Nissan: Teatro for Dayz: Real mobile record for joining and sharing

YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. currently expelled an overview of a vaunt during a 44th Tokyo Motor Show, that will be hold during Tokyo Big Sight and open to a open from Oct 30 by Nov 8. Among a exhibits will be Teatro for Dayz, an innovative judgment that signals a new instruction in mobile technology. Designed generally for a digital local generation, this prophesy of near-future vehicles departs from gathering and outlines a change in perception.

What kind of automobile will it take to excite a digital local generation? And how is Nissan conceptualizing such a automobile today?

Step 1: Toss out preconceived notions per vehicles
Step 2: Understand that what moves kids currently is not what changed their parents
Step 3: Be open to a new clarification of mobility

Teatro for Dayz is a multiple of mobile technologies distinct any formerly illusory in a car. Combined with Nissan’s EV technology, this automobile represents a radical new approach of meditative about how vehicles can be used.

Call it a vehicle. Call it a hi-tech device. Call it a lifestyle motorist of a future.

Driving = Time divided from friends

Owning a automobile was once a kid’s biggest aspiration. Having a driver’s permit reliable adulthood, and pushing symbolized leisure to go where we wanted to go, when we wanted to go there, and to do what we wanted to do.

But a era that went true from a cradle to a Internet and on to an ever-expanding star of mobile inclination binds opposite values.

According to Nissan’s Product Planning General Manager Hidemi Sasaki, “The era now removing their initial driver’s licenses has always been connected by digital devices, email, amicable media and so forth. What moves these digital locals is capturing practice in photos and videos and pity them. Friends respond with `likes’ and share a knowledge further. What’s critical is not either something is gifted privately or virtually. What matters is a routine of sharing.”

Sasaki calls this era “share natives.” For share natives, fad comes not from tenure of element objects, though from regulating things to bond with friends and share enjoyment.

For share natives, cars exist outward a circuit of connected life. Many of them report pushing as stressful since they can usually share their stream knowledge with a other people in a car. Sasaki says: “What share locals wish from cars is not a fun of pushing or their possess private space, though a improved approach to bond with friends and share experiences.”

The automobile for share natives

Through steady sampling of next-generation customers, Nissan began to form a mystic pattern of share natives.

Friends sauce in costumes and going out together…Taking cinema of a knowledge and pity them…Playing games, connected to large friends in a practical universe no matter where we are…Changing smartphone wallpaper on a whim…Online parties where a faces of amicable media friends appear.

Sasaki says that Nissan has identified some common automobile interests among share natives. “First, they tend to demeanour over a car’s simple purpose of transportation. They wish a automobile to be a versatile apparatus for creativity like a smartphone. This is opposite from customizing a car. It is some-more like a ability to cgange a automobile to accommodate their mood during that moment. Share locals will use cars in ways we would never imagine. So we suspicion from a viewpoint of conceptualizing a automobile that would offer as a board for their inspiration.”

Nissan’s investigate indicated that minicars will be a automobile of choice for share natives. “In offer to being compact, minicars remind them of a accessible mobile inclination they lift in their pockets,” says Sasaki. EV record is a contingency for this generation. “Share locals are already accustomed to recharging their inclination during home, so EVs fit their lifestyles distant improved than cars that need unchanging visits to a gas station.” With a pushing operation plenty for brief commutes, Teatro for Dayz can offer as a hulk mobile battery, that can be used anywhere to recharge mobile devices.

Bringing together observations of share natives’ interests and lifestyles with Nissan’s technological strengths in EV record and insights into how a destiny of automobile record will reveal led to a growth of a initial automobile for a subsequent era of drivers: Teatro for Dayz.

Teatro for Dayz —Inspiring share natives

From judgment to interior and extraneous design, Teatro for Dayz is simple: a purify canvas. When a automobile is in expostulate mode, meters, controls and maps seem on a pristine white instrument panel. When parked, Teatro for Dayz transforms into an wholly new device. The whole interior, starting with a instrument panel, becomes a live arrangement for a era connected for connectivity.

Teatro derives from a Italian word for theater. It is easy to pattern share locals creation Teatro for Dayz a core of an unpretentious outside festival, or embarking on critical new-generation gaming fun finish with top-quality sound.

Share locals could change Teatro for Dayz’s interior design, relating a demeanour to a season, a weather, or simply a vibe of a day. Some competence select to share a unreal stage with tighten friends distant away. Others competence adorn for an online celebration and share a impulse with friends.

Teatro for Dayz’s plain exterior, too, serves as a board for ideas. It’s given with LED screens that capacitate offer self-expression. Any knowledge in or around a automobile can be common now around an onboard camera. All a while, a EV battery keeps smartphones and other inclination juiced up.

No-restrictions interface

Teatro for Dayz’s user interface is formed on freedom. When a automobile is not in expostulate mode, all a motorist sees is a steering wheel, an accelerator and stop pedals. As information illuminates on a white instrument panel, a motorist can openly adjust a distance and position of a meters, gauges and automobile navigation information on a instrument screen. Unnecessary information can be hidden.

The plain white interior suggests gigantic possibilities for display. As record evolves and share locals minister ideas by feedback, a accumulation of ways a interior could offer as a digital local museum will expand.

Teatro for Dayz will start a new review about a duty of vehicles. We entice we to knowledge it during Tokyo Motor Show 2015.


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