Nissan: "Sweet Pea" – The story of a dear Datsun truck


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Marvin Askew bought his Datsun 1600 lorry on Nov 30, 1971 during Hippodrome Datsun in Nashville for about $2000.

“This was his baby,” pronounced Dan Tito, a second owners of a Datsun truck. “Marvin didn’t have a name for it, though we named it ‘Sweet Pea’ apparently since of a color. This male can mount here and speak about this lorry hour on hour on hour. When we have something for 42 years and we take this good caring of it, apparently it meant a lot to him.”

In 2014, Nashville businessman Dan Tito saw Marvin during a internal play where he had his lorry serviced and offering to buy it. Thinking he indispensable some-more room in a garage, and meaningful that a lorry would be desired and confirmed well, Marvin concluded to sell it to Dan.

Dan, a male who has an endless automobile collection of his own, satisfied he wasn’t going to have room to put all his cars in his garage with “Sweet Pea” in there. Realizing a chronological stress and a extraordinary condition of this much-loved lorry – he reached out to Nissan and offering it to a Heritage Collection, where a lorry now sits.

In this special Datsun birthright video, Marvin reunites with “Sweet Pea” inside Nissan’s U.S. domicile nearby Nashville and reflects on time with his dear Datsun.

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