Nissan: Nissan debuts Kicks Concept during 2014 São Paulo International Motor Show

SÃO PAULO, Brazil – The Nissan Kicks Concept premiered currently during a São Paulo International Motor Show, a compress crossover reflecting a pattern impulse from Brazil.


“This judgment is a product of tellurian collaboration, though it was desirous by a streets of Brazil and designed for a people,” pronounced Mamoru Aoki, Executive Design Director of Nissan’s Global Design Strategy Department.

Nissan’s pattern group saw a undo between vehicles on Brazilian roads, that were especially silver, black and white in color, and a generous inlet of a nation and a people.

Kicks Concept was dictated to overpass that opening and showcase a graphic pattern signature of Nissan cars.

“What we try to grasp is this kind of duality. It fits your useful needs though also provides a clarity of character and an additional clarity of piece that we feel is blank in a marketplace right now,” pronounced Project Lead Designer Hiren Patel of Nissan Design America.


Under a care of a Global Design Center in Japan, a judgment was grown by Nissan Design America in San Diego with submit from Nissan Design America Rio, a recently non-stop satellite pattern studio.

“The categorical impulse for this judgment was a contrariety that we saw in a grey tones of a civic settings in São Paulo and a splendid healthy colors that we saw nearby a studio in Rio,” pronounced Robert Bauer, Chief Designer during a Rio studio. “How to mix these two, a some-more grey civic tones with a splendid nightfall orange that we would see – this multiple we suspicion was unequivocally singly Brazilian.”

But a group has a bigger aspiration for this concept, says Taro Ueda, Vice President of Nissan Design America.

“It’s not usually only for a Brazilian market, though we constraint a thought of Brazil and afterwards we request it to a tellurian pattern improvement, creation a stronger pattern lineup for destiny Nissan designs,” pronounced Ueda.

The São Paulo International Motor Show, hold each dual years, is a biggest automobile eventuality in Latin America, and a Kicks Concept will be a centerpiece of a Nissan mount by Nov 9.




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