt are a initial dual Audi sites already connected; a remaining 3 will follow by a finish of 2021. As a result, a sites will turn partial of an open height that will also gradually confederate a tellurian supply sequence and industrial partners. Furthermore, Volkswagen is also operative with partners to emanate a marketplace for industrial applications. This would concede all of a participants to share applications with any other as good as squeeze and use a applications they need. Audi can afterwards share best practices and muster them itself.

What opportunities does 5G record reason for production?

A high-performance network infrastructure that can respond in genuine time plays a vicious purpose in a stretchable and stretchable prolongation sourroundings of a future. Audi is therefore focusing on a use of 5G record in intelligent prolongation processes. Network operators guarantee quick information speeds of some-more than 10 gigabits per second and minimal latency rates of no some-more than one millisecond. The mobile connectors are deliberate robust, they devour really small power, and trustworthiness stands during scarcely 100 percent. In addition, 5G offers a ability to wirelessly bond a vast series of industrial devices. A appurtenance connected around 5G can respond in genuine time to inputs from a control system. The association famous these advantages early on and has already launched several commander projects. Automated guided vehicles are already in use, that broach materials and components for prolongation usually in time and accurately where they are needed.

This is usually one instance of what high-speed 5G record will make probable during Audi in a future. In a Audi Production Lab (P-Lab), several applications are now being tested underneath genuine prolongation conditions in sequence to delineate a mandate that 5G record will have to accommodate in Audi’s prolongation environment. An disdainful magnitude spectrum – a 5G campus network within a bureau – has been in use in Ingolstadt given mid-2020. This internal magnitude is an critical condition for successful 5G deployment in production.

How is Audi regulating 3D copy in production?

Audi has been regulating digital 3D copy in prolongation processes for some-more than 20 years. Originally, a routine was especially used to furnish visible models. In new years, a share of components combined regulating a record for a company’s possess prolongation collection and automobile models has augmenting significantly. In a meantime, cosmetic and steel 3D copy is able of producing incomparable and incomparable parts. A series of opposite competencies and resources for Technical Development and Production are pooled during a Ingolstadt site. This is where record scouting and a growth of new applications with several departments takes place. The steel 3D copy core located in Ingolstadt specializes in producing formidable steel and aluminum collection as good as apparatus inserts for combining collection weighing several tons, for instance for dire automobile physique collection or for die casting, that are done from steel powder regulating a laser melting process. This creates it easier to exercise surprising designs since 3D copy supports open shapes, i.e., all fathomable organic forms. This is a vital advantage for apparatus inserts with cooling channels tighten to a edge, for example.

A second core of value for 3D copy regulating plastics is located during a Neckarsulm site. In tighten partnership with coworkers from Production, 3D copy specialists there pattern customized public aids that make work some-more ergonomic. If employees have optimization ideas, they can simply hit a in-house 3D copy center. Together with a start-up from Berlin, Audi has grown program that reduces a time compulsory to pattern preassembly inclination by 80 percent. A blueprint is customarily all that is needed, and a preferred partial is accessible in usually a few hours. 3D copy was initial incorporated into a preparations for a high-volume prolongation of the Audi e-tron GT. More than 160 opposite printed aids are now in use during a plcae today. One of these, for example, is used in a preassembly of air-conditioning compressors as good as cooling lines. The public assist with a built-in clamp was designed in-house and binds all of a components in a accurate position.

How are sensors and apps revolutionizing upkeep during Audi?

The company-wide “Predictive Maintenance” flagship plan creates a upkeep of prolongation apparatus during a Neckarsulm site in a physique emporium some-more efficient, thereby minimizing downtime. Special sensor record in a fasten complement that rivets several automobile physique components together uses data, algorithms, and totalled values to detect traces of wear in cosmetic hoses. Sudden complement failures have been probably separated as a result, and upkeep work can be carried out during non-production time. This creates upkeep work easier and prolongation some-more efficient. Processes are now being standardised in sequence to bond mixed systems and machines to databases. After a successful commander phase, Predictive Maintenance is set to enter high-volume prolongation and will also be used in other areas.

Audi’s upkeep staff accept offer support from a “iMaintenance” app. This app contains a believe database with around 5,000 pages on materials scholarship and endorsed actions. If a appurtenance displays an blunder code, a user simply enters a formula into a inscription and afterwards receives step-by-step instructions. Via another app, “Audi Mobile Maintenance,” experts in public during a Ingolstadt site and in a paint emporium during a Neckarsulm plant accept evident information about complement errors. The app displays all of a applicable information around a pull presentation – that complement in that gymnasium is affected? Which room has a deputy available? Are coworkers presumably already holding caring of a situation? This increases transparency, reduces trips, speeds adult processes, and enhances information quality. Everything is documented digitally and can be accessed by a whole organisation from anywhere regulating a mobile device. Audi skeleton to hurl a app out to other factories in a nearby future.

What are a advantages of RFID for prolongation and logistics?

The Audi Neckarsulm site was a initial automotive plant in a VW Group to use radio-frequency marker (RFID) record for digital automobile marker – around a whole prolongation process. To this end, any Audi done during a plant receives an RFID tab consisting of a chip and an receiver during a really initial prolongation step in a physique shop. This tab afterwards accompanies any automobile from there to a paint shop, to assembly, and all a proceed to delivery. The chips enclose a singular marker number. With a assistance of a reader, critical automobile information such as physique design, paint finish, engine, and facilities of a particular automobile can be accessed in a several prolongation areas.

Among other benefits, this guarantees that any singular Audi rolls off a prolongation line accurately as it was configured. Since a start of prolongation of a all-electric Audi e-tron GT at a finish of 2020, Audi has also been regulating “RFID on metal” tags. This innovative information storage device uses proceed hit between a automobile and a tab to a advantage of delivery peculiarity by regulating a physique of a e-tron GT itself as an extended antenna. In serve to a prolongation areas, other areas also advantage from a use of this technology. For example, automobile logistics uses a RFID tab to lane particular vehicles relocating around a bureau premises. Likewise, destiny loading records, such as those used when loading vehicles onto load trains, will be processed around dedicated reading stations by simply scanning a tag. RFID record is set to turn a customary in all areas of Audi’s tellurian prolongation network in a entrance years.

How can appurtenance training and AI urge prolongation quality?

Increasing final in terms of design, lightweight construction, and functionality are constantly presenting a press emporium with new challenges. Sharper lines for a extraneous as good as a augmenting complexity of a components lead to slight routine windows that can spasmodic outcome in cracks during a prolongation of physique components. In sequence to keep product peculiarity as high as possible, a cross-functional organisation during Audi is building a resolution to visually detect peculiarity defects with a assistance of synthetic intelligence.

The methods used impersonate a tellurian ability to reliably detect cracks in piece steel parts. An algorithm formed on low neural networks, also famous as low learning, operates in a background. This enables it to reliably detect poor collection automatically, in seconds, and with limit precision. To this end, a program is invariably lerned and softened with representation images. For this purpose, experts from prolongation noted cracks by palm and photographed them.

The routine is carried out during a Ingolstadt press emporium with a assistance of several cameras in a complement that take photos of newly constructed deep-drawn parts. The images are afterwards evaluated in genuine time by a algorithm. If a moment has been identified, a visible vigilance alerts a employees. The commander resolution from 2019 is now being polished and extended for use in high-volume production, including during other sites, and is gradually being implemented with a group’s partners. A pivotal record in this context is a VW Vision Workbench (VW²) organisation platform, that lays a technical substructure for and expands a use of new AI-based approaches during all plants worldwide. This is also dictated to feature cross-location collaboration, that can lead to offer synergy effects. By operative together some-more closely, several locations have already been identified for probable roll-out projects.

How does practical existence support digital prolongation planning?

The Audi e-tron GT is a initial indication from a code with a 4 rings whose public and logistics processes were tested wholly probably and but earthy prototypes.

This was done probable by innovations such as three-dimensional building scans, appurtenance learning, and practical reality. All of a public sequences and a compared logistics processes were tested and optimized in practical rooms, such as a accurate arrangement of machines, racks, and components along a public line or ergonomic aspects. To grasp this, a conditions in a prolongation gymnasium had to be precisely reproduced to scale. This is where 3D scans came into play. They emanate a practical picture of a prolongation trickery including all of a systems, tools, and shelves.

At a same time, a scanning routine generates a three-dimensional indicate cloud that can be used to probably reconstruct machines and infrastructure. Audi employees can digitally refurbish their blueprint and formulation systems, thereby saving time and slicing costs. Thanks to a digital correspondence and a VR resolution grown by Audi, coworkers from all over a universe now accommodate in practical rooms. Here they can demeanour over a shoulders of computer-generated workers as they lift out a designed workflows and believe and optimize a designed processes for any member versions in a concentration itself. Audi grown a program formed on synthetic comprehension and appurtenance training in-house. Virtual formulation and prolongation credentials is now used opposite locations and allows employees to work digitally and collaboratively with distant fewer business trips – and not usually during a coronavirus pandemic.

How critical is training in a march of this transformation?

Audi will not rest usually on technologies alone in a future. Instead, a association understands Vorsprung durch Technik to also meant joining people and machines in a bureau of a destiny in a best probable way. Innovative technologies support Audi employees in production, relieving them of eager earthy tasks or unchanging primer labor. As a result, employees can improved concentration on value-adding activities. Within a horizon of several programs, Audi is therefore training a workforce for digital tasks. For example, in sequence to make 3D copy improved famous and to learn applicable simple and consultant knowledge, Audi has been compelling a subject in training for several years. Among other qualifications, determined mechatronics engineers can finish additional training in 3D printing. Trainees and employees from plant logistics learn how to lift out what is famous as a pick-by-light routine regulating VR headsets and controllers. For this purpose, a standard workplace was recreated probably and accurate down to a final detail. In it, a trainees use several work routines. This gamified proceed is designed to make a training fun. The basement of this resolution is a modular VR complement that can be used to emanate training programs for all operational and process-oriented workflows in production. At a aloft level, a Audi Academy offers a far-reaching operation of training courses in a destiny margin of digitalization, thereby scheming employees for a future. All of these examples clearly uncover that Audi’s mutation into a digital automobile association is in full swing.